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    23 Nov 2019
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    Tracks the train set game an Indie simulation game developed by Whoop Games.

    This nostalgic toy box train set game will have children & train loving adults reaching for their controllers & letting their imaginations create the train set of their dreams. As I write this review I will try and stay on track and not lose my train of thought.

    The game is split into 2 clear modes, Sandbox creative & passenger. The sandbox mode allows you to choose from several scenarios which allows you to create your train track around different environments. The passenger mode is set around 2 levels & follows a very similar pattern of creating a platform for stranded passengers & moving them safely to the indicated station.

    The game is very relaxed & even the passenger levels have no pressure, business style passengers have a time target, but you are not penalised if you miss this goal. This left me slightly confused & I felt the timer was not necessary if there was no penalty.
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    While you play the sandbox mode you have the freedom to place decorations where you wish, you really feel empowered to create the railway of your dreams.

    Learning the basic fundamentals of the gameplay is very simple & the tutorial is straight forward & clear. If there is a time where you forget how to complete a task you can reset the tutorial, or you can view the button mapping easily.

    The controls are easy & all sub menus are simply navigated. I would feel confident that I could leave my kids to play the game & they would easily be able to progress without any guidance.

    Graphics are nice and colourful, the colour palette used gives the game a retro feel, & everything utilised in the game is clearly identifiable.
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    That being said it doesn't mean that it is perfect by any stretch. When driving the train it constantly merges between the track & the edge of the blocks , this is most notable when you are moving along a curve. It doesn't ruin the game, or cause it to crash, but it is unfortunately obvious & does reflect the unpolished nature of the game.

    Glitches continue throughout the passenger mode. If you were to reset a challenge halfway through completion all the passengers disappear, this forces you to reset the whole level. This for me was game breaking and extremely frustrating.

    The music really compliments the atmosphere that the developers wanted to create, it has a familiar feel and is reminiscent of both Harvest Moon and Minecraft. The calming piano music gently plays in the background whilst your creation unfolds in front of your eyes. Jump in your train and move around your delightful creation, fill yourself with giddy delight as you sound your horn to announce your timely arrival to your waiting passengers.

    If you are one of the many achievement hunters that looks for simple 1000 gamerscore games then this is for you. Free on gamepass & with less than 1 hour of gameplay required it really is an easy 1000G.

    Tracks the train set game do I "Choo Choo Choose you?" I'm on the fence with this one, I'll explain why; as a quest based game that gives you structured goals it's very lacking. Once you've completed the 2 stages the game is technically completed. As a sandbox game it excels, with so many choices and numerous possibilities it has you wanting to keep playing & coming back for more.

    If you have children & you enjoy building their train track sets then you will love this, all the freedom in the world and without their little hands destroying your wonderful creations. On the whole I'd certainly say you cannot lose by trying this game, currently it is free on gamepass & it's relaxed nostalgia vibes will have you & your children smiling.
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    TheOnlyMattofun game, very simple and kid friendly. good review thumbs up
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 12 Nov 20 at 03:23