Toy Story 3 Reviews

  • nickb2819nickb2819687
    13 Jul 2010
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    I know what most of you are thinking. Oh God, another game based off a kids movie. I know that's EXACTLY what I though when I discovered this game was in the making. "There gonna put my all-time favorite film series when I was young to epic shame." Those are the exact words I used when I discovered this. How much of a fail that statement was you'd never believe.

    Young adults who grew up watching the films like I did HAVE to play this game. I don't care if you buy it, rent it, steal it, magically summon it, whatever. Get your hands on a copy. You won't be disappointed.

    Youngsters can also have a great time as well. Featuring all the lovable Toy Story characters we all know and love, kids can aimlessly run around in Toy Box mode and still have loads of fun.

    The gameplay is almost like a Dante's Inferno or God of War, except with Toy Story characters and wacky, colorful settings. And not too much damning innocent souls to hell or tearing people in half. In fact, the most violent thing you can do in this game is throw rubber balls at aliens.

    Some levels have fun carnival games (mini-games) to play, while others are pretty straightforward, but the gameplay is soo addictive. It's almost like every level throws something different at you. To point out how awesome the game is, the level called "Witch Way Out", is seriously one of the most fun levels I have ever played in a video game in my entire life. Also, basically EVERY character featured in the movies in in this game. (Dunno if I'm forgetting someone, but oh well.)

    The achievements are well rounded as well. Even though with a first look at the list the most noticeable thing people point out is "way too many collectible achievements". The collectibles are actually FUN to look for and to discover in this game and there's not Too many, so there's really no harm done. You have your basic story progression achievements, and a few challenging ones, so the list is actually great.

    Even if you hate Toy Story or know nothing about the movies you can have fun with this game. But seriously, who doesn't know what Toy Story is and how can you possibly hate it!?
  • DavieMarshallDavieMarshall211,407
    26 Jan 2011
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    Traditionally, games that are tied to movies are mostly terrible affairs. Toy Story 3 happily manages to avoid this cliché and is quite enjoyable.

    The controls are solid and responsive, which is a MUST for a platformer, the graphics are very good and the sounds/soundtrack spot on for the most part.

    As for the game in itself, it is essentially split into two distinct sections. The 'story mode' and then Toybox Mode which is something of a free roam affair around Woody's Roundup as you complete many side missions and tasks.

    The story mode is fairly succinct and brings together the key events of the final movie with some leeway and revisions brought in to adapt the scenes so that they are better suited to a gaming environment. You expect this, but the essence is still there and it doesn't feel isolated or detached from the film, so those playing on the back of the film won't be too disappointed.

    In addition to the key scenes we have certain levels which are quite clever in that we take control of Woody and co. and see the fantasies the children enact brought to life from the toys point of view. Think of the opening of the Toy Story 3 film and you've got it. A nice change of pace and it helps pad the fairly low level of levels.

    The biggest problem with the story mode is the jumpy nature of the levels. You go from Andy's house and a Buzz Lightyear mini game to breaking out of Lotso's imprisonment agenda in just three levels. If you haven't seen the film, you won't be following what on earth is happening as there's very little narration too. Perhaps some cut scenes lifted from the film could have helped serve a purpose between levels? I suspect this wasn't an option though because the level of polish and clear effort that has been put in to the title would likely mean that the game was in development in tandem with the film to make the release date.

    The secondary, or arguably larger, section of the game will provide you the most hours of gameplay time. Woody's Roundup puts you as the Sheriff of Woody's Roundup and sees you taking on side missions, dressing up your town, opening new buildings, purchasing extras bits and pieces and hunting down the hundreds of prize capsules scattered around the world to provide yourself with the tools needed to complete some missions.

    The gameplay works very well here. It doesn't get boring easily and it is cleverly designed in such a way that you are bombarded with tasks to complete and paths littered with rewards to explore. As a result it's a 'kid in a candy shop' situation as you move swiftly from one task to another with a fair amount of free roam dropped in to the mix. That's not to say the environment is huge but there's enough to keep you occupied, and enough to warrant a fast travel system that you will feel better for utilising.

    As you play, you unlock additional areas, such as Zurg's spaceport, Sid's Haunted House, Lotso's Enchanted Glen and a Dam which can be destroyed to provide you with some extra real estate. Toss into that many Bullseye (horse) races, Dragon races, and a Toy Car Stunt Track and you've plenty to do. This is before you attack the Picto-Matic missions which requires you to recreate given scenes by dressing up townspeople or buildings or aim for the full 103 Gold Stars obtained for completing all missions in a certain area, and random tasks such as flushing a toilet three times.

    If you're buying for children this game will suck them in and hold them there exceptionally easily. It's a great buy and a solid title with hours of gaming tucked away behind a neat and overtly childlike exterior.

    If you're an adult who wants to try it out, by all means go for it. There's more than enough here for your average gamer looking for a 'breather' title to enjoy and snag some achievements from. It's good clean fun and absolutely does justice to the Toy Story name.
  • demont101demont101205,542
    16 Jul 2010
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    Toy Story 3 was a great movie i must admit. Then they came out with a game and most games based off a movie usually sucks. I figured though since my brother wanted it id chip in and see how it is.

    I was astonished on how good the game was. It might not be that long but with all the collectibles it keeps you coming back for more. You know that Buzz Lightyear video game in Toy Story 2 guess what you get to play it!. I know when I saw that 1 I always wanted to play that game and defeat Zurg. I got what i wished lol.

    Now if youve seen the movie you probably know what to expect. In this game youd think the achievements are quite easy but some of them are hard. Like the 1 is make it to Zurgs base without dying. Another is collect every star in the Toy Box O.o but they make achievements story progressive too adding a few within some of them like perfecting every mini game. I must say that the last lv Muffin Masscre or something like tht was very interesting and my favorite level. I must say all in all it was 1 of the best E10 games ive played so far.

    Graphics 5/5
    Achievements 4.5/5
    Difficulty 3/5
    Toy Box difficulty 4/5
    Replayability 4.5/5

    I hope u enjoyed my review and comment on anything i can improve