3. Toy Soldiers: Cold War Story walkthrough

Like I said earlier, all of the achievements will be shown in the same order which I got them. I made all of the videos for this walkthrough, while I was playing the game with my second account. When you start the main campaign, you can choose one of the available difficulties. After this the Basic training will start.

You earn this while playing in training mode, and you will see this in every mission. When you got a 40 kill streak with the same gun, or kill an enemy with a red star, you get a Barrage. This is a random offensive strike which gives the ability to call an Airstrike, A Nuclear Weapon or a Commando “The Rambo”. Yeah that's right, you control a badass Rambo, and he will destroy almost everything. When you gain an offensive strike, simply hit the cn_Y button to activate it. If you see a picture of Rambo, you will control him and the achievement will pop. This will be your first achievement in the game.

Demolition Man

Call in Commando.

Demolition Man
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You get this when destroy the first Boss. The Antonov A-40. All bosses are bigger than regular enemies, and have four stages. When you destroy all four stages, the mission is over. On higher difficulties, he will deploy some enemies just in front of your toy box, so be careful.

Shocking Results

Stop the hometown invasion in Basic Training.

Shocking Results
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For this you need to destroy an enemy turret with a Heavy Tank. In the mission Panic at the Wall, you will start the battle with a US Heavy Tank. You don't need to move, just keep shooting until you have destroyed the enemy turret in front of you. cn_LT fires machine guns while cn_RT fires the cannon.

Brute Force

Destroy a turret with a Heavy Tank.

Brute Force
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Best mission I found to do this was Mind the Gap. You need to destroy an IFV unit before they unload any soldiers onto the battlefield. This enemy appears on wave 20. In the video below, I'm using Rambo, but your US IFV unit, Anti-Tank or Artillery turrets should also work. The machine guns don't do much damage to this enemy.

Concentrated Fire

Destroy an IFV before it unloads any units.

Concentrated Fire
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In the mission Trouble at the Canal, at very start you will be able to take control of a US Fighter Jet. Simply use cn_RT to fire your vulcan machine guns, destroy a Soviet Fighter and the achievement will pop.

I Can't Get A Tone!

Use a Fighter's machine guns to destroy a Soviet Fighter.

I Can't Get A Tone!
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At the end of Trouble at the Canal, the second Boss will appear. Typhoon, a huge submarine. The US Fighter Jet is the best thing to use against Typhoon. Keep firing, and make sure to recharge your batteries around the map.


Protect the fleet in Trouble at the Canal.

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You will get this through the campaign mode. You will be able to farm enough points in all of the missions, the crucial part is to not let any enemies enter your toy box. If a single enemy reaches your base, you will lose the Perfect bonus. Also try not to spend too much money, this will help with the final points.

A Job Well Done

Earn a Platinum medal.

A Job Well Done
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You get this when you rewind a wave. This can be done in any battle in campaign mode or survivor. Simply press cn_back, and select a wave or press cn_start, and you'll see Wavelist Rewind. Do this on any wave you want and the achievement will pop. TIP if you try this while playing an online co-op game, you will be disconnected and the achievement won't pop.

Like It Never Happened

Use Wavelist Rewind.

Like It Never Happened
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You earn this in Capitol Crisis when you defeat the last Boss in the game. Project R.I.S.E is a Great Tank Robot, he fires rockets and lasers, he can destroy your units quite quickly so be careful.

A Few Loose Screws

Bring the Cold War to an end in Capitol Crisis.

A Few Loose Screws
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The next two achievements, you will earn during the campaign. I have included detailed information for every decoration below. The game has a total of 23 decorations, but the Midas Touch decoration doesn't count towards this achievement. Every mission has 2 possible decorations, do the challenge set out and you'll be rewarded with the decoration. When you get all 22 decorations in campaign mode, the achievement will pop.

Mission: Basic Training
Engineer's Debut: Upgrade any turret - Select any turret and buy an upgrade.
Earning Your Wings: Pilot an Attack Helo - In the 8th wave, you will have the opportunity to control an Attack Helo.

Mission: Jungle Heat (this is my choice for getting a Platinum medal on General Difficulty)
Over the Top: Destroy 3 helicopters with a Commando - You start the mission in control of Rambo. Make sure you destroy the 3 enemy helicopters in front of you.
Rat-a-tat-tat: Earn a Barrage with a Machine Gun turret - Just place a Machine Gun turret, and kill the first 40 soldiers that spawn in front of you.

Mission: Beach
Hard Counter: Shoot down 10 helicopters with an Anti-Air turret - Now it’s time to use an Anti-Air turret. Set-up just one Anti-Air turret, use it to destroy the enemy helicopters, they will start spawning on wave 5. Some of them will only unload units, making them easy to be destroyed, others will shoot at you however.

Air Support: Destroy 100 units with a Helo Gunship - You can use the US Helo Gunship from the beginning of the mission, simply kill all 100 units in the first 5 waves.

Mission: Panic at the Wall - In this mission, you can also get the Brute Force achievement.
Collateral Damage: Destroy 20 parked cars - There 33 parked cars in your base. Just destroy them with the US Heavy Tank or a turret.
Stopping Power: Destroy 5 Medium Tanks using an Artillery turret - Put an Artillery turret on your left, the 4th wave has 4 Medium and the 6th wave has the others. Just destroy them with your Artillery turret.

Mission: Mind the Gap - In this mission, you also can earn the Concentrated Fire achievement.
Intimidation: Overkill 25 infantry with an IFV - Overkill occurs when you kill an enemy using more power than necessary. Simply kill the infantry using your IFV Tank.
Necessary: Overkill 10 ATVs with an Artillery turret - For this you need to upgrade your Artillery turret to level 2. This can easily be done in waves 4-6. The ATVs will start to appear first on your left, then on your right. After this, at same time on both sides. Just use your level 2 turret on them.

Mission: Surrounded!
Oomph!: Earn 15 thrill rides against infantry - You need to use a level 1 Anti-tank turret, shoot with cn_RT, press it again and you'll enter into a Shell Cam. Increase the speed with cn_LS.
Helpful: Earn 50 assists - Best done with a partner. Put one US Mortar in the middle of the map. Your partner needs to put one US Machine Gun I. When the airborne infantry arrive, shoot your mortar with cn_RT, if you hit an enemy, they will turn red, like in the picture below. While they're red, your partner needs to kill the enemies.

Helpful Decoration

If you followed the walkthrough up until here, you'll now get two more achievements:

In Sync

Earn 10 Assists in any Co-op game.

In Sync
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With Distinction

Earn 11 Decorations.

With Distinction
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Mission: Trouble at the Canal - You'll also get the Sunk! and I Can’t Get A Tone! achievements.
Ardor: Torch 30 infantry with Napalm - At the start of the battle you can take control a US Fighter Jet. Don't set-up any turrets in front of your ship, just wait for the airborne to arrive. Use your US Fighter Jet, and press the cn_RS, you'll use now a Bombing Camera. Simply hit cn_RT to drop napalm bombs on the enemies.
Like a Fox: Do a barrel roll - Remember Star Fox? Just hit cn_LB or cn_RB to do a barrel roll.

Mission: Deadly Dunes
Roman Holiday: Destroy 25 units with the Makeshift III’s Roman Candle - Upgrade your Makeshift turret to level 3, and kill all the units that come close to you.
Lights Out: Destroy 100 units while using Night Vision - Your Attack Helo has night vision, just press cn_RS to activate it, and shoot anything that moves.

Mission: Rainy City
UnderTOW: Destroy 5 aircraft with the Anti-Tank III - Build an Anti-Tank turret and upgrade it to level 3. Now your Anti-Tank level 3 has a guided missile. Take control of your turret, and when you see the enemy helicopter, guide your shot to them while holding cn_RT.
The Sound: Repair 5 times - Simply repair any of your turrets 5 times.

Mission: Monumental Defense
Danger Close: Call in a Nuclear Strike - You need to earn a Barrage so that you get a killstreak, destroy 40 enemies with the same weapon or kill an enemy with a red star. If you earn a nuclear strike, simply hit cn_Y, and watch.
Hip Fracture: Destroy 4 Helo Gunships with an Attack Helo - When you destroy the 3 enemy turrets on the other side of the map, you get an Attack Helo. In the 4th wave, 4 Helo Gunship will spawn close to your new friend. Just take them down.

Mission: Capitol Crisis
Miserable Pile of Soviets: Earn a 100x combo - You can do this in the first 4 waves. In this battle you can control 2 helicopters, but choose the Attack Helo, since it has more power, and keep firing at all of the infantry enemies.
Spared No Expense: Upgrade 10 times - You will do this if you want to survive. Simply upgrade your turrets 10 times.

If you have been following the walkthrough, you should have all 22 decorations now, doing so will unlock an achievement.

Highly Decorated

Earn 22 Decorations.

Highly Decorated
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Now we will work on the final campaign achievement. You need to earn a platinum medal while playing on General difficulty. You can earn this while playing any mission on General difficulty. You just need to earn enough points. Try to obliterate enemy waves as fast as you can, and of course don't let anyone reach your toy box.

Now is the fun part, you cannot control any turrets, also you don't earn any killstreaks. You can rotate Artillery turrets with cn_LB/cn_RB. If you spend too much money, you will not earn this medal. I made a video for this, but I made some mistakes as 2 of my turrets were destroyed. It's cheaper to repair turrets than buy a new one.

In the mission Jungle Heat, you need to build the makeshift turret on both sides of the toy box, upgrade the one of the right to level 2, and the one on the left to level 3. They will burn the infantry soldiers. In all of the other build sites, put only level 1 Anti-tank turrets. Do not upgrade the Anti-tank turrets, just repair them, with some luck you will also be able to work on Clutch Repairs.

After this you'll unlock:

Effective Tactician

Earn a Platinum medal while playing on General.

Effective Tactician
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Congratulations, you've finished all of the campaign, it's time to move to the other 3 game modes.

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