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    06 Mar 2010 13 Feb 2011
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    This is just a really cool game. It takes the idea of WWI army soldiers and turns them into an RTS tower defense game where you can control your turrets. Other times, you'll need to control planes and tanks in order to mop up the enemy. At 1200 MS points, it's a little pricy, but IMHO it's better than many retail games.

    The controls are decent, and the game looks fantastic. The design makes it look like you're actually fighting on a table-top battlefield, with various set pieces around the outside (like lamps and decorations). The music also helps create an ambiance of children playing with their actual tin soldiers. (The tanks are even wind-up!)

    However, it can be a bit disorienting, especially when you're controlling a tank or plane. There's no radar to let you know where you're enemies are, and many times I couldn't tell who my enemies *were*. From the above view, where you can scan the battlefield to place turrets, it can sometimes be difficult to understand quickly where your HQ is in relation to the attackers, and sometimes it's difficult to even see the attackers! (Of course, that's a lot like the real life "fog of war".) Those frustrating elements aside, the game is still a lot of fun once you get used to it.

    The achievements can be a bit difficult, even on the Casual level. I found myself having to restart a mission or two in order to revise my tower strategy, but that's common in such games. Still, earning a General rank on every level (keeping all of the enemy out of your base) can be difficult in any tower defense game. Also, each mission has a bonus objective that you need to earn in order to unlock some of the achievements.

    I can easily see myself playing this for hours, and not getting tired of it. While the slight disorientation I get while playing it makes me feel like dropping a star, I would still definitely recommend this game.
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    splicegraphWhat about the sound and graphics quality. Could you add something on that subject. Otherwise a fine review.
    Posted by splicegraph on 13 Apr 10 at 17:48
    NitoriismIt's a great game, I must admit a great review! :D
    Posted by Nitoriism on 12 Feb 11 at 20:01
    Posted by Sashamorning on 13 Feb 11 at 01:42
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    Hello everyone today I would love to tell you about the absolute best tower defense game ever released on xbox live. Up untill this past week defense grid was the owner of the best tower game, however everything has changed with the release of toy soldiers.

    Toy soldiers is a tower defense game however instead of towers you will be amazed by the detail of your emplacements. Things such as motors and machine guns and even poisen gas emplacements! Every level is exciting and new and fresh and the boss battles are epic!!

    Another great thing included in this game are ration tickets basicly a mini achievement that adds
    a fairly simple task for you to do each mission. Also for those treasure hunters out there every level contains a gold crate to find, you don't need to do this and there is no achievemet for it however there is a gamerpic unlock for finding all of them and if you are the first to find them all and you send major nelson a message with the gamerpic on your account you will be mentioned on the next majors minute!!!

    Another awesome feature included is an avatar item and gamerpic just for buying the game. The item is a gas mask and I can tell you its much better looking than the gas mask being sold for 240 msp on the avatar marketplace!

    As far as overpriced I strongly disagree!! Infact this game could and would sell at 1600 msp!
    the quality is that impressive.

    The music and sounds are amazing and I even have listened to the menu song for over an hour while cleaning my house LOL

    In conclusion this game is for you if you like tower defense games or have any interest in military combat or ww1 or even ww2. I see ww2 as the sequil to this game so grab it up at 1200 msp. Its a steal!
  • CheetahCurtisCheetahCurtis82,296
    27 Jan 2011
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    Toy Soldiers has possibly got to be one of the best arcade games on Xbox 360. Before playing, you may think that this is an ordinary tower defence game, but Toy Soldiers has taken it to a whole new level. Besides just building towers to stop waves of WWI troops you can act as any of the towers that you have built. Some of the towers include. Machine guns, gas and flamethrowers and sniper towers. Besides acting as just towers, there are tanks and planes to use.
    If you have not guessed already then this is based around toy's, but very lethal, super-killing toy's. The objective of the game is to defend your toy box from the enemies.
    The campaign is not a one only thing to do , once you have completed the campaign you can go back to do quest-like things to earn ration tickets. And there are 24 golden boxes to destroy(1 in each level). You can only act as the British at first but once you complete that campaign there is another one called Campaign+, in which you can act as Germans, with even more towers to build and act as.
    There are many stats on the game, most with a leaderboard on if you like getting onto leaderboards. Some stats include Money(which is how much money you have left over from every level you have completed), troops killed(split into catagories such as infantry, vehicles and planes) and of course the world famous 'Score'.
    If you have done the Campaign and Campaign+ then why not try survival. where endless waves of enemies come and try to attack your base. You must defend from them as long as you can. See if your friends can do better? Compare on leaderboards.
    If you want to see if your the best at Toy Soldiers but you dont want to check leaderboards then you can play Multiplayer. Multiplayer is you versus another player where you have to get your troops(which you can send out) to get into the enemies toy box. You can still use towers which you have to build, which is a good thing. There are many maps which you can play on. Try playing on them all.
    And if you have done everything in the game then download the 2 DLC packs which cost 400 microsft points each, with 3 achievements worth 50G on each of them. They both will give you many more hours of entertainment.
    If you want to try and get achievements on this game, then you can try. Alot of them shouldnt be hard but they will take a while. If you want 100% then you are going to have to download the DLC but if you are bored and you want a fun, hour-filling game to play then download Toy Soldiers.
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