Toy Story 3 Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the walkthrough for Toy Story 3. This game has two modes: Story and Toy Box. These are two distinctly different modes that complement each other well. You can (via a map) change modes whenever you like. Do some Story levels, spend some time in the Toy Box, do some more Story levels, and so on. Take heed though: by gathering collectibles in Story Mode you will unlock bonus items in Toy Box mode. Most of these unlocks are pure curiosities, but there are a few that can aid you and even one that is necessary in order to get all collectibles. With that said it's recommended to start with the...

Story mode walkthrough

Story mode is the movie broken down into eight levels. Once you complete a level the next will be unlocked. Unlocked levels are revealed on a map and can be played over and over again. All levels have a number of collectibles hidden in them. There are several different kind of collectibles and they all count towards each own achievement. These collectibles are the focus for the Story Mode walkthrough. Each level will be described in a similar fashion: First the level will be broken down into sections and each section will be given a name. These names will then be used to give each collectible a rough location. Most of them are hidden in plain sight so in most cases this will likely suffice. A more detailed location description will be provided when deemed necessary. Prior to collectible locations the description of how to obtain certain achievements for that particular level will be described. There are 19 achievements to be earned in Story Mode.

Toy Box mode walkthrough

The Toy Box mode is a sandbox game where you help Mayor Hamm to build a town and expand it's borders. You are the sheriff in town and as such, it's your responsibility to make everything work. Mayor Hamm and the other townsfolk will give you missions that will progress the story towards its end (Toy Box mode will continue even after the story is finished). Apart from finishing the story the main objective here is to collect Gold Stars. As a true sheriff you earn Gold Stars by fulfilling specific requirements - a kind of mini achievements if you like. There is a total of 103 Gold Stars to earn and there is an achievement for earning them all. Hidden across the Toy Box world is a massive amount of so called Prize Capsules, which are decorations for your buildings and outfits for your citizens. There are also 40 Pict-O-Matic missions where you recreate certain scenarios, which requires you to find certain Prize Capsules. There's a Gold Star to be earned from completing all Pict-O-Matic missions as well. Needless to say the Toy Box mode walkthrough will focus on obtaining these Gold Stars while progressing the story in a moderate speed. There is a total of 18 achievement to be won in Toy Box mode.

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