1. Transference Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes


Welcome to the TA walkthrough for Transference, a walking simulator in the horror vein and the first game from SpectreVision, a film production company founded by Elijah Wood. The title tells the story of a small family plunged into madness, a story you'll uncover by exploring several versions of the family's apartment from different times in its dark history. Prepare yourself for some jump scares along the way.

All of the game's 14 achievements are tied to the main story except for 3, which are related to collectibles. One is for collecting all 13 video logs. A second is for all 10 audio logs. The last is for a picture. You'll be able to reach the full 1,000 GS in under an hour, even if you spend some time exploring the game beyond what the completion requires.

Video logs can be accessed and tracked via the main menu, but it isn't easy to tell which is which. Audio logs cannot be tracked so be careful to get them all. Collectibles are saved between playthroughs.

That's all you need to know. On to the walkthrough!

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