Toy Story 3 Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough


Each level will be introduced with a short summary about the objectives and things to keep in mind as you play through the level. Next is a list of all achievements for the level. Common for all levels is that you need to collect ALL the collectibles in order to unlock the final collectible achievement at level 8 (some of them will come earlier, though). After this, a list of all collectibles and their location will be listed.

There are no missable achievements per say, as you can play every level as many times as you like and all collectibles you pick up will remain picked up even if you die before reaching a checkpoint. If you've missed a collectible and play the level again you don't have to complete the entire level. Once you've picked up the collectible you can press start and Exit to Game Board. The collectible will be saved as picked up. Now let us begin:

LEVEL 1: Train Rescue ( Loco Motives )

Summary: You play as Woody. This level can be split into two parts based on gameplay. In the first part you ride your horse (Bullseye) along an autoscrolling path while jumping to avoid obstacles. If you miss a collectible in this part: Kill yourself quickly or prepare yourself to play the level again. In the second part you are on a train (walking) and are free to explore at your own pace. Occasionally you will trigger events that prevents you from going back so pick up collectibles as soon as you can. This level have 23 Al's Toy Barn tokens.

Rescue all six orphans (none of them are hidden):

No Toy Left Behind

Rescue all the orphans on the Train

No Toy Left Behind
1 guide

Complete the level:

Train Catcher

Finished "Loco Motives"

Train Catcher
1 guide

RIDINGBeginning[_] Roundup Card 7 - SnakeOn top of the first overpass.
[_] Roundup Card 4 - BullseyeOn cliff just past the first overpass.
[_] Roundup Card 8 - SkunkBy edge of the cliff just past the collapsing rocks.
Cave[_] Roundup Card 3 - ProspectorOn the left track.
TRAINRear wagonsOrphan #1
[_] Roundup Card 2 - JessieReward from rescuing orphan #1.
UFO smashing wagonsOrphan #2
[_] Roundup Card 6 - SquirrelReward from rescuing orphan #2.
[_] Townsperson - WoodyInside a steel chest on the second wagon. Smash it!
Orphan #3
[_] Roundup Card 5 - BeaverReward from rescuing orphan #3.
Cows 'n Catapults[_] Special Card 1 - Woody & FriendsThrow a cow with the catapult before throwing yourself...
Orphan #4
[_] Roundup Card 1 - WoodyReward from rescuing orphan #4.
Stone wagonsOrphan #5
Coal wagonsOrphan #6
[_] Andy's Memorabilia - Buzz DrawingReward from rescuing orphan #6.


There is an achievement to be won at the Game Board as well. For this one you need to interact with the following objects on the map by moving the cursor onto them and pressing A:

From left to right: Dice, Casino markers, Ship, Fish, Cannon, Chest and Chess piece.


Explored all the objects on the map

3 guides

LEVEL 2: Andy's House ( Hold the Phone )

Summary: You play all three characters. It's a free roaming level, but it's split into two parts. Once you reach part 2 you won't be able to go back to part 1, so make sure you grab all collectibles before that. WARNING! You will be sent to part 2 the moment you pick up the cellphone. In the second part the main task is to direct four paratroopers to the telephone. The level will end as soon as the fourth paratrooper lands by the phone. There are 11 Al's Toy Barn tokens in this level.

Complete the level:

Off the Hook

Finished "Hold the Phone"

Off the Hook
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ANDY'S ROOM[_] Townsperson - JessieUnder the bed.
[_] Roundup Card 12 - CattleIn the yellow trashcan.
[_] Roundup Card 9 - VultureIn a box to the right of the desk. Move the red basket.
[_] Roundup Card 15 - River RescueSmash the box to the right of the window.
[_] Roundup Card 14 - Gunless LawSmash the box between the bed and the door.
[_] Roundup Card 18 - Lasso LawStand on the drawer to reveal this.
BASEMENT[_] Special Card 3 - Andy's ToysUnder the stair. Smash through the vent just around the corner at the bottom of the stair.
[_] Andy's Memorabilia - Cowboy Camp PamphletOn the box at the top of the stair.
[_] Roundup Card 13 - BearOn top of the ironing board. Slide on the staircase railing to get there.
[_] Roundup Card 16 - Ropin RescueHigh up on top of boxes by the pumpkin basket. Throw the paratrooper on the washing machine to get it.
[_] Roundup Card 10 - BadgerIn the corner on top of the refrigerator.
[_] Roundup Card 17 - Rustler RoundupBehind the window by one of the paratroopers.
[_] Roundup Card 11 - PorcupineOn top shelf behind some stuff. By one of the paratroopers. Use Jessie to get there.

LEVEL 3: Buzz Video Game ( To Infinity and Beyond )

Overview: You play as Buzz. This level has three parts. The first is an autoscrolling shooter with lots of obstacles to shoot and avoid. The second part is platform action on the surface of the planet. The third part is also platform action but within Zurg's base. The level ends with a boss fight. WARNING! If you miss a collectible in part 1 - DO NOT KILL YOURSELF. There is an achievement for not dying in part 1 and 2. If you die it is advised to keep on playing and finishing the level and gather as many collectibles as possible and then play the level again... If you die when trying for the Space Ranger Elite achievement you must exit to Game Board and re-enter the level in order to reset the death count. There are 26 Al's Toy Barn tokens in this level.

Complete part 1 and 2 without dying:

Space Ranger Elite

Reach Zurg’s base without losing all your health

Space Ranger Elite
3 guides

Complete the level:

Defeat Zurg

Finished "To Infinity and Beyond"

Defeat Zurg
1 guide

TRENCH SHOOTER[_] Star Command Card 8 - Star Command Jet Pack
[_] Star Command Card 4 - Space Ranger Corps
[_] Star Command Card 1 - Buzz Lightyear
CRATER[_] Special Card 4 - AliensBetween 1st and 2nd large float areas. Blow crystal and jump on the platforms as they pass to reach this.
[_] Star Command Card 3 - Zurg BotsIn the center of the platform belt between 2nd and 3rd large floating areas.
[_] Star Command Card 7 - Space Ranger ArmorIn the right in the platform belt.
ZURG FORTRESS[_] Townsperson - BuzzWall jump to the right of the first energy reactor core.
[_] Star Command Card 5 - Universe Protection UnitOn top of the first energy reactor core.
[_] Star Command Card 6 - Galactic AllianceOn the lower level of the room with the red floor force field.
[_] Star Command Card 2 - Evil Emperor ZurgOn top of the second energy reactor core.

LEVEL 4: Sunnyside Daycare ( Fair Play )

Overview: You play all three characters in this level. There is no need to worry about missing collectibles in this level, as it consists of only one large room. For orientation purpose North will be considered to be towards the far wall, while the left wall will be West and so on. The main objective is to complete three minigames and then talk to Lotso to end the level. The minigames are as follows: Horse Racing, Teeny Racer Challenge and Alley Throw. There are only 7 Al's Toy Barn tokens in this level.

Find all four Zurg parts:

We can rebuild him

Collect all of Zurg's Parts

We can rebuild him
2 guides

Get perfect score in all three minigames:

True Carny

Achieve gold on all carnival games

True Carny
3 guides

Complete the level:

Carnival Conqueror

Finished "Fair Play"

Carnival Conqueror
1 guide

[_] Zurg Piece - HeadOn stool next to the ramp leading from the starting area.
[_] Zurg Piece - BodyIn the corner of a shelf near Twitch (Horse Racing) and the octopus.
[_] Zurg Piece - GunUnder the folding drawing board near Clutch (Alley Throw).
[_] Zurg Piece - CapeUnder the green desk next to Sparks (Teeny Racer Challenge).
[_] Star Command Card 9 - Utility BeltOn top of the cupboard near the Teeny Racer Challenge. Wall jump.
[_] Star Command Card 14 - Gamma QuadrantOn top of the cupboards to the west. Next to the lamp access point.
[_] Star Command Card 13 - Star CommandOn the roof of the starting area. Jump on the ceiling lamps to get there.
[_] Townsperson - DaycareUse Woody to swing towards the door from the roof of the starting area.
[_] Star Command Card 16 - NeptarShoot 100 aliens in Alley Throw. That's ALL of them. Miss one and you'll have to restart.
[_] Star Command Card 11 - Space ShipInside the roof duct in the North. Use Buzz to throw Jessie or Woody into it from the ceiling light.
[_] Special Card 2 - KidsUp under the roof. Use Jessie to jump from the ceiling light via two butterflies to get it.
[_] Star Command Card 15 - Sector 4On top of the corner cupboard in the northeast. Use Woody.
[_] Star Command Card 10 - LaserGet at perfect score in Teeny Racer Challenge (10 smashed blocks).
[_] Star Command Card 12 - Intergalactic CommunicatorGet a perfect score in Horse Racing (pop 40 balloons).

LEVEL 5: Bonnie's House ( Witch Way Out )

Overview: You play as Woody. This is the most platform-intensive level in the game, but shouldn't pose much of a problem. The level can roughly be split into two section: The House and Outer Space. Common for both is that you have little or no opportunity to backtrack for collectibles, so grab them as you go. In the House you jump between platforms avoiding a sea of coffee that occasionally rises creating some stressful moments. Collectibles are more or less in your path here. In Outer Space your task is to get a rocket working by collecting batteries and putting them in their sockets. There's a lot of rail grinding here, but luckily you don't have to keep your balance. In the first battery hunt session you'll find a battery in each of the three sections designated Green, Yellow and Purple based on the rail colour. After you put the third battery in it's socket - opening the exit hatch - you should have found all collectibles by now. The rest of the level consists of rail grinding and another battery hunt session. There are 0 Al's Toy Barn tokens in this level.

Collect the townspeople (requires you to have grabbed the townspeople in earlier levels)

Townspeople Hunter

Find all the hidden townspeople

Townspeople Hunter
1 guide

Complete the level:

Rocket Launcher

Finished "Witch Way Out"

Rocket Launcher
1 guide

THE HOUSE[_] Toys Card 1 - RexOn the floating "island" with the desktop lamp. Use Woody's Special Move.
[_] Star Command Card 18 - XrghthungOn the ledge under some books. Smash through blocks.
[_] Toys Card 5 - Green Army ManOn top of book where you first wall climb.
[_] Toys Card 6 - Etch A SketchUse Woody's Special Move to swing across the gap under the helicopters.
[_] Toys Card 4 - Bo PeepIn plain sight, can't miss.
[_] Toys Card 2 - HammSmash through some blocks to the right.
[_] Special Cards 6 - Bonnie's ToysWall Jump up the vertical tube in the hamster cage.
[_] Star Command Card 17 - DarjeelingOn a small platform to the left right after you Cling Jump the books.
OUTER SPACE[_] Toys Card 3 - SlinkyTo the far left on the ledge above the elevator.
[_] Townsperson - Blue DogGreen section. Smash through the floor in the asteroid.

LEVEL 6: Prison Break ( Hide and Sneak )

Overview: You play as Woody and Jessie. In this level Woody must rescue four of his friends who's been captured by the evil Lotso. This is a free roaming level that for the sake of collectible location, descriptions will be broken down into five areas: Jessie's Prison, Center Room, Rex's Prison, Slinky's Prison and Hamm's Prison. All areas behind the police car stationary guards will be designated as the Prison area for each prisoner respectively. To rescue a prisoner you need to disable each prisoner's alarm light by pressing a nearby button. The level ends as soon as you rescue the fourth prisoner. There are 10 Al's Toy Barn tokens in this level.

Perfect jail break: There is an achievement for rescuing all prisoners without ever tripping the alarm. This can be quite tricky, so below are a few tips. If you trip the alarm you need to exit to the Game Board and reload the level for the alarm counter to reset.

REX: Use Jessie - The trick to the rotating searchlights is to jump OVER them. Time the jump so you jump over an upcoming searchlight and then fast climb along the ledge in front of that searchlight and jump over the searchlight you have in front of you as it goes down.

SLINKY: Use Woody - The swinging part is tricky, as it seems that the controller ignores your button presses half of the time. But if you time a jump at the apogee of the swing you can reach the shelf above with only one swing. Avoiding the lamps is just a matter of timing.

Complete the level:

Making a break for it

Finished "Hide-N-Sneak"

Making a break for it
1 guide

Complete the level without tripping the alarm:

Sneaky Sneaky

Finished the Prison Break without ever tripping an alarm

Sneaky Sneaky
5 guides

Jessie's Prison[_] Alien PrisonerAround the corner behind Jessie.
Center Room[_] Toys Card 7 - WheezyOn top of the table closest to Slinky.
[_] Toys Card 9 - Rocky GibraltarUnder the table closest to Hamm.
[_] Toys Card 8 - RCUnder a bench near Hamm's Prison.
Rex's Prison[_] Toy Story 3 Card 1 - LotsoOn top of the cupboard on the far right of the Alarm Button.
[_] Andy's Memorabilia - Woody DrawingOn top of a ceiling lamp. Jump from cupboards to reach it.
[_] Special Card 5 - Bad ToysOn top of a ceiling lamp.
Slinky's Prison[_] Toy Story 3 Card 2 - TrixieOn a shelf to your left just as you enter the area.
Hamm's Prison[_] Toys Card 11 - Mr. SpellIn the corner to your left as you enter the area.
[_] Toys Card 10 - Pixar BallOn the top cling ledge to the right above the door.

LEVEL 7: Junkyard ( Trash Thrash )

Overview: In the prologue to this level you play as Buzz on a conveyor-belt. His objective is to keep the three aliens alive by grabbing them and throwing them forward until Jessie manages to open the hatch to the trash bin. Throw the aliens into the trash bin and prepare for some hard running. In the next part - the main level - you play as both Woody, Buzz and Jessie. Their objective is to save Rex, Hamm and Slinky who are trapped in a pile of junk. The problem: That pile of junk is slowly moving on a conveyor belt. Destination: Destruction. Advancing from left to right Woody & Co must stop several waste disposal machines to save their friends. To do this you must switch between the characters solving puzzles that either stops a machine or removes an obstacle that blocks the path of a fellow rescuer. As this part is more or less a puzzle there will be a complete solution for this part of the level. Collectibles are excluded from the puzzle description, but some hints are written in italic.

BUZZ 1: Make your way to the bascule (bridge).

WOODY 1: Use his Special Move on the lever - lowering the bascule - and position Woody near the steam.

BUZZ 2: Move him across the bascule, wait until it opens again and throw the compact trash block down into it's gap. Continue across the gaps and position him in front of the flamethrowers.

JESSIE 1: There's a collectible behind you. Move forward and jump across the valve. Cutscene. Jump across the block Buzz provided and up onto the platform. Jump across the gap and continue forth and jump on the valve to turn off the gas at Woody's.

WOODY 2: Wall Climb up to the red button. Press it to open the path for Jessie. Continue to the right and jump to the duct pipe. Position him just in front of the fan.

JESSIE 2: Jump across all the gaps while in the process disabling the flamethrowers blocking Buzz's path. Continue jumping via a switch that opens a hatch in Buzz's path. Keep going and position Jessie at the end of her path. BE QUICK NOW.

BUZZ 3: Jump across the gap and Wall Jump up to the platform above the hatch that Jessie just opened. Grab the two blocks and throw them at the two fans to aid Woody. Grab another block and walk into the gap and drop the block down to Jessie to make it possible for her to grab a collectible. Jump up and position Buzz by the bascule.

WOODY 3: Move across the now destroyed fan and use your Special Move on the lever.

BUZZ 4: Continue to the trash compactor. Run and dash through them. Jump up and push the blocks into the compactor on both sides to break the machine. Position Buzz to the far right of the upper platform.

JESSIE 3: Jump across the flames to the valve that opens the path to Woody. Then continue and position Jessie at the corner near her dead end.

WOODY 4: Jump down and use your Special Move over the gap. Press the button and swing back and jump up onto the ledge.

BUZZ 5: Jump across the swinging platform and press the red button. Then continue to the right and drop a block to the left side to aid Jessie. Position Buzz with the other block at the right throwing position (marked with striped color).

WOODY 5: Jump across the swinging platforms, Wall Climb and position him just in front of the gap where he is supposed to use his Special Move to swing across.

JESSIE 4: Jump up on the block Buzz provided and jump on to the ledge.

The next three steps must be executed in quick succession. No time to dawdle.

WOODY 6: Use your Special Move to activate the lever.

JESSIE 5: Jump onto the switch.

BUZZ 6: Throw the block into the machine.

If you fail, make sure Buzz is holding a new block in position before you repeat the steps from WOODY 6.

Grab the Andy's Memorabilia collectible: (only if you've picked up the other three Andy's Memorabilia on previous levels)


Collect all of Andy's Memorabilia

1 guide

Complete the level:

Mashing the Masher

Finished "Trash Thrash"

Mashing the Masher
1 guide

WOODY 1[_] Andy's Memorabilia - Photo
JESSIE 1[_] Toy Story 3 Card 11 - Dolly
[_] Toy Story 3 Card 7 - Sparks
[_] Special Card 8 - Sid's Toys
WOODY 2[_] Toy Story 3 Card 10 - Prickle Pants
JESSIE 3[_] Alien - Zurg
[_] Toy Story 3 Card 9 - Buttercup
WOODY 3[_] Toy Story 3 Card 3 - Big Baby
[_] Toy Story 3 Card 5 - Stretch
[_] Toy Story 3 Card 4 - Twitch
WOODY 6[_] Toy Story 3 Card 6 - Al's Toy Barn

LEVEL 8: Haunted Bakery ( Muffin to Fear )

Overview: You play as Buzz. This is a free roaming level that are very action intense. The objective is to ultimately defeat the Witch, but until you can do that you need to play through several stages. The scene is a Wild West Town that have been overrun by haunted muffins. Kill everything in sight, but focus on witches whenever present. Make sure to get rid of all Giant Muffins as soon as possible as well. The level have some checkpoints when it comes to the health of the "archwitch". You need to destroy the buildings completely for the collectibles to appear. There's one collectible in each building. In the table below each building will be designated by the name the role they have in Toy Box mode.

Collect all regular cards (in all 8 levels):

Holding all the Cards

Find all the Regular Cards

Holding all the Cards
1 guide

Collect all Special Cards (in all 8 levels):

Really holding all the cards

Find all the Special Cards

Really holding all the cards
1 guide

Collect the all the Alien collectibles (in all 8 levels):

No Claw Required

Find all the hidden aliens

No Claw Required
2 guides

Collect all collectibles in Story mode (in all 8 levels):

The Collector

Gather every collectible in the game

The Collector
1 guide

Complete the level:

Muffin Massacre

Finished "Muffin to Fear"

Muffin Massacre
3 guides

[_] Toy Story 3 Card 16 - Andy's Old HouseNEWSPAPER building
[_] Toy Story 3 Card 8 - ChunkJAIL building
[_] Toy Story 3 Card 14 - Bonnie's HouseBANK building
[_] Toy Story 3 Card 17 - Andy's HouseSALOON building
[_] Toy Story 3 Card 13 - ChucklesHAT MAKER building
[_] Toy Story 3 Card 12 - Peas in A PodBARBER SHOP building
[_] Toy Story 3 Card 15 - DaycareGENERAL STORE building
[_] Special Card 7 - Daycare ToysBARN building
[_] Alien - WitchCenter of town. Will appear after the first Cannon part.
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