Toy Story 3 Walkthrough

4. Toy Box walkthrough

Toy Box guidelines

By completing collections in Story Mode you'll unlock missions, items and outfits in Toy Box Mode. In order to get all Gold Stars you must have completed many of the collection sets in Story Mode, so it's a good idea to finish Story Mode before you start with Toy Box mode.

The walkthrough will be split up into chapters of which each will have an approximated time for completion. The minimum recommendation of saving your game is between these chapters. Better yet: Save every time you earn a Gold Star.

Each new area will begin with a small orientation text where locales are designated a name or label. These will be used as reference points for all location descriptions later on.

This isn't a speedrun walkthrough and things could certainly be sped up by doing Gold Stars, collecting Prize Capsules and doing missions simultaneously. Instead of trying to find the quickest route between all collectibles, all missions and all Gold Stars this walkthrough approaches the task by separating prize capsules, Gold Stars and missions into distinct sections within each chapter. You are free to ignore sections of your choice.

This game have a major drawback: The names of the Prize Capsules. They only appear very quickly the moment you pick up the capsule. Apart from that short moment the names are nowhere to be found. This makes it crucial to be focused when picking up a capsule - otherwise you might miss its name and have no idea what collectible you just picked up. To limit the chances of this happening this walkthrough will urge you to go collecting Prize Capsules the first thing you do when entering a new area. A short text will guide you through the area as you collect them and the checklists will list the Prize Capsules in the order you should come across them if following the guide. If you discover you've missed a collectible: search in the area between this and the last collectible you gathered and you should find the one you missed. Collectibles will also be divided into areas according to the orientation text. As a rule of thumb, all collectibles in an area should be found before heading on to the next one. Sometimes the guide will tell you to do otherwise and this will also be illustrated in the lists by an empty row.

After the Prize Capsule lists, all Gold Stars easily available in the chapter will be listed. It's a good idea to always browse through this list before heading out on a Prize Capsule hunt, as many of the Gold Stars can be worked on as you run around the Toy Box. Many of these Gold Stars are cumulative and will come eventually during normal gameplay. There are no missable Gold Stars, so you can pretty much ignore them all together and once you've completed the game you can work on completing the ones you haven't earned. That said it should also be mentioned that the time loss of grinding them within each chapter is minimal, as most Gold Stars can be earned in the matter of a minute or two, each.

Also to keep in mind when running the Prize Capsule roundup, press all building buttons at least once and jump into every Well you come across.

Finally there are numerous unlocks in Al's Toy Barn (ATB from now on), which are triggered either by a specific mission or by completing a certain number of missions. Unlocks tied to a specific mission will be mentioned in connection to the mission. Unlocks that is based on number of completed missions will be listed in a separate section within each chapter.

Woody's Roundup
Approx time: 0,5 to 1 hour

Orientation: Woody's Roundup is the name of the town. This area can be roughly divided into four areas. The Central Town is where all the buildings are. In this area you'll find the Town Hall, the Saloon, the General Store and the Hat Shop as well as the Stagecoach Platform. Assuming you stand facing the Town Hall, to your right is a small area with a Lockout cliff and a small Canyon. This is the CLIFFSIDE AREA. To your left is a water-filled area and the entrance to Zurg's Spaceport (once it's been unlocked). This is the SEASIDE AREA. Behind the Hat Shop is a locked gate which currently block off the DONKEY MOUNTAIN area (which resembles a mine).

Once you're able to move freely you should head for the roof of the Saloon. Jump down to the balcony and further down to the street. Climb to the roof of the General Store and then down on a ledge at the back. Head for the Lockout in the Cliffside Area and then around the back Canyon. Grab the last two capsules in Central Town as you pass behind the Town Hall. Jump into the Well as you pass it and grab the seven capsules down there and then return the way you came. Make your way up the hill by the Mission Booth and across the bridge to the tree. Drop down to the ledge below and follow it. Drop down another level once you've got the Scruffy Lady Hair and jump across the stones in the water. The last Prize Capsule is past the bridge. The last for now that is. There's still a Prize Capsule on top of the Town Hall, but it can't be reached at this moment.

[_] Milk Bottle Hat
[_] Dragon Windows
[_] Curlers Hair
[_] Ship Captain Hat

[_] Pot Hat
[_] Tiki Mask Hat
[_] Small Planter Box
[_] Basketball Player Outfit
[_] Scruffy Lady Outfit
[_] Finding Nemo Chest
[_] Finding Nemo Windows
[_] Finding Nemo Coral
[_] Finding Nemo Fins
[_] Finding Nemo Walls
[_] Finding Nemo Reef
[_] Finding Nemo Doors
[_] Spikey Hair
[_] Pirate Outfit
[_] Balloons Hat
[_] Finding Nemo Hat
[_] Striped Walls
[_] Scruffy Lady Hair
[_] Finding Nemo Outfit
[_] Plunger Hat

These are the Gold Stars you'll be able to earn in this area:

Gold Stars earned while doing missions:
¤ {_} (1 of 103) Prize Capsule Collector [250G] (You've collected 15 prize capsules).
¤ {_} (2 of 103) Apprentice Painter [200G] - (You've painted 3 buildings).
¤ {_} (3 of 103) Picto-Amateur [100G] - (You've completed 3 Pict-O-Matic missions).
¤ {_} (4 of 103) On A Mission [100G] - (You've completed 10 missions)

¤ {_} (5 of 103) Operation Well [200G] - (You've landed a Paratrooper in a well!).
¤ {_} (6 of 103) Moving Target [200G] - (You've landed a Paratrooper on the stagecoach!) - Buy something from ATB and hurry up to the roof of the Saloon. Throw the Paratrooper as soon as the stagecoach rounds the corner in the town and you should easily land upon its roof once it stops by the Loading Platform.

Miscellaneous Gold Stars easily earned with minor grinding:
¤ {_} (7 of 103) Prickly Pear [200G] - (You've run into a cactus) Look for a cactus with a spring underneath - and use Y to dash into it.
¤ {_} (8 of 103) Porcupine [200G] - (You've been hit by a cactus 10 times!) Repeat the above 10 times and let it to hit you on it's way back.
¤ {_} (9 of 103) Make A Wish [200G] - (You've thrown a townsperson in the well!) Anyone will do - TP or alien.
¤ {_} (10 of 103) Miner 49er [50G] - (You've mined 15 gold veins!) Gold veins respawn so just run around town and chip.
¤ {_} (11 of 103) Knock It Off [200G] - (You've clobbered 10 mission givers!) Y-tackle 10 TPs or aliens.
¤ {_} (12 of 103) Breaking Boards [200G] - (You've smashed 25 crates and barrels.)
¤ {_} (13 of 103) Having a Ball [300G] - (You've hit 30 things with the ball!) Throw balls at TPs or aliens.
¤ {_} (14 of 103) Amateur Kicker [100G] - (You've drop kicked 5 townspeople!) To drop kick: Grab a TP, jump and press X midair.
¤ {_} (15 of 103) Pro Kicker [200G] - (You've drop kicked 10 townspeople!) Drop kick them into water and you'll also get the next one.
¤ {_} (16 of 103) Swimming Lessons [200G] - (You've thrown 5 townspeople into the water!)
¤ {_} (17 of 103) Under the Sea [200G] - (You've jumped into the water 10 times!)

The following ATB items should have unlocked after finishing this area.



[_] Destroy the Old Shack [250G] - Press Y.
[_] Clean up the Town! [100G] - Destroy 3 shacks.

[_] Buy the Barber Shop [-500G] - You should have 500+ in gold now which means we can show some initiative and start expanding the town without Mayor Hamm's explicit order. Interact with the ATB (it's the big chicken next to where Mayor Hamm should be). Buy the Barber Shop and place anywhere you like. Buildings will take some time to finish so while the construction is under way you should continue doing the tutorial missions. Once the building is complete the Barber will arrive on the stagecoach.

First Sale

Buy a toy from the Toy Store

First Sale
1 guide

[_] Give an Alien a Hat [500G] - Throw the alien into the hat shop and put any hat on his head.
[_] Paint any Building in Town [300G] - Change the color of the walls of any house. [UNLOCK TOOL: Tool Box]
[_] Talk to Stinky Pete - He's by the pen [UNLOCK TOOL: Pick Axe]
[_] Mine Some Gold [200G] - Use the Pick Axe on a gold vein. [ATB UNLOCK: Bullseye]

Welcome to Town

Finish the Woody's Roundup tutorials

Welcome to Town
1 guide

[_] Talk to Stinky Pete - This concludes the tutorial missions for this part as Stinky Pete now directs you to Slinky at The Ranch. There are still plenty of things that can be done in Woody's Roundup before heading out though. Here we go:

[_] Build the Tailor Shop [-500G] - Purchase the Tailor Shop from ATB and place wherever you like. Once completed the Barber will arrive on the stagecoach.

[_] Sew What? [250G] - Talk to the Tailor TP. Collect 5 bolts of cloth. (General Store:2, Saloon:1, Town Hall:1, Loading Platform:1)

[_] Painting Party [350G] - Given by a TP. Make sure that Town Hall, the Saloon and the General Store are painted.

[_] Lost and Found [350G] - Given by a TP: Grab the Pict-O-Matic on the hill next to the entrance to Lotso's Enchanted Glen. [UNLOCK: Pict-O-Matic missions: Pirate's Treasure, Cactus Field Goal, Twins, Scruffy Lady, Viking Horde, Barber Shop Quartet, Petting Zoo]

[_] Pict-O-Magic [750G] - When you complete the next mission in this list this will also be completed.

[_] (1 of 40) Cactus Field Goal [150G] - Pick up a TP and throw him/her over the Y-shaped cactus in front of the Ranch Tunnel.
[_] (2 of 40) Barber Shop Quartet [150G] - Dress four TPs with Barber Outfit and Barber Hair. Note that the original Barber doesn't count. You need to dress him up differently before turning him back into the barber. It's a good idea to start with him as it might be hard to locate him among all identical TPs.
[_] (3 of 40) Pirate's Treasure [150G] - Dress three TPs with the Pirate Outfit and Pirate Hat (you have the hat from the beginning).

Talk to the same TP again to activate the Pict-O-Perfect mission

[_] (4 of 40) Scruffy Lady [150G] - Dress a TP with Scruffy Lady Outfit and Scruffy Lady Hair. You may use a hat if you like.

[_] Buy PARATROOPERS from ATB [-1500G] - The package will arrive on the stagecoach. It will scatter five paratroopers across the Toy Box world. Your objective with these guys are to throw them into the air and then steer them and successfully land them onto one of several bullseye targets that'll appear. There is a total of 30 targets for all five troopers but you'll only need 15 to earn the Gold Star and the achievement. There are two troopers in Woody's Roundup: One on top of the Saloon (have 6 target) and another on the Lookout (5 targets). Each target is also worth 300G.

[_] Buy BULLSEYE from ATB [-1000G] - After you bought Bullseye hurry back up on the roof of the Saloon. When the stagecoach rounds the street corner in front of Town Hall you should throw the Paratrooper and land it on the stagecoach as it stops by the Loading Platform.

Go get Bullseye and saddle up to do some races. There are three achievements to be earned in these races. They are NOT stackable, so winning a Gold doesn't mean you unlock the Silver and Bronze achievements. This means you have to grab one of each medal.

First Bronze

Earn a bronze medal in a vehicle challenge

First Bronze
1 guide

First Silver

Earn a silver medal in a vehicle challenge

First Silver
1 guide

First Gold

Earn a gold medal in a vehicle challenge

First Gold
1 guide

[_] Saddle Up [300G] - UNLOCKED WHEN YOU'VE COLLECTED ALL 18 WOODY'S ROUNDUP CARDS IN STORY MODE - This race opens up a possibility to grab the prize capsule on top of the Town Hall tower.
[_] Ring Rally Race [700G] - Complete the race before the time limit reaches zero. This race will end at The Ranch so this is the perfect finale to the first area.

The Ranch
Approx time: 1 to 1,5 hours

Orientation: There are two ways to get to The Ranch. The main entrance is the tunnel with the Slinky sign next to the Town Hall. The other is through the caves near Zurg's Spaceport entrance. As you enter from the main entrance going counter clockwise: STUNT PARK: This area is locked as you enter the first time. BANDIT CANYON: is the area across the broken wooden trail. HORSE TRACKS: There are several gates to this area. The gates will only open if you're riding Bullseye. You can jump down into this area from the Bandit Canyon. CORRALS is the area with the two enclosed pastures including the cave. THE QUARRY is the mining area which includes the cave connecting to Woody's Roundup.

When collecting the Prize Capsules you should start with the Bandit Canyon. You will come across both Para Troopers during this collectible roundup. Make completing their target practice missions a part of this round. When you've found all collectibles it's time to drop down into the Horse Track cave. As you exit the Horse Track you have the first Prize Capsule of the Main Area in front of you. Jump into the Well to unlock the shortcut and return back again. Enter the Corral Cave and grab all Prize Capsules around this area. When you're only missing the last one you should continue into the cave near the Board Game Exit. This is the Quarry Cave and should take you to the Quarry. Jump into the Well and return. Grab the Pict-O-Magic device and look for Prize Capsules around the houses. The last one is on the trail back down to the Main Area near the ATB and Mission Booth's. Now the final Prize Capsule for the Main Area should be behind Slinky.

[_] WALL-E Outfit
[_] Syndrome Outfit
[_] Viking Hat (aliens)
[_] Viking Outfit
[_] Mrs. Incredible Outfit
[_] Nemo Outfit
[_] Dori Outfit
[_] Eve Outfit
[_] Jack Jack Outfit
[_] Dash Outfit
[_] Violet Outfit
[_] Sulley Outfit
[_] Mr. Incredible Outfit
[_] Mike Outfit
[_] Fist o' Lantern
[_] Dart o' Lantern
[_] Muscle o' Lantern
[_] Antlered Gnome
[_] Crazy Suit Outfit
[_] Crazy Suit Hair
[_] Parted Hair
[_] Colorful Suit Outfit
[_] Colorful Fro Hair
[_] Pink Cowgirl Outfit
[_] White Cowboy Hat
[_] Viking Hat (TP)

[_] Pink Cowgirl Hat
[_] Small Flower Pot
[_] Bride Hat
[_] Conroy Outfit
[_] Goo Trashcan
[_] Propeller Hat
[_] Baby Outfit
[_] Ballerina Outfit
[_] Blue Cowboy Outfit

Land paratroopers on 15 targets:

Airborn Ranger

Hit 15 Paratrooper targets

Airborn Ranger
2 guides

[_] Pict-O-Matic Missions - This is located by the Quarry. Unlocks the following missions: Jailhouse Jamboree, Mariachi Band, Alien Hero Team, Disco Fest, Balloon Hat Party, Pot Pan Pandemic.

These are the Gold Stars you'll be able to earn in this area:

¤ {_} (18 of 103) Parachute King [300G] - (You've hit 15 paratrooper Targets)
¤ {_} (19 of 103) Prize Capsule Enthusiast [500G] - (You've collected 40 prize capsules!)
¤ {_} (20 of 103) Strongman [200G] - (You've carried a heavy object for a long distance!)
¤ {_} (21 of 103) Gone wanderin' [500G] - (You've travelled a long distance on foot)
¤ {_} (22 of 103) Cow in the Well [50G] - (You've thrown a cow in the Well!)
¤ {_} (23 of 103) Farmer in the Well [200G] - (You've thrown all the farm animals in the well!) Throw a hen, a pig and a cow in the Well.
¤ {_} (24 of 103) Cow Tipper [150G] - (You've shoulder charged 10 cows!) Use the Y-button to tackle a cow - 10 times.

Build the GOO:
¤ {_} (25 of 103) Grow Your Own Gold
[200G] - (You've grown and mined a gold vein!) - Throw Green Goo on a gold vein.
¤ {_} (26 of 103) Master Shrinker [200G] - (You've made 10 things smaller!) - Use Purple Goo on 10 people/animals/things.
¤ {_} (27 of 103) Master Grower [200G] - (You've made 10 things bigger!) - Use Green Goo on 10 people/animals/things.

Build the GARDEN:
¤ {_} (28 of 103) Green Thumb [150G] - (You've grown 1 of every vegetable). Complete all four Garden missions to get this.

¤ {_} (29 of 103) Jumpin' Jackrabbits' [500G] - (You've jumped a long distance with Bullseye!)
¤ {_} (30 of 103) Ridin' the Range [500G] - (You've traveled a long distance on Bullseye)
¤ {_} (31 of 103) Winner's Circle [500G] - (You've attempted 20 Bullseye races!)

The following ATB items should have unlocked after finishing this area.

[_] GOO
[_] COW CANNON (Requirement: Collect all 11 Andy's Toys Cards in Story Mode)


[_] Help Slinky - He's right in front of you as you enter the ranch.
[_] Deliver Cows [200G] - Throw four of Slinky's cows into the Lower Corral. [ATB UNLOCK: Barn]

[_] Build the BARN [-750G] - Buy the BARN from the ATB and continue with the next quest. [ATB UNLOCK: Garden]

[_] Find Cowbells [250G] - Locate the five cowbells: 1 at the Quarry, 3 at Upper Corral and 1 in Corral Cave.

That concludes the story quests for this area. Time to return to Mayor Hamm or time for all extra quest that also need to be done in this area:

[_] Barn Dance [350G] - Talk to Slinky once the Barn is built. Throw the City Slicker and three other TPs into the Barn (the farmer doesn't count). The City Slicker is the black dressed person that arrives in the cutscene.

[_] (5 of 40) Petting Zoo [150G] - Throw a TP, a hen and a pig into the Corral.

[_] Build the Goo [-2500G] - Buy the Goo from the ATB.

[_] Build the Garden [-1000G] - Buy the Garden from the ATB.

[_] Get the Cows to Higher Ground [750G] - Bring two of Slinky's cows to the Upper Corral. Use purple goo to shrink the cows to throwable size. [POSSIBLE ATB UNLOCK: Cow Cannon (if you've collected all of the Andy's Toys Cards in Story Mode)]

[_] Grow the Crops [150G] - Grow a crop in the Garden. To complete this mission you'll also have to complete "Protect the Corn" below. Interact with the sign to start a protection mission. Once you've completed the Corn mission the other three patches will become available. The easiest way to defeat the moles is to throw balls at them.

[_] Protect the Corn [350G] - Defeat 3 moles.

[_] Protect the Carrots [350G] - Defeat 6 moles.
[_] Protect the Pumpkins [500G] - Defeat 6 moles.
[_] Protect the Tomatoes [500G] - Defeat 6 moles.

[_] State Fair Crop Contest [350G] - Throw Green Goo on any vegetable.

[_] State Fair Livestock Contest [500G] - Throw Green Goo on a cow.

These are the Bullseye races available at The Ranch. Together with the ones in Woody's Roundup these are all the horse exclusive races available in the game so this is where you have to grind for the Winner's Circle Gold Star. Ridin' the Range will come during this grind.

[_] Barn Burner Race (Bronze: 1:30, Silver:1:15, Gold:1:00)
[_] Giddyup Gallop Race
(Bronze: 2:00, Silver: 1:35, Gold 1:10)
[_] Redrock Ring Race (Bronze: 2:00, Silver: 1:30, Gold: 1:15)
[_] Bullseye's Canyon Race (Bronze: 1:30, Silver: 1:20, Gold: 1:10)

Woody's Roundup Town (2nd visit)
Approx time: ?

Orientation: Nothing has changed from the last visit. You will get access to the DONKEY MOUNTAIN during this visit. The Donkey Mountain area is the mining area where Stinky Pete seems to have made his claim. It's a criss-crossing road of rails and ladders to ride and climb to get to the top. There are some passages to the Suburbs from here, but those are locked at this time.

Apart from the Prize Capsules at Donkey Mountain there will be a Prize Capsule that is quest triggered by the Stagecoach Platform Well. If you have collected all 18 Woody's Roundup Cards in Story Mode you have access to the Saddle Up race and thus have a way of reaching the prize capsule on the roof of the Town Hall tower.

On top of Town Hall:
[_] Goo Walls

Unlock by the Well:
[_] Gold Suit Outfit

[_] Goo Windows
[_] Beehive Hair
[_] Leprechaun Hat
[_] Dragon Doors
[_] Goo Doors
[_] Afro Hair (TP)
[_] Ballerina Hair
[_] Afro Hair (alien)

These are the Gold Stars you should work on in this section.

¤ {_} (32 of 103) Power Shopper [200G] - (You've bought 10 things from the catalog.)
¤ {_} (33 of 103) Riding the Rails [200G] - (You slid a long distance on the rails!)
¤ {_} (34 of 103) Stylist [200G] - (You've given 10 haircuts!)
¤ {_} (35 of 103) Picto-Enthusiast [200G] - (You've completed 10 Pict-O-Matic missions!)

TNT Shack:
¤ {_} (36 of 103) Demolition Expert [200G] - (You've startled 20 townspeople with TNT!).

The Jail:
¤ {_} (37 of 103) Jailer [?G] - (You've thrown 15 bandits in Jail!) - Don't grind this. Just keep in mind to throw all bandits into jail every time you pass Woody's Roundup.

The Newspaper:
¤ {_} (38 of 103) Amateur Photographer [200G] - (You took 1000 points worth of pictures). That's the combined score of all photos.
¤ {_} (39 of 103) Professional Photographer [200G] - (You took 5000 points worth of photos!)

After finishing this section you should have unlocked the following ATB items:

[_] UFO GUN ( Requirement: Find all 4 Zurg Pieces in the Story Mode level Sunnyside Daycare (Fair Play))


[_] Getting the Prize Capsule at Town Halls roof: Up until recently it's been impossible to get up onto the roof of the tower at Town Hall. Now there is a way. Use Green Goo on Bullseye and start the Saddle Up race. If you're holding the Right Trigger pressed you should have enough speed when you enter the Town Hall roof that you should be able to jump up onto the tower and grab the capsule. If you think this is too difficult you can wait until you've got the Dragon from Lotzo's Enchanted Glen


[_] Conroy's fallen in the Well! [250G] - Talk to Stinky Pete for this mission. Jump into the well and approach Conroy. Talk to Conroy to activate the Well Well Well mission, that we leave for now.

[_] Rescue the Trapped Miner [250G] - Talk to Stinky Pete for this mission. Use the pick axe to save the miner. The mine is at the foot of the Lookout to the west. [ATB UNLOCK: TNT Shack].

( [_] Bustin at the Seams [300G] - Talk to the miner you just rescued. Throw him into any outfitter and change his clothes to anything else, but the miner's Outfit. )
[_] Buy the TNT Shack. [UNLOCK: Artist]. You will also receive a Demolition Expert via the stagecoach.

( [_] Rock 'n Gold [500G] - Talk to the Demolition Expert. Blow up the large gold vein at the Mine at The Ranch. )

[_] Buy the Artist. [-100G]

( [_] Mount Toymore [500G] - Talk to the Artist. Use an explosive barrel at the Lookout to blow away the dynamite signs at the mountain side. )

[_] Save the Mule! [500G] - Speak to Stinky Pete to get this. [UNLOCK: The Mine area] Climb to the top of the Mine and shoulder charge the mule so he falls down to the ground. [ATB UNLOCK: Archaeologist] This is a time as good as any to collect the Prize Capsules in the Mine.

[_] Buy the Archaeologist [-100G]

( [_] Dino Bone Puzzle [500G] - Talk to the Archaeologist when he arrives. Find the 6 jigsaw pieces in the Mine. )

[_] Aliens are Invading Town! [500G] - Talk to the newly arrived alien to get this mission. The quickest way to do this is to grab the alien client and bring HIM to the crashed UFO. The UFO crashed at the dead end to the WEST.

[_] Populate the Town [200G] - [ATB UNLOCK: Pioneer] Buy the Pioneer [-100G] from the ATB. [ATB UNLOCK: Piano Player]. A new Prize Capsule will also appear near the Stagecoach Well.

[_] Buy the Piano Player [-100G] - Just because you must buy everything eventually and it's a good thing to have many citizens.

( [_] Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow [200G] - Talk to the Pioneer after he arrives. Change his hair style to anything. )

Grab the newly appeared Prize Capsule by the Well and get cracking on some Pict-O-Matic missions:

[_] (6 of 40) Balloon Hat Party [150G] - Throw both TPs into the Hat Shop and style them with the Balloons Hat.
[_] (7 of 40) Pot Pan Pandemic [150G] - Use the Hat shop to outfit all three TPs with the Pot Hat.
[_] (8 of 40) Viking Horde [150G] - Dito but with the Viking Hat. (it's not possible to mix TP with aliens on this).
[_] (9 of 40) Mariachi Band [150G] - Dress three TPs with Sombrero and Mariachi Outfit (you have both from the start)
[_] (10 of 40) Twins [150G] - Dress two TP in Spikey Hair and Gold Suit Outfit.


Complete 1 disc of Pict-O-Matic missions

1 guide

[_] Build the Jail [350G] - Talk to Mayor Hamm [ATB UNLOCK, JAIL and NEWSPAPER]. Buy the Jail [-1000G]. Suggestion: Place it next to the General Store - just outside the entrance to Sid's Haunted House. Read the Wanted Poster by the door for WANTED! missions.

These are the Wanted missions you can complete now (Note that all WANTED missions are optional):
( [_] (WANTED!) Plunger King [100G] - Dress a townperson in Plunger Hat and Colorful Suit Outfit. )
( [_] (WANTED!) Viking Dunker [100G] - Dress a townperson in Viking Hat and Basketball Player Outfit. )
( [_] (WANTED!) Tribal Ballerina [100G] - Dress a townperson in Tiki Mask Hat and Ballerina Outfit. )

Pict-O-Matic missions associated with the Jail:
[_] (11 of 40) Jailhouse Jamboree
[150G] - Throw five Bandits into the jail.

[_] Build the Newspaper [-750G] - Building the Newspaper will bring a new line of missions to the game. The Photography missions. [ATB UNLOCK: Camera]

[_] Buy the Camera [-1000G]

[_] Picture of Stinky Pete [200G] - Talk to Wheezy (the Penguin) and snap a photo of Stinky Pete. He's probably near the Mine.
[_] Picture Perfect [200G] - Talk to Wheezy. Take a photo that's worth more than 1000 points. Try to get as many people into the frame at once to get high scores.

Now talk to Mayor Hamm.

[_] Mayor of the Town Picture [200G] - Talk to Wheezy. For some reason pictures of Mayor Hamm when he's offering missions doesn't count. But after talking to him this should be an easy task.
[_] Living Large and Small Picture [400G] - Talk to Wheezy. Use Goo to enlarge one person and shrink another and capture them in the same photo.
[_] Make the Front Page [500G] - Talk to Wheezy. Take a photo that is worth 3000 points. Try to get as many people as possible within the frame. The more people, the more points.
[_] National Headline [1000G] - Talk to Wheezy. Now it's 5000 points.
[_] Crashed UFO Picture [300G] - Talk to Wheezy. Take a photo of the crashed UFO from earlier.

[_] Mayoral Election [500G] - Dress up three townpersons in Mayor Hamm Outfits. (you have that from the beginning). There's also a Bandit equivalent of this outfit, but it doesn't have any effect...

[_] Build the Bank [350G] - Talk to Mayor Hamm. [ATB UNLOCK: Bank] Build the bank. Suggestion: Build it to the right of the Town Hall. That would put it directly opposite of the Jail (if you followed the suggestion) and that will help you a lot once the bandits starts to rob the Bank.

Talk to Mayor Hamm again and the Blow Up the Dam mission will activate. More importantly the road to the Dam will be unlocked!

The Suburbs (The Dam)
Approx time: ?

Orientation: Upon first visit this area will be flooded with water. There are three ways to enter this area (four once you've jumped into the Well). The main entrance is from Woody's Roundup while two passages connects to Donkey Mountain. Above these entrances is a cliff overlooking the valley. You need to Wall Jump to reach it from the ground. This cliff will be referred to as "Suburb Lookout". Along the left side of the valley is a series of ledges and platform that let you get to the far side of the valley. There is a Haunted Chess Piece in an area designated "The Dam Cliff". Apart from this the area will be an open space once the water is drained.

There's only a few regularly scattered Prize Capsules in this area. The Dodgeball Outfit is the one hovering above the tree in the middle of the valley. You can reach this with the ParaTrooper or by bouncing of the bed once you've built the Hotel. Otherwise the main source of Prize Capsules here (and in the game) is the Candy Shop. Once you build it just throw a ball on the house's button to get some gold and a Prize Capsule. Note that it's only the first capsule you will actually have some use for when it comes to Pict-O-Matic missions, the rest will only clutter your outfit menus. Therefor it's recommended to only grab the first one and come back for the rest later once you've completed all Pict-O-Matic missions.

[_] Bride Outfit
[_] Pink Camouflage Walls
[_] Dodgeball Outfit
[_] Schoolboy Outfit
[_] Dodgeball Hat
[_] Butterfly Hair
[_] Schoolgirl Outfit
[_] Doctor Outfit
[_] Pumpkin Outfit
[_] Blue Tree Man Hair
[_] Cactus Outfit
[_] Cactus Hair
[_] Leaf Boy Hat
[_] Red Braids Hair
[_] Groom Outfit
[_] Groom Hat
[_] Lederhosen Outfit
[_] Lederhosen Hat
[_] Blue Curls Hair
[_] Crazy Braids Hair
[_] Elf Boy Hair
[_] Cloudy Hair
[_] Snake Hair
[_] Rex Walls
[_] Bunny Hat
[_] Bunny Outfit
[_] Mortician Outfit
[_] Corn Hat
[_] Corn Outfit
[_] Strong Man Hair
[_] Strong Man Outfit
[_] Mermaid Hair
[_] Mermaid Outfit
[_] Potato Sack Outfit
[_] Spaceport Monolith
[_] Chef Hat
[_] Chef Outfit
[_] Monsters Inc. Outfit
[_] Volcano Walls
[_] Dodgeball Outfit (aliens)
[_] Monsters. Inc Hat
[_] Dodgeball Hat
[_] Conductor Outfit
[_] Party Hat
[_] Greaser Hair
[_] Mohawk Exit
[_] Mullet Hair
[_] Conductor Hat

These are the Gold Stars you should have after completing this area:

¤ {_} (40 of 103) Saving Up [500G] - (You've earned 30,000 gold!) This is not cumulative. You need to have 30,000+ gold in your purse.
¤ {_} (41 of 103) Mission Master [?G] - (You've completed 50 missions!)
¤ {_} (42 of 103) Master Builder [?G] - (You've built 10 buildings!).
¤ {_} (43 of 103) Welcome Wagon [200G] - (You have 5 aliens in your town!) Buy Football Player and Lumberjack from the ATB booth.
¤ {_} (44 of 103) Totally Interactive [?G] - (You've pressed the button on every building!) Sawmill, Candy Shop, School, Hotel, Post Office, Muffin Shop, Hat Shop, Newspaper, Saloon, Barber Shop, Tailor Shop, Flower Shop, Town Hall and Bank. The button on the Blacksmith at the Ranch Quarry doesn't count.
¤ {_} (45 of 103) Master Painter [200G] - (You've painted 19 buildings!) This needs to be 19 different buildings.
¤ {_} (46 of 103) Big Spender [?G] - (You've spent 30,000 gold!)


[_] Blow Up the Dam [1000G] - Make your way clockwise around the water jumping on ledges and platform. Throw balls at TNT to blow things up. Objective: Make the large stone pillar by the dam collapse. [ATB UNLOCK: Muffin House and Scuba Diver]

No Swimming

Blow up the dam and expand your town

No Swimming
1 guide

[_] Well, Well, Well [1000G] - You've had this mission on your agenda for some time now. Jump into the Well. This also requires that you've jumped into the Quarry Well, Corral Well and the Stagecoach Well.

[_] School's in Session [350G] - Talk to Bo Peep (the lady with the umbrella). [ATB UNLOCK: School ]. Build the School. [-1000G] [ATB UNLOCK: Flower Shop, Post Office, Hotel and Sawmill]

[_] Playing Hooky [350G] - Talk to Bo Peep. The Student is "hiding" by the fishing hole in Woody's Roundup Town. Go get him and throw him into the School.

[_] Field Day Events [1000G] - Talk to Bo Peep. To complete this you must complete these three missions:

[_] Make a Field Goal [?G] - Talk to the Cheerleader TP. Throw a TP over the field goal next to the school. [ATB UNLOCK: Football Player].
[_] Play Bean Ball [500G] - Talk to the Dodgeball TP. Throw balls on five dodgeball players.
[_] Speed Run Challenge [1000G] - Prepare for some challenge if you're after the Gold medal. BE AWARE! You need to be riding your mount when you accept this challenge - otherwise you'll be forced to run it on foot and that's a given failure.

( [_] Quick Cactus Rally Race [?G] - This is a Bullseye race in the Dam. )

[_] More Buildings [750G] - This was activated as soon as the Dam was destroyed. You only need to build four building. As there's a Gold Star for buying everything in the ATB booth you might as well buy every building available.

[_] Build the MUFFIN SHOP [-500G] - Suggestion: Build this building in Woody's Roundup. [ATB UNLOCK: Candy Shop]

( [_] Lost Muffins [500G] - Talk to the Muffin Shop owner. Find the five hidden muffins in the Suburbs area. (by the ParaTrooper, on the left ledge, behind a wooden paling to the South, up by the Dam scaffolding and on the ground to the South). )

( [_] Pumpkin Pie [500G] - Talk to the Muffin Shop owner. Bring a Pumpkin from the Garden at The Ranch and throw it into the Muffin Shop. )

[_] Build the HOTEL [-1000G] - Reveals the Suburb Pict-O-Matic missions.

[_] Grab the Pict-O-Matic - Unlocks the following Pict-O-Matic missions: Propeller Head, Clowning Around, Plumbers Helpers and Here Comes the Bride.

( [_] Photo of Mr. Pricklepants [200G] - Talk to the Photo Tourist TP. Take a photo of Mr. Pricklepants. That's the brown Hedgehog fellow.

( [_] Photo of a Paratrooper [200G] )
( [_] Picture of a Bandit [200G] )
( [_] Picture of Bo Peep [200G] )
The following missions can not be completed at this time. Come back later... or not.
( [_] Picture of Pixie Wings [200G] ( Complete Lotso's Enchanted Glenn first ) )
( [_] Picture of a Flying Cow [200G] - Use the Enchanted Rod on a cow. )
( [_] Photo of Bat Wings [200G] - Use the Enchanted Rod on anyone, then curse it with the Lightning Rod (You'll need a trapped ghost) )

( [_] Taking the Plunge [350G] - Talk to the Bath Tourist TP. Throw his friend into the water. He's up on the Dam Scaffolding. )

[_] Build the POST OFFICE [-500G]

Talk to the post master for these missions. You need to be riding your mount when talking to him, otherwise you have to make the delivery on foot (which is impossible in most cases)
( [_] Deliver Letter to Slinky [300G] - This can be done on foot by going through the Well. )
( [_] Deliver Letter to Stinky Pete [300G] - 15 seconds )
( [_] Deliver Package to Wheezy [250G] - 20 seconds )

[_] Build the CANDY SHOP [-750G] - This building is like a giant vending machine. Throw a ball at the buildings button to get some gold and a Prize Capsule.

( [_] Windmill for the Win [150G] - Talk to the Sawmill owner. Decorate Town Hall with a Windmill. )

[_] Build the SAWMILL [-500G] - Best placed in the Suburbs [ATB UNLOCK: Lumberjack]

( [_] Mailbox Mix Up [150G] - Decorate the yard of the Post Office with a mailbox. (it's brown with a roof, looks almost like a birdhouse). )
( [_] Pinwheel Power [150G] - Decorate the yard of the Candy Shop with a pinwheel. )

[_] Build the FLOWER SHOP [-750G]

( [_] Mayor Flower [200G] - Talk to the Flower Shop owner. Decorate the Town Hall, The Saloon and the General Store with flower pots. )

While you were completing "More Buildings" Mayor Hamm was pig-napped by bandits. The Bandit Hideout is now unlocked. The entrance is in Bandit Canyon at The Ranch. Go there to continue the story.

[_] Save Mayor Hamm! [1000G] - Destroy all five buildings with TNT. Each building contains two or more prize capsules. [ATB UNLOCK: Super Alien)

Rescue Space Ranger

Save Mayor Hamm from the bandits

Rescue Space Ranger
1 guide

Approx time: ?

[_] Marble Sculptur [350G] - Use TNT on the stone next to the ATB booth.

WARNING!!! After completing the next mission you will automatically trigger the grand finale of the Toy Box story. Before you go on you should therefore buy everything you can afford at the ATB booth (which should be everything remaining). You will be able to continue to play in the Toy Box after the final mission so whether you continue with the story (like this walkthrough) or go for the "optional" (storywise) areas first is up to you.

Toy Collector

Purchase every item in the Toy Store

Toy Collector
5 guides

[_] Legendary Treasure [7500G] - Bring TNT down into the Well and blow open the debris blocking the treasure.

[_] The Pig Finish [25000] - This is the final mission of the Toy Box story. Throw TNT into the transporter beam. You need to be quick otherwise the TNT will explode before reaching the interior of the Pig Mothership. You need three hits to defeat him. You will continue to loose money as the battle goes on but there's no need to be stressed about it. Even if your gold reaches 0 the boss will stay. Once defeated you will get some of you lost gold back, but not all.

Give Me My Gold Back

Defeat Mayor Hamm in the Woody's Roundup boss battle

Give Me My Gold Back
1 guide

Pict-O-Matic missions now possible to complete:

[_] (12 of 40) Propeller Head [150G] - Dress three TP in Propeller Hat.
[_] (13 of 40) Plumbers Helpers [150G] - Dress three TP in Plunger Hat.
[_] (14 of 40) Here Comes the Bride [150G] - Dress one TP in Bride Outfit and Bride Hat.
[_] (15 of 40) Alien Hero Team [150G] - Dress three aliens in Super Alien Outfits. You need to buy the Super Alien from the ATB first.

[_] Pict-O-Perfect [1500G] - Finally you get rid of this old cheese...

There are also more optional Wanted! missions:

( [_] (WANTED!) Lil' Quack Quack [100G] - Dress a TP in Butterfly Hair and Baby Outfit )
( [_] (WANTED!) Golden Goober [100G] - Dress a TP in Golden Suit Outfit and Colorful Fro Hair. )

Approx time: ?

Orientation: The entrance to Sid's Haunted Mansion is behind the General Store and Hat Shop. The mansion resides in the middle of a spooky valley. To the left of the mansion is an Outhouse and a Crypt. To the right is the graveyard including an unmarked grave close by the mansion. Climb to the top of the mansion to get inside. You can enter the mansion as many time as you like, but once inside you need to play through the entire level to get out. The interior of the mansion is fairly straight forward. The walkthrough will guide you through each room/section.

There are a lot of Prize Capsules in this area, both scattered around the mansion exterior as well as hidden within its interior. The unmarked grave is the dirt mound next to the tree with a button. Keep an eye out for the "Haunted Explorer" and "Spooky Customizer" Gold Stars. If you get the "Haunted Explorer" you have found every Prize Capsule inside the mansion. If you earn the "Spooky Customizer" you have found ALL Prize Capsules associated with Sid's Haunted Mansion. Use these Gold Stars as confirmations of your collecting. If they don't pop, then you're still missing something.

[_] Pirate Hat
[_] Mummy Hat
[_] Scarecrow Hat
[_] Haunted Woman Outfit
[_] Scarecrow Outfit
[_] Haunted Woman Hair
[_] Mummy Outfit (TP)
[_] Werewolf Outfit
[_] Mad Scientist Outfit
[_] Pirate Hair
[_] Zombie Boy Outfit
[_] Witch Hair
[_] Vampire Hair
[_] Zombie Girl Outfit
[_] Witch Hat
[_] Zombie Girl Hair
[_] Scarecrow Hair
[_] Vampire Outfit
[_] Broken Fist
[_] Haunted Lamp
[_] Antler o' Lantern

Use pick axe on unmarked grave:
[_] Scary Zombie Outfit

Inside the Crypt:
[_] Skull Walls
[_] Doll Arm
[_] Mummy Outfit (Alien)

[_] Haunted Deputy Outfit
[_] Haunted Army Toy
[_] Haunted Deputy Hat
[_] Haunted Man Outfit
[_] Haunted Man Hair
[_] Invisible Alien Hat
[_] Mad Scientist Hair
[_] Coffin Doors

[_] Poltergeist Outfit
Hallway + Dining Room:
[_] Scary Sketch Walls
[_] Invisible Alien Outfit
[_] Bat Doors
[_] Doll Parts
[_] Coffin Windows
[_] Hand in a Box

Scientist Wing:
[_] Skeleton Outfit (TP)
[_] Bat Windows
[_] Scary Eyeball

Scientist Lab:
[_] Gross Zombie Outfit
[_] Spider Outfit
[_] Vampire Outfit (Alien)
[_] Witch Outfit
[_] Hand Eyeball
Woody's Roundup West:
[_] Gothic Girl Hair

Donkey Mountain:
[_] Gothic Girl Outfit

The Ranch: By the barn:
[_] Skeleton Outfit (alien)

The Ranch: Bandit Canyon
[_] Iron Maiden Windows

The Suburbs: Dam Cliff
[_] Iron Maiden Doors

These are the Gold Stars associated with Sid's Haunted Mansion:

¤ {_} (47 of 103) Pumpkin Smashing [200G] - (You've smashed all the pumpkins!) Well not all, but many of them. Step on pumpkins.
¤ {_} (48 of 103) Triple Flusher [200G] - (You've flushed the outhouse 3 times!) Press the button on the outhouse to flush it.
¤ {_} (49 of 103) Junior Monster Slayer [200G] - (You've destroyed 5 Gargoyles!)
¤ {_} (50 of 103) Haunted Explorer [200G] - (You've found all the prize capsules inside Sid's Haunted House)
¤ {_} (51 of 103) Sculpture Garden [200G] - (You let 10 townspeople turn into stone). When Rex calls out the "Gargoyle Attack" mission you should let the Gargoyle have their fun until this one is earned.
¤ {_} (52 of 103) Junior Sculptor [200G] - (You've freed 3 townspeople from stone!)
¤ {_} (53 of 103) Master Sculptor [200G] - (You've freed 10 townspeople from stone!)
¤ {_} (54 of 103) Amateur Ghost Sucker [200G] - (You've captured 3 ghosts with the Lightning Rod!) - Use the Lightning Rod on a ghost.
¤ {_} (55 of 103) Amateur Haunter [200G] - (You've possessed 3 townspeople.) - Throw a captured ghost on a TP to possess it.
¤ {_} (56 of 103) Master Ghost Sucker [200G] - (You've captured 10 ghosts with the Lightning Rod!)
¤ {_} (57 of 103) Master Haunter [200G] - (You've possessed 10 townspeople.)
¤ {_} (58 of 103) Junior Re-Animator [200G] - (You've created 3 zombie townspeople!) - Dress up three TP in zombie outfits.
¤ {_} (59 of 103) Master Re-Animator [200G] - (You've created 10 zombie townspeople!)
¤ {_} (60 of 103) Master Monster Slayer [200G] - (You've destroyed 10 Gargoyles!)
¤ {_} (61 of 103) Spooky Sheriff [200G] - (You've completed all of the Sid's Haunted House missions!)
¤ {_} (62 of 103) Spooky Customizer [200G] - (You've found all the Haunted House customizations!) That's all Prize Capsules both Inside and Outside of the Mansion as well as the five Haunted Chess Pieces.


[_] Buy Sid's Haunted Manion [-5000G] - The Haunted Mansion area will be unlocked and the time will be turned to spooky night.

Spooky Town

Purchase Sid's Haunted House

Spooky Town
1 guide

[_] Photo of the Abominable Snowman [500G] - Talk to Wheezy. No need to go hunting this one. Eventually you will come across the Yeti. He's huge and White, can't miss him.

Go to the Haunted Mansion

[_] Grab the Pict-O-Matic - It's among the gravestones. Will unlock the following Pict-O-Matic Missions: Create the Pirate Ghost, Deadly Squash, Creature Chaos, Ghoul School, Zombie Horde, The Coven, Happy Haunted Couple, Party Zombie and Take Us To Your Leader.

[_] Get the Lightning Rod [500G] - Talk to Rex by the Haunted House. Get up on the roof to get the Lightning Rod. [UNLOCK: Lightning Rod]

You are now inside the Haunted Mansion. Here's a quick guide:

STUDY: Gather three keys. Don't forget to open the three bookshelves by stepping on the floor buttons.

CORRIDOR: Push the wall for a Prize Capsule.

HALLWAY + DINING ROOM: Collect three keys. There's a Prize Capsule behind a shutter. Press floor buttons to open those.

SCIENTIST WING: A corridor and a floor-less room. Press the floor button in the corridor for a Prize Capsule.

[_] Mad Scientist's Lab [300G] - Grab the head by activating the three pumps with your Lightning Rod.

[_] Escape the Haunted House [?G]

Now that you've made it through Sid's Haunted House you've unleashed Christmas decorated ghosts and wheel-footed Gargoyles onto Woody's Roundup. You now also have access to the Lightning Rod whenever you want.

[_] Scary Town [300G] - Talk to Rex. Do the following:[_] Haunted Chess Pieces - There are several Haunted Chess Pieces scattered about the Ranch, Woody's Roundup and the Suburbs. Use the Lightning Rod on them to get the Prize Capsule inside.

[_] Make 3 townspeople look scary - Equip any three TP or Aliens with outfits you found at the Haunted Mansion.
[_] Make the Hat Shop look Spooky - Decorate the Hat Shop with a body part - for instance.
[_] Possess a townsperson with a ghost - Capture a ghost with the Lightning Rod and throw it on a TP.

[_] Scarecrow [300G] - Talk to Slinky. Dress up a TP with the Scarecrow Outfit (orange striped with stitched mouth and button eyes) and Scarecrow Hair (match the outfit look) and place him in the Garden.

( [_] X Marks the Spot [300G] - Talk to the Pirate Ghost (You need to create him first. See Pict-O-Matic mission 16 below). Use the pick axe on the skull outside the cave on the ledge at Sid's Haunted Mansion grounds. )


[_] (16 of 40) Create the Pirate Ghost [150G] - Dress a TP in Pirate Hat, Pirate Hair and Pirate Outfit. Then possess him with a ghost.
[_] (17 of 40) Deadly Squash [150G] - Plant a pumpkin at the Ranch (defeat the moles), Grow it with Green Goo and possess it with a ghost.
[_] (18 of 40) Creature Chaos [150G] - Dress one TP in Vampire Outfit. One TP in Haunted Man Outfit. One Alien in Werewolf Outfit and another Alien in Mummy Outfit. It's only the outfits that matter. Hairstyles or hats doesn't affect the mission.
[_] (19 of 40) Ghoul School [150G] - Dress a TP in Skeleton Outfit - no hair - no hat. Dress another TP in Witch Outfit and Witch Hat - hair doesn't matter. Dress an Alien in Scary Zombie Outfit - hair and hat doesn't matter. Throw all three into the school (which means a lot of carrying)
[_] (20 of 40) Zombie Horde [150G] - Dress a TP in Zombie Boy Outfit. Another TP in Zombie Girl Outfit and Zombie Girl Hair and an Alien in Scary Zombie Outfit.
[_] (21 of 40) The Coven [150G] - Dress three TP in Witch Outfit and Witch Hat - hair doesn't matter.
[_] (22 of 40) Happy Haunted Couple [150G] - Dress one TP in Haunted Man Outfit and Haunted Man Hair. Dress another TP in Haunted Woman Outfit and Haunted Woman Hair (that's the "two bun purple hair", not to be mistaken with the Beehive Hair which is the "three bun blue hair")
[_] (23 of 40) Party Zombie [150G] - Dress a TP in Zombie Boy Outfit and Milk Bottle Hat.
[_] (24 of 40) Take Us To Your Leader [150G] - Dress two aliens in Pumpkin Face Outfits.

Approx time: 1 hour

Orientation: Zurg's Spaceport is located Woody's Roundup's Seaside Area. The valley doesn't contain any noteworthy locations apart from Zurg's tower in the center. To get to the top of the tower you have to Wall Climb on the yellow "decorations". The inside of the tower is a mix of indoor environments and outdoor asteroid landscape. The objective is to turn on the power to the teleportation device so you can get back to the Toy Box. This is done aligning three discs by shooting at them with three different cannons. The route is rather straight forward. You walk some distance - you're attacked by waves of Zurg Bots - you walk again - fight - walk - fight and so on. The map consists of quite many small locations and some passages requires you to solve a simple puzzle.

The capsules outside of the Spaceport is easily spotted. The ones inside are better hidden. The walkthrough will guide you through each area and the below table will group the Prize Capsules accordingly. Confirmation Gold Stars is "Space Explorer" ( Collect all Prize Capsules inside Zurg's Spaceport ) and "Customizer of the Future" ( Collect all prize capsules listed in the table below ). Use the Laser Gun on the Zurg Crates.

Scattered around the tower:
[_] Spiked Hair (alien)
[_] Stealth Suit Outfit
[_] Spaceport Walls
[_] Astronomy Walls
[_] Stealth Suit Hat
[_] Space Deputy Hat
[_] Commando Hat
[_] Zurg Cap Hat
[_] Zurg Claw Hat

On the tower:
[_] Cyborg Outfit
[_] Lounge Singer Outfit
[_] Renegade Hair
[_] Alien T-Shirt
[_] Tinfoil Hat
[_] Space Ranger Outfit
Cell block:
[_] Astronomy Space Ships

Outdoor 1:
[_] Space Suit Hat
[_] Zurg Commander Outfit
[_] Astronomy Planets
[_] Astronomy Electric Orb
[_] Zurg Trooper Outfit
[_] Astronomy Globe
[_] Space Deputy Outfit
[_] Spaceport Structure

Indoor 1 ( Lava Corridor ):
[_] Zurg Doo Hair
[_] Commando Outfit

Indoor 1 ( Command Center ):
[_] Renegade Outfit
[_] Spaceport Doors
[_] Contamination Outfit
Outdoor 2:
[_] Spaceport Windows
[_] Star Cadet Outfit
[_] Space Explorer Outfit
[_] Space Suit Outfit

Indoor 2 ( Colored Platforms ):
[_] Astronomy Doors
[_] Zurg Commander Hat

Indoor 2 ( Beam Room ):
[_] Zurg Ponytail Hair

Indoor 2 ( Hangar ):
[_] Zurg Trooper Hat
[_] Spaceport Tower
[_] Spaceport Antennae
[_] Zurg Sentry Outfit
[_] Zurg Fan Outfit

Indoor 2 ( Escape Route ):
[_] Astronomy Windows
[_] Zurg Sentry Hat
Woody's Roundup WEST:
[_] Zurg Fro Hair

The Ranch Corral Cave:
[_] Star Soldier Outfit

The Suburbs Lookout:
[_] Zurg Helmet Hat

These are the Gold Stars associated with Zurg's Spaceport:

¤ {_} (63 of 103) Zurg Bot Smasher [200G] - (You've destroyed 3 Zurg Bots!)
¤ {_} (64 of 103) Zurg Bot Destroyer [200G] - (You've destroyed 10 Zurg bots!)
¤ {_} (65 of 103) Space Explorer
[200G] - (You've found all the prize capsules inside the Spaceport!)
¤ {_} (66 of 103) Junior Quick-Draw [200G] - (You've zapped 3 townspeople with the Laser Pistol!)
¤ {_} (67 of 103) Quick-Draw Artist [200G] - (You've zapped 10 townspeople with the Laser Pistol!)
¤ {_} (68 of 103) Space Deputy [200G] - (You've zapped 5 Bandits with the Laser Pistol!)
¤ {_} (69 of 103) Space Sheriff [200G] - (You've zapped 10 Bandits with the Laser Pistol!)
¤ {_} (70 of 103) Sheriff of the Future [200G] - (You've completed all of Zurg's Spaceport missions!)
¤ {_} (71 of 103) Customizer of the Future [200G] - (You've collected all of the customizations for Zurg's Spaceport!) - That includes both outside and inside the spaceport as well as the three Zurg Boxes.


[_] Buy Zurg's Spaceport [-5000G] - The Zurg's Spaceport area will be unlocked.

To Infinity…

Purchase Zurg's Spaceport

To Infinity…
2 guides

[_] Photo of Zurg and Zurg Bots [300G] - Talk to Wheezy. Take a photo of Zurg. There doesn't have to be Zurg bots in the picture.

[_] Grab the Pict-O-Matic - This will unlock the following missions: Intergalactic Law, Hair Do from Outer Space, Space Ranger Trainee, It's Huge!, Cyborg Swordsman and Lounge Lizards.

[_] Get the Laser Pistol [500G] - Talk to Zurg. Make your way to the top of the tower.

OUTDOOR 1: Don't miss the Prize Capsule to your right as you jump past the first small platforms. Destroy the Zurg Bots on the top platform to release the force field around the first Turret. Use the Turret an shot the circle.

CELL BLOCK: Shoot force field and Zurg bot. Then talk to the Renegade Alien to get started:You are now inside the Spaceport. Here's a quick guide:

INDOOR 1: Fight your way through the Lava Corridor and teleport to the Command Center. Kill the three waves of Zurg Bots and then use the Turret to shoot the triangle (you may need to rotate the tower by shooting on the upper arms). Don't miss the Prize Capsule in front of the Turret!

OUTDOOR 2: Jump across the asteroids, kill two Zurg bots and enter the building after you pick up the first Prize Capsule.

INDOOR 2: This area consists of several room of which some are optional. In the first room you must jump on the platforms in the order the color panel suggests - otherwise they will vanish from under your feet. Make your way to the left and shoot the yellow button to drop the force field. Make your way up in the Beam Room. Shoot four waves of Zurg bots in the Hangar and finally shoot the romb shape in the Teleporter tower.

[_] Gain access to the Teleporter [300G]

ESCAPE ROUTE: Return to the hangar and jump into the newly opened escape route. When you exit through the first door you should turn left before heading out of the building. There's a newly unlocked door there with a Prize Capsule. Fight some more bots and exit the level through the yellow platform in the Teleport tower. Don't forget to grab the remaining three Prize Capsules if you left them (as the guide told you to).

[_] Future Town [300G] - Talk to Zurg. You need to futurize three TP and the Town Hall. Paint the Town Hall with Astronomy Walls or Spaceport Walls and dress the TPs in pretty much any outfit or hat found in or around Zurg's spaceport.

[_] Renegade Alien [300G] - Talk to Zurg. Throw the Renegade Alien in jail. He's located at the Quarry by the Ranch.
[_] Zurg Wannabe [300G] - Talk to a TP in town. Dress the TP in Zurg Fan Outfit.
( [_] Tinfoil Hats [300G] - Talk to Stinky Pete. Dress three TP in Tinfoil Hats. )


[_] (25 of 40) Disco Fest [150G] - Dress an alien in Renegade Hair and the white Lounge Singer Outfit and throw him into the barn at the Ranch.
[_] (26 of 40) Space Ranger Trainee [150G] - Dress a TP in Space Ranger Outfit. Hat is optional.
[_] (27 of 40) Hair Do from Outer Space [150G] - Dress an alien in Spiked Hair. Outfit is optional.
[_] (28 of 40) Intergalactic Law [150G] - Dress an alien in Space Deputy Hat and Space Deputy Outfit.
[_] (29 of 40) Cyborg Swordsman [150G] - Dress a TP in the Cyborg Outfit and throw it into the Saloon. Hat is irrelevant.
[_] (30 of 40) Lounge Lizards [150G] - Dress an alien in the pink Lounge Singer Outfit and another in the white Lounge Singer Outfit and throw them both into the Saloon. The hats are optional.

Approx time: 1 - 1,5 hours

Orientation: The entrance is near the Stagecoach Well in Woody's Roundup. The valley itself is dominated by a big tree with several branches. At the back of the valley is a hanging bridge referred to as "The Ogre Bridge". The inside of the tree is very straight forward and not very long at that. It consists of four rooms connected by short corridors. You'll meet the Dragon in here which will be a useful mount. Otherwise it's all about getting through the tree killing evil pixies.

The Prize Capsules outside of the tree are hidden in plain sight and shouldn't be too hard to find. The table below lists them as either around the tree or on the tree. The inside of the tree have some Prize Capsules that are located out of sight. Make sure to look everywhere before leaving an area as this level consists of several drop down points which makes it impossible to back track the whole level. There are two Gold Stars that acts as confirmations that you have found every capsule. "Woodland Explorer" will be earned when you've found all Prize Capsules inside the tree, while "Enchanted Customizer" will be yours once you've collected ALL capsules in the table below:

Tree surroundings:
[_] Strawberry Outfit
[_] Mushroom Walls
[_] Red Cape Outfit
[_] Lotso Walls
[_] Pony Outfit
[_] Blueberries Hat
[_] Enchanted Deputy Hat
[_] Ogre Outfit
[_] Enchanted Flowers
[_] Echanted Deputy Outfit
[_] Enchanted Walls
[_] Blueberries Outfit
In the Tree:
[_] Merlin Outfit
[_] King Outfit
[_] Queen Outfit
[_] Princess Outfit
[_] Pauper Outfit
[_] Pauper Hair
[_] Flower Girl Hat
[_] Enchanted Rainbow
[_] Merlin Hair
[_] King Hat

[_] Enchanted Strawberries
[_] Flower Girl Hair
[_] King Hair
[_] Enchanted Windows
[_] Merlin Hat
[_] Enchanted Flamingo Bush
[_] Enchanted Mushrooms

[_] Enchanted Strawberry
[_] Queen Hat
[_] Princess Hat
[_] Enchanted Doors
[_] Flower Girl Outfit
Woody's Roundup Seaside:
[_] Rainbow Outfit

The Ranch:
[_] Mushroom Outfit
[_] Mushroom Hat

These are the Gold Stars associated with Lotso's Enchanted Glen:

¤ {_} (72 of 103) Amateur Bug Collector [150G] - (You've rescued 3 caterpillars!)
¤ {_} (73 of 103) Junior Pixie Slayer [150G] - (You've defeated 3 pixies!)
¤ {_} (74 of 103) Junior Pixie Torcher [150G] - (You've torched 5 pixies with the Dragon!)
¤ {_} (75 of 103) Woodland Explorer [150G] - (You've found all of the prize capsules by the rainbows!) - Well, that's inside the tree that is.
¤ {_} (76 of 103) Master Pixie Slayer [150G] - (You've defeated 10 pixies!)
¤ {_} (77 of 103) Master Pixie Torcher [150G] - (You've torched 10 pixies with the Dragon!)
¤ {_} (78 of 103) Wand Waver [200G] - (You've given wings to 10 things!) - use the Enchanted Rod on 10 TP or aliens.
¤ {_} (79 of 103) Saddle the Dragon [250G] - (You've traveled a long distance on the Dragon!)
¤ {_} (80 of 103) Engine of Destruction [150G] - (You've destroyed 50 objects with the Dragon!)
¤ {_} (81 of 103) Dragon Rally [150G] - (You've completed all the Dragon races!) - Get at least bronze in all 12 races...
¤ {_} (82 of 103) Enchanted Sheriff [200G] - (You've completed all of the Enchanted Glen missions)
¤ {_} (83 of 103) Master Sorcerer [200G] - (You've completed all of the wizard's missions!) - That's "Lost Book of Spells" and "Miss Spelled".
¤ {_} (84 of 103) Master Bug Collector [200G] - (You've rescued 10 caterpillars!)
¤ {_} (85 of 103) Enchanted Customizer [250G] - (You've collected all of customizations for the Enchanted Glen!) - That includes the three enchanted chests.


[_] Buy Lotso's Echanted Glen [-5000G] - The Lotso's Enchanted Glen area will be unlocked.

Cuddly Town

Purchase Lotso's Enchanted Glen

Cuddly Town
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[_] Grab the Pict-O-Matic - It's located across the bridge. It will unlock the following Pict-O-Matic missions: Enchanted Town Hall, Giant Dragon Attack, Leapin' Leprechauns, Merlin, Royal Family, Wizards Duel, Berry Bonanza and Big Bad Wolf.

¤ {_} (86 of 103) Picto-Collector [150G] - (You've collected all the Pict-O-Matic Discs!)


Find all 6 discs of Pict-O-Matic missions

1 guide

[_] Save My Friends! [500G] - Talk to Lotso. Climb to the top of the tree and grab the Enchanted Rod.

ROOM 1: Rescue the four caterpillars. Mount the dragon and spit a fire ball at the wooden door to the next area.You are now inside the tree. There's nothing tricky about this level as it is very straight forward. Don't leave a room before you've found all prize capsules as there are drop downs that will prevent you from going back.

[_] Four Caterpillars [300G] - Break the spell on four caterpillars. UNLOCK: The Dragon.

ROOM 2: This is a small room that ends in a short corridor. Don't miss the prize capsule in the water. Once you reach Room 3 you won't be able to go back!

ROOM 3: From the drop down point to the wooden door.

ROOM 4: Final room. Once you drop down you won't be able to go back.

[_] Enchant the Town [300G] - Talk to Lotso. You need to do three things:

[_] Dress three TP in any outfit you found at Lotso's Enchanted Glen.
[_] Paint the Tailor Shop with either Mushroom Walls or Enchanted Walls.
[_] Use the Enchanted Rod on a TP (so it gets pixie wings)

[_] Ogre Hoarding Treasure [300G] - Talk to Lotso. Use the Enchanted Rod on the Ogre alien at the bridge.

[_] Save the Princess [300G] - Talk to Lotso. Head back to Woody's Roundup and climb the Donkey Mountain mine. Find the Princess and carry her back to the Glen.


[_] (31 of 40) Enchanted Town Hall [150G] - Decorate the Town Hall with something enchanted like painting it with Mushroom Walls.
[_] (32 of 40) Leapin' Leprechauns [150G] - Dress three TP in Leprechaun Hats. No need to bother about the outfits.
[_] (33 of 40) Merlin [150G] - Dress a TP in Merlin Outfit and Merlin Hat. The beard is insignificant.
[_] (34 of 40) Wizard's Duel [150G] - Dress two TP in Merlin outfits. (see Merlin above).
[_] (35 of 40) Berry Bonanza [150G] - Dress one alien in Blueberries Outfit and another in Strawberry Outfit. The hat is not necessary.
[_] (36 of 40) Big Bad Wolf [150G] - Dress one alien i Werewolf Outfit and another in Red Cape Outfit. Hat is insignificant.
[_] (37 of 40) Royal Family [150G] - Dress one TP in King Outfit and King Hat, another in Queen Outfit and Queen Hat and a third in Princess Outfit and Princess Hat. Don't bother about the hair.
[_] (38 of 40) Giant Dragon Attack [150G] - Use Green Goo on the dragon and ride it to the hanging bridge at the Enchanted Glen. Spit fire when you're on the bridge.

You need to have a TP dressed up as Merlin to get these missions:
[_] Lost Book of Spells [300G] - Get the spell book on the ledge near the Well at Enchanted Glen.
[_] Miss Spelled [300G] - Talk to Merlin. Throw purple Goo at Merlin.

[_] Dragon Photo [300G] - Talk to Wheezy. Take a photo of a Dragon.


Complete all Toy Camera missions

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Dragon Races:
In the dragon races the objective is to collect coins that are scattered throughout the area. The coins are rarely well hidden and it's just a matter of finding a quick route between the coins.

[_] Blue Mushroom Coin Race: (Lotso's Enchanted Glen). Collect 15 coins for Gold.

[_] Dragon's Breath Coin Race: Collect 15 coins in 1:50. Destroy chests.
[_] Fairy Wing Folly Race: Collect 15 coins in 1:50. Destroy hovering chests.
[_] Fireballs-A-Flying Coin Race: Collect 45 coins in 3:30. Combination of all three previous races.

[_] Dragon Run Coin Race: (Woody's Roundup) Collect 10 coins in 1:30

[_] Treasure Trove Coin Race: Collect 10 coins in 1:30. Destroy chests.
[_] Fuzzy Dragon Coin Race: Collect 10 coins in 1:30. Destroy hovering chests.
[_] Crazy Dragon Coin Race: Collect 30 coins in 3:00. Combination of all three previous races.

[_] Spaceport Coin Race: (Zurg's Spaceport) Collect 10 coins in 1:30.

[_] Enchanted Crate Coin Race: Collect 10 coins in 1:30. Destroy chests.
[_] Floating Fury Coin Race: Collect 10 coins in 1:30. Destroy hovering chests.
[_] Space Dragon Coin Race: Collect 30 coins in 3:00. Combination of all three previous races.

Teeny Racer

Time to get frustrated (unless you're a God at controls with random oversensitivity/unresponsiveness)! A bit of advice: Take it easy and don't give full throttle at all times. The following races can all be found in Woody's Roundup and they are all 100% optional. If you're not a completionist you should leave these be and skip to the Stunt Track section below. All Gold Stars associated with the cars will be listed under Stunt Track.

[_] Rocky Bottom Ring Grab [200G] - Bronze level. Drive through 50 rings. (22 rings in Woody's Roundup)

[_] Ring-A-Long [700G] - Silver Level. Collect 60 rings in 2:30. (25 rings in Woody's Roundup).
[_] Golden Trophy Ring Hunt [1500G] - Gold Level. Collect 70 rings in 2:40. (29 rings in Woody's Roundup).

[_] Woody's Ring Roundup [200G] - Bronze Level. Drive through 45 rings in 3:00. (25 rings in Woody's Roundup).

[_] Ring around the Cactus [700G] - Silver Level. Drive through 55 rings in 2:29. (33 rings in Woody's Roundup).
[_] Rings All Around [1500G] - Gold Level. Drive through 70 rings in 3:00. (39 rings in Woody's Roundup).

[_] Ring of Fire [200G] - Bronze Level. Drive through one ring. Give gas immediately.

[_] Two Rings of Fire [700G] - Drive through 2 rings of fire. Give gas immediately.
[_] Three Rings of Fire [1200G] - Drive through 3 rings of fire. Wait 1 second before giving full gas.

Stunt Tracks

Overview: The Stunt Tracks consists of two areas interconnected by tunnels and canyons. Once you enter the tunnel from The Ranch you get to a road fork. The left road leads to the Stunt Park while the right road takes you to the Skate Park. Each area will be treated separately. Beginning with:

Stunt Park

Orientation: The Stunt Park consist of an upper plateau and a valley. At the upper plateau are the starting points of several races of which most will take you down into the valley. Beginning from the left and going clockwise: Stunt Jump Challenge - This is a straight forward - rather short - racing track littered with ramps and bumps and loops. Off Road Track - This area is a canyon which eventually leads down to the valley. There are some well hidden Prize Capsules here. Big Loop Challenge - In this race you try to drive through as many rings as possible while going down a slope and into a loop. Can be quite tricky on Gold level. Big Jump - This is the perfect place to nail those tricks Gold Stars.

PRIZE CAPSULES: This is the area with the most well hidden prize capsules. You need to enter each race to "unlock" the different areas. The table below lists them all grouped by what race track they are located at.

[_] Monsters, Inc. Screamers
[_] Hot Rod Exhaust Pipes
[_] Mohawk Hair
[_] Monsters, Inc. Eyeballs
[_] Hot Rod Engine
[_] Rock and Roll Hair (blue ramp)
[_] Hot Rod Flag (dirt ramp)
[_] Monsters, Inc. Tentacles
[_] Hot Rod Wheels
[_] Porthole Doors
[_] Hot Rod Doors (on plateau to the right of the previous)
[_] Tourist Outfit
[_] Porthole Windows
[_] Hot Rod Walls (in the gap)
[_] Mad Scientist Outfit
[_] Doctor Outfit
[_] Monsters, Inc. Scream
[_] Pageant Queen Hat
[_] Monsters, Inc. Windows
[_] Trapeze Artist Hat (in the gap)
[_] Clown Outfit
[_] Trapeze Artist Outfit
[_] Pilot Outfit
[_] Doctor Hat
[_] Hot Rod Windows
[_] Clown Hat

Ramps to upper plateau:
[_] Pilot Hat (blue)
[_] Monsters, Inc. Doors (dirt)

Half Pipe:
[_] Pageant Queen Outfit
[_] Mad Scientist Hat

[_] Monsters, Inc. Walls
[_] Panama Hat
[_] Ring Leader Hat
[_] Incredibles Hair
[_] Ring Leader Outfit
[_] Incredibles Outfit
[_] Cheerleader Outfit


( [_] Stunt Jump Challenge - Race the track in 1:30 (Bronze), 1:00 (Silver) or 0:35 (Gold). )

( [_] Bronze Big Loop Challenge [200G] - Drive through 10 rings before crossing the finish line. Time: 1:30. )
( [_] Silver Big Loop Challenge [700G] - Drive through 12 rings before crossing the finish line. Time: 1:00. )
( [_] Gold Big Loop Challenge [1500G] - Drive through 15 rings before crossing the finish line. Time: 0:35. )

Miscellaneous Gold Stars associated with the two cars:

¤ {_} (87 of 103) Hang Time [200G] - (You've mastered the Hang Time trick!) - Stay in the air for 2 seconds before your vehicle lands.
¤ {_} (88 of 103) Long Haul [200G] - (You've explored in a vehicle) - That's driving in a car a long distance...

Trick Gold Stars to nail at the Big Jump:

There are three types of moves you can do with your car: Spins, Flips and Rolls. Different combinations of these makes a trick.
Spin: Press Left or Right on the left control stick. You can also spin by repeatedly pressing the Y button.
Roll: Hold X and press left on the left control stick. (You can also press right, but it seems to be more buggy)
Flip: Hold A while pressing the left control stick up or down.

¤ {_} (89 of 103) Spinner [250G] - Perform 2 360 spins in the air before your vehicle lands. Just drive off the ramp and hold right or left the left control stick until you land. (Or keep pressing Y until you land)
¤ {_} (90 of 103) High Roller [200G] - Perform 3 barrel rolls in the air before your vehicle lands. Hold X and left until you land. You should be able to make four or five barrel rolls before you land.
¤ {_} (91 of 103) Rolly Polly [250G] - (You've done 40 barrel rolls in a vehicle)
¤ {_} (92 of 103) Tripple Flipper [200G] - Perform 3 flips in the air before your vehicle lands. Hold A and press up or down until you land.

These are move combinations tricks. Listen for the chime to know when a move is "complete" and it's time to chain the next move.
¤ {_} (93 of 103) Quick Draw [200G] - Perform 1 flip and 1 roll in the air before your vehicle lands.
¤ {_} (94 of 103) Barrel Buster [20G] - Perform 2 rolls and 1 spin in the air before your vehicle lands.
¤ {_} (95 of 103) Bone Orchard [200G] - Perform 2 spins and 1 roll in the air before your vehicle lands.
¤ {_} (96 of 103) Saddle Blanket [200G] - Perform 2 spins and 1 flip in the air before your vehicle lands.
¤ {_} (97 of 103) Lariat [200G] - Perform 2 flips and 1 spin in the air before your vehicle lands.
¤ {_} (98 of 103) Palomino [200G] - Perform 2 rolls and 1 flip in the air before your vehicle lands.
¤ {_} (99 of 103) Rodeo Wrangler [200G] - Perform 2 flips and 1 roll in the air before your vehicle lands.

Almost there:
¤ {_} (100 of 103) Western Collector [?G] - Yours once you've collected all Prize Capsules in the game.
¤ {_} (101 of 103) Engine City [?G] - Decorate the roof of five buildings with the Hot Rod Engine.

The last Pict-O-Matic missions:
[_] (39 of 40) It's Huge! [150G] - Dress an alien in the Pilot Outfit and Pilot Hat. Then use green goo to make him big.

¤ {_} (102 of 103) Picto-Veteran [?G] - Complete all of the Pict-O-Matic missions for Sid's Haunted House, Enchanted Glen and Zurg's Spaceport.

[_] (40 of 40) Clowning Around [150G] - Dress three aliens in the Clown Outfit and Clown Hat.

¤ {_} (103 of 103) Picto-Master [300G] - Complete all the Pict-O-Matic missions.


Complete all Pict-O-Matic missions

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Gold Super Star

Collect all the Gold Stars

Gold Super Star
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