Tracks - The Train Set Game Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

I've covered most of the tips that you need to complete this game in the main walkthrough, but these are really the only controls that you'll need to complete this game.

cn_LS: Move cursor

cn_up: Raise cursor

cn_down: Lower cursor

cn_back: Switch between Build Mode and Train Mode

Hold cn_back: Reset Train (Train Mode)/Pull Up Options Menu (Build Mode)

cn_start: Start Menu

cn_RB: Spawn Menu (Build Mode)/Handbrake (Train Mode)

cn_Y: Rotate

cn_B: Delete (Build Mode)/Handbrake (Train Mode)

cn_A: Place (Build Mode)/Use Whistle (Train Mode)

cn_RS: Switch Piece Type (Straight Piece or Left/Right Curved Piece)

You can also start placing track pieces by pressing the cn_A button when your cursor is hovering over the end of the previous piece. There will be a small circle at the end of the piece (that is either blue or green) that you need to click on to start building.

Lastly, you also have the ability to place pieces that curve into other previously placed pieces of track. Whenever you're in Train Mode, use the cn_LS to switch tracks to make sure that the train doesn't go off of the tracks.

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