Train Sim World 2 Reviews

  • Boris The FrogBoris The Frog300,718
    29 Dec 2020 29 Dec 2020
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    A 'yes and no' kind of game.

    On the plus side, if you're into trains (either casually or a full on notepad and pencil platform anorak) then given the diversity of routes via the preserved collection and the incredible attention to detail Dovetail have put into creating the trains then there is quite a lot of entertainment to be had with TSW2. On top of the standard timetables each location comes with a scenario creator whereby you can add 1-20 trains from any DLC on their own timetable and drive each one as you please. An interesting but slightly fiddly inclusion that adds to the longevity if you fancy seeing a wide array of trains passing you as you hurtle towards your destination.

    The second new feature is the livery editor which is aimed towards the more creative gamer. In this mode you can paint and design locos to any style you like and drive your creation on the rails - a nice idea but with no means of sharing your work other than via screenshots in a TSW club it's appeal could be a little limited.

    On the disappointing side detail and shadow draw distances remain pretty poor on all consoles and with the poor lighting applied to these details things can look a bit messy under certain conditions. X1X and Series X owners have a 4k option which sharpens up the visuals but this just highlights the above issues even more. On top of that framerates can vary considerably (with the game pausing for anything upto five seconds when other trains come into view) and this variation is quite noticeable on a journey from A>B, points which some would consider a little too immersion breaking. It's just a shame that whilst Dovetail upgraded the game to the new Unreal engine they didn't bring forward any technical improvements from TSW2020 into TSW2.

    To buy or not to buy. Well, that's a tough one.

    If you can live with the obvious flaws then TSW2 offers an incredible amount of immersion - but at a price. DLC is not cheap and although the three base routes offer some diversity it doesn't take too long before you want more and at £25 per route it is a big ask to continue your love of the game. My recommendation would be to buy TSW2 and TSW2020 collector's edition (disc or digital) at a good sale price and bring those seven routes forward into TSW2 and that way you'll get 10 routes all with a brand new set of achievements for around £50.
    On the other hand, if you prefer something with a little more visual appeal then TSW2 is probably something to avoid.

    This review was based on 500+ hours of gameplay and a gamerscore of 1,970