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    28 Aug 2012
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    Transformers the Fall of Cybertron Review!

    I apologies now for any spelling or punctuation errors.

    To begin I thought I would explain that this game is a great and must buy for any transformer fan! The whole package is greatly put together with a strong story, great multiplayer, reasonable achievements and great customization. I am a great fan of transformers and was greatly let down by nearly all of the transformers game on the 360 expect from War for Cybertron, that game was what most of the transformers fans wanted in a game and with the sequel they have yet again added and tweaked the formula to fine tune this game into another game to add to the list of awesome transformer games. So let’s begin with the review!


    The story starts with the autobots leaving Cybertron for a new world looking to escape the war and the decepticons chasing them, there is a little leap back after the first mission to build up to the big clash towards the end and shows how each character had a little input in how we get to the chase and battle for the escape. The main story has a lot of explosions and shocks to keep you interested with many new characters showing there impressive range of attacks and transformations. Even though most missions are nearly the same with helping out your fellow autobots or destroying some weapon keeping you pinned down you still have enjoyment as the characters all have different weapons/abilities and transformations and let’s face it who doesn’t enjoy turning into a T-rex and eating insectacons! The only down side for me was the length of the story and the use of certain characters. I completed the game on hard mode in less than 8 hours which was just not long enough for me (personally I could have played 24+ hours and it wouldn’t have been enough!) but there are rumours that more missions will be available on DLC which will add to the length even though you may (not confirmed) have to pay for it. The other point is the characters for each chapter is prearranged so you have to play as the character assigned to that mission which makes sense for the story to work but I would have liked to play as Grimlock more as well as Bruticus but maybe this is something in the DLC. Overall a Great story and will keep you hooked for the first play through but you may be disappointed with the length.

    Online Multiplayer

    In this sequel there is no CO-OP single player unlike the first one which is a little let down but it does make up for it in the Versus side of the game. In the online side you have 4 different game modes to choose from including team deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Head hunter and conquest. Each is different and you will find a mode you like but where online stands out is in the customization of your character. Like the previous game there are 4 different types of character from Titan to scout ETC and each has different parts, weapons and perks. Like WFC you will be able to earn XP from challenges and gain more weapons and perks the higher you level up but they have done away with killstreaks rewards which is a happy change as the killstreaks were often useless or too overpowered. The new maps have been designed so that each character has a chance in them all but a few have been made with certain layouts in mind, for example Array is a small map with little room for flying so a titan would be the best bet with a lot of health and heavy weapons it will deal a lot of damage to enemies who have little space to maneuver.


    Escalation is FOC answer to the classic horde mode. You and your team face 15 waves of enemies. This match type has been left relatively untouched which for one I am happy about as this is the mode I loved playing, the new maps are just about the right size to attack and be able to get away without being too big to have to drive for ages to find enemies. Like the original you start off with one weapon and you receive energon for killing whatever the game throws at you, with this energon you can open up new areas, buy better weapons and now buy upgrades for your weapons and even defensive options like turrets and a gun ships. Each character also has different abilities which can be a massive help such as a unmanned turret, a healing beam and a weapon resupply area.

    Graphics and Sounds

    Like the previous game the soundtrack is amazing, really matches the story and action sequences, the background music when playing through is also good as it doesn’t distract you but does add to the tension. The graphics on the background and mapping is good, some are a bit plain but others have a lot of thought into them and makes it looks great when shooting and evading other bots while in the background there is other things going on. Again the biggest praise goes to the detail in each character, the small differences like visors/head shape ETC have all been looked at and made to be outstanding and the switching of the weapons or transformations are brilliant.


    The achievements on this game are very similar to the last game, each chapter has an achievement for completing it and most have an achievement for a special secondary mission in the chapter. Again there are collectable achievements which can be tiresome but adds to the replay value and let’s face it most games have them now a days. There are the usually leveling up and “prestiging” achievements but there are also achievements for doing certain things in each online mode making an achievement hunter play each mode and again adding to the reply value. None are too hard to obtain but some do require a bit of grinding, overall a decent variation.


    Story: 9/10 – Great story but a little too short. close to perfection.
    Gameplay: 10/10 - Improved on an already great formula, little tweaks here and there but very simple to get and play.
    Escalation: 9/10 – A few new additions make for countless hours of fun
    Versus: 9/10 - Finally balanced
    Graphics: 9/10 - Great but there is better out there.
    Sound: 10/10 - All the sound in this game was perfect IMHO
    Achievements: 9/10 – Good Varity and not much grinding.

    Overall 9.5/10
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    WookieKiller247Good review! While I was disappointed they changed the multiplayer from the first one around I was happy with how the game turned out as a whole. Great title.
    Posted by WookieKiller247 on 28 Aug 12 at 12:08
    dancrozierNice review, I look forward to this :)
    Posted by dancrozier on 28 Aug 12 at 14:11
    LockAndLukeI bought this on release day last Friday, and I love it!
    Have been waiting for this since I finished War for Cybertron, huge fan of Transformers since I was little.
    Only thing I don't like is that there is no co-op campaign, that's pretty much it, I loved that about WFC.

    Great review.
    Posted by LockAndLuke on 28 Aug 12 at 14:21
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    30 Aug 2012
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    Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron REVIEW:

    After 2010's stellar Transformers release, High Moon Studios knew they needed to step up their game for this one. They certainly do not dissapoint, as Fall Of Cybertron is the best Transformers game ever made, and is one of the best 3PS games in recent memory.

    Single-Player: Rather than letting players choose which faction to start with, and which iconic character to play as, HMS made this one more linear. Now before you start ranting of how bad this desicion is, let me say that it actually helps the gameplay to feel more varied and unique. In War for Cybertron, after playing half the game, we had really played all of it. The game had two first levels, two second levels and so on. Additionally, this game does not waste "chapters" for boss fights, so the game is longer. The story spans 13 different chapters, and lets us play as at least 10 different transformers. Optimus Prime and Megatron each have two levels, but some fan favorites are also present too. Finally we get to play as Transformers such as Cliffjumper, Vortex, Swindle, and Jazz. We also get to play as Bruticus, and Grimlock.....yes, Grimlock. He has one of the best sequences in the game, and chapter 12 is all about the Dinobots and their origins. It is worked perfectly into the storyline, and the impact is certainly felt.

    Variety is the name of the game here, and the transitions between characters and levels are perfect. One level we are Optimus Prime, using Metroplex to call in air strikes on the Decepticons, but then the next level we play a stealth oriented level as Cliffjumper. Following that is a Sniper-themed platforming level as Jazz, and so on. What really amazes is the quality of each type of level. The platforming is solid, the stealth mechanic actually works, and the action melee level is handled with excitement. In fact, the linearity gives the game a characterized focus, which leads to some of the best scripted set pieces in gaming's reccent memory. Lastly, Chapter 13, (The final level) has you switching factions after each character built setpiece. Talking about it spoils the excitement, but it is pulse-pounding. In short, the campaign is COMPLETELY on a higher level that the original.

    Multiplayer: Very similiar in style to the original, FoC does improve upon the formula quite a bit. We are now able to truly build our very own Transformer, with hundred of parts available. Unlockable guns, new perks and upgrades, and multiple class builds are all staples and are here. Balance is very solid, with no one class being FAR superior to others. The stealthy Infiltrator is a little over-powered, but is easily countered with splash damage weapons. The Destroyer (Formerly the Leader) has been toned down a bit, while the Scientist class has been powered up. All in all, the multiplayer is just as fun as ever competitively, and will certainly be played for a long time. Conquest and TDM make returns, but new to the series is a Capture the Flag mode, and addicting (Yet entirely frustrating) Headhunter. Everything is polished, but still, winning is reliant on what team you are on, so be prepared to be frustrated.

    Also returning is Escalation. This time the max wave is 15, but with difficulty levels. Choose one of your favorite Autobots or Decepticons and play with three of your friends to the end. This is also addictive, and has had me playing for a while.

    Presentation: Running on the unreal engine, the game looks superb. Visual variety stretches from metal corriders to bleak sandstorms, snow-capped factories and slimy sewers. Additionally, the love and care provided to each character is evident, as each one looks and feels unique. Everything on cybertron is constantly shifting and changing, and it really sells the feel. Expect some mild texture pop-in, but it is nothing that breaks the immersion. On the audio standpoint, the rousing orchestral score kicks in at all the right moments, making tense moments even better. Some electric guitar work also compliments the high octane action on some of the more action oriented levels, and there is even a suprise song for old fans during the credits. Voice acting is great, with voices from the one and only Peter Cullen and Nolan North, the others also provide solid performances. Presentation gets an A+.

    Conclusion: Exceptional in every possible way, Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron sets the bar even higher than the original. Every single level feels unique, and the multiplayer offers variety. They compliment each other perfectly. HMS has certainly outdone their previous effort, and I can't wait to see where the take the franchise in the future. Thank you guys for the love and care with such a beloved franchise. Any fan of Transformers needs this game, and any fan of 3PS games owes it to themselves to check it out, it is well worth your time.
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    05 Jun 2013 05 Jun 2013
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    External image

    Me Grimlock no bozo, me king!

    You can make pretty much anything into a video game. Somehow the premise of being a truck driver has been made into a (surprisingly good) video game with Euro Truck Simulator 2. But some premises should translate into the video game format more naturally. Transformers is one of those franchises, as what could make a better video game than these three simples words:


    Despite this groundbreaking premise, I personally could count the number of Transformers video games that I’ve played and enjoyed on one hand, and on the current generation of consoles it wasn’t until 2010’s War for Cybertron that a Transformers game recieved generally universal positive acclaim from critics and gamers.

    Fortunately, Fall of Cybertron has taken the successful formula of War for Cybertron and built upon it. But while this is a follow-up to the previously mentioned title, you don’t need to have played WFC to get what’s going on. To put it simply for those of you not fully versed in Transformers lore and back story, the plot is basically this:

    Cybertron (the planet) is going to Hell in a Handbasket due to all of the Energon (the fuel source for the planet and it’s inhabitants) being used up, and the Autobots (the good guys) led by Optimus Prime (the goodest guy) are trying to evacuate (so they can try to find more Energon to save the planet and be generally all round nice guys), but the Decepticons (the bad guys) led by Megatron (the baddest guy) are trying to stop them and destroy them (so they can keep the remaining Energon to themselves and rule the world because that’s what bad guys do.)

    External image

    While the plot of Fall of Cybertron isn’t exactly complicated stuff, the people who will get most of the game are the long-term Transformers fans themselves. If your only experience with the Transformers are Michael Bay’s 447 minutes of explosions and not-so-thinly veiled racism then you’re not going to get half of what’s going on or who the hell you’re controlling. But chances are, if you hated Bay’s films then you’re going to LOVE this.

    Before I mention the gameplay or anything like that, the first thing that struck me with Fall of Cybertron is how colourful it is. One of my main criticisms of WFC was that it all seemed a bit grey, and the Transformers looked washed-out pastel versions of themselves. FOC, however, hearkens back to the cartoons by making the game, and the Transformers themselves, much more colourful and thus moving back towards the animated series of the 80s than Bay’s ultra-shiny venture, while making the Transformers look more detailed and up-to-date than their 80s counterparts.

    External image

    The other thing that struck me throughout the single-player campaign was the variety of controllable characters War For Cybertron has. It’s clear that High Moon Studios have gone for some serious fan service this time, and as well as the obvious characters in Optimus Prime and Megatron, you’ll also find yourself controlling Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Jazz, Vortex, Swindle, Bruticus, Soundwave, Starscream, Jetfire and, most significantly, Grimlock.

    As evidenced by the characters list, the Single Player campaign is the meat and bones of the game which it is fairly evenly split between both the Autobots and the Decepticons. But while at it’s core this is a Third Person Shooter title, High Moon Studios have done a brilliant job of incorporating different playstyles depending on the Transformer you’re controlling. When you’re Optimus Prime then you’ll be playing as a straight up fighting machine, when you’re Cliffjumper you rely on stealth, cloaking and takedowns, when you’re Jazz you can use your grappling hook to swing onto surfaces and pull down walls, when you’re Vortex you will spend the majority of the chapter in your jet fighter form, and so and so forth.

    External image

    The fact that nearly every chapter features a different Transformer and play style stops the game from becoming repetitive, and while you don’t HAVE to adhere to those playstyles, it certainly makes things more interesting. But, if you wish to blast your way through the entire game, then it’s more than equipped with an array of weaponry and vehicle modes to allow you to blast your way to till your heart’s content. There are a variety of weapons that you can buy from the teltraan stores which crop up during the game including - but not limited to - the Nucleon Charge Rifle, Path Blaster, Gear Shredder, Electro Bolter, X18 Scrapmaker and the Scatter Blaster. These all range from simple pistols to shotguns up to sniper rifles and corrosive slime shooters, as well as a melee attack that comes in useful in a pinch, so there’s plenty of variation in the weaponry to suit any sort of play style (unless you’re a pacificist, in which case… good luck?) My only niggle with the melee combat is that it is a bit of an afterthought, and I’d like to see the scope for more frequent epic melee battles that you would see in the cartoons and (to a lesser extent) the films.

    Presentation-wise, FoC is excellent. I’ve already mentioned the improvement of graphics over WFC, and the interface and controls only add to the feel of quality. There are quite a few controls to memorise since your characters always have two forms - robot and vehicular - but after the first chapter or two, everything becomes second nature and you’ll be switching between the forms and using them in appropriate situations pretty fluidly. This is another improvement from the last game where I felt that the use of the vehicle form was sometimes a bit forced and most of the time I didn’t need to change form unless the game demanded it, but in this game there are enemies where it will be to your benefit to change into vehicle form rather than robot form.

    External image

    Fans will also be pleased to hear that Peter Cullen returns as Optimus Prime and original animated series voice actor Gregg Berger comes in as Grimlock for this game, although sadly Frank Welker isn’t voicing Megatron. But Fred Tatasciore does a more than satisfactory job. In fact, if you didn’t know better then you’d probably not realise that the voice actors weren’t all the originals, such is the quality of the voice work.

    For me, however, my main criticism of the game has to be with what is probably the game’s biggest selling point for the ardent Transformer fan, which is the inclusion of Grimlock. Or rather, how Grimlock is utilised. I’ll try not to give any of the story away, but he’s doesn’t appear until later in the game, but you only get to control him for a chapter and a half and for a good proportion of those chapters you can’t access his dinosaur mode, and when you can it has to be activated by filling a rage meter. While I can see the reasoning for this, it is a bit galling as most Transformers fans - who the game is clearly aimed at - will be looking forward to playing Grimlock, while it’s obviously done to fit within the game and level mechanics, but it seems like a bit of a let down when you can’t fully make use of Grimlock’s dino form.

    External image

    My other criticism of the game is probably more of a personal niggle than an actual game flaw, but while the game is still understandably set on Cybertron, I don’t feel like I’m controlling a GIANT ROBOT. The characters still feel rather small against the game’s massive backdrops, and even when playing larger characters like Bruticus and Grimlock, you still don’t get that sense of scale that you should do. But like I say, that is more a personal gripe than a game flaw, and the end of the game is set up nicely for another one that should - hopefully - be set on Earth, which is when we’ll REALLY start to see the Transformers do their thing.

    I didn’t spend an awful lot of time with the multiplayer and escalation modes, but they don’t appear to have changed a great deal from the last game. There are still four classes - Infiltrators, Destroyers, Titans and Scientists - and four modes - Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Headhunter and Capture the Flag. They’re your standard multiplayer fare, but the option of transforming into a vehicle does give it that extra appeal. The escalation mode involves you teaming with three other players to take on wave after wave of enemies (up to level 15) that you have to survive which, honestly, I found to get a bit dull after the fifth or sixth wave of similar enemies.

    Overall though, this is definitely the best Transformers game of the current generation of consoles and while it should appeal to the casual gamer, if there’s a Transformer fan out there who has grown up with Optimus, Megatron and company looking for the ultimate homage to the animated series, then this game has most definitely got The Touch.

    External image


    + Looks the part
    + Voice acting is spot on
    + Controls are easy to get to grips with
    + Variety of play styles combine well
    + Multiplayer modes are quite fun
    + Heaps of fan service


    - Grimlock isn’t as satisfying as he should be
    - Robots feel ‘small’
    - Melee is a bit of an afterthough
    - Escalation mode gets dull fast

    Verdict: Arguably the best Transformers game made so far.
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    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
    Developer: High Moon Studios
    Publisher: Activision
    {12} Players: O.M: 2-12/ Co-Op Escalation: 1-4

    After the critical success of the fantastic War for Cybertron, High Moon aim to replicate past glories with their second entry into the Transformer franchise: Fall of Cybertron.

    Me Grimlock love Kup's War Stories:
    Fall of Cybertron is trying to touch an emotional point with transformer fans, trying to make them care for these larger-than-life robots. Instead of going with the more kid-friendly tone, it's aiming for a dark, more mature tone and it succeeds well. While the main story is good enough, they are little features like audio logs that help add depth to particular characters. These logs vary from, advice, personal logs and give a little insight to what might happen next. Think of FoC's story as a tree, with branches adding background to characters with fewer stories surrounding them: Is Shockwave a 'true' loyalist? What happened to Omega Supreme? These logs are featured nicely and tie-in things from WfC to FoC. Instead of the usual campaign set-up approach, FoC borrows it's set-up from DoTM and it works better here, stories are intertwined and while certain missions don't always transition seamlessly, the end result is good enough and the varying viewpoints blend better than in WfC. This game has a thing going for that most games don't expand on: the perspective of the antagonists. While the Autobots are trying to leave, Megatron and his Decepticons aspire to destroy the idea of freedom and introduce the law of 'Peace through Tyranny'. There is more to it than that and the conversations between characters try to make the player feel like the Decepticons (While cruel and destructive) are still Cybertronians and not mindless, brainwashed destroyers living only to cause carnage and mayhem for the valiant Autobots. The Decepticons do have an idea of how to restore Cybertron, though their method to achieve it means that Earth will lose its future. Despite having a strong script and good replay-value, FoC does suffer from a few flaws lying in its mission structure. The voice acting is superb and the conversations between characters like Jazz and Cliffjumper and Starscream and Shockwave help flesh it out but you're simply not given enough time to figure each character out and gain their true back story. Cannon fodder will become repetitive and shout language common to shooters. Silent cinematic moments give you a nice break from the action and are worked well into the game without becoming too similar and indifferent. FoC's story is written superbly but missions definetly seem shorter than WfC's clocking around 6-8 hours compared to WfC's 7-10 hours.

    That television... it bewitched me:
    From a graphical perspective, Fall of Cybertron looks visually stunning bearing the few technical hiccups: texture pop-in, frame rate drops and other minor issues. Other than those flaws, the game performs and looks really well. Taking to heart, the enviroment flaws from the previous game, HMS have delieverd beautiful backdrops, whether it be in the desert sands of the Sea of Rust, the ghoulish Insecticon Hive or the platforms above Kaon, that fit with each level and look the part too. The environments change a lot with each level and while a few imperfections lurk in the background, they act as embodiment of what this game is: a server of variety in gameplay, graphics and script. The new AI look pretty good with designs befitting the enemy's personality and actions. All AI acts in different ways and perform actions that the previous game did not execute. The weapons each look menacing in their own way and most importantly look alien/cybertronian contrary to it's predeccesor.

    Talk: excessive. Time: limited
    If there's something this game has that stands above many shooters of it's era is the sounds. The transformation sounds crisp and classic with a modern touch. The weapons of the game have their unique audio which sounds incredibly cool. The score is more epic and climatic than the first and I found that, to my awe and surprise, it seemed to expand on my emotions within the game. Depending on the mood of the game, it would get me angry, curious and/or give me strength to blow through insanely-strong shotgunners on Hard. The only times I have loved the score in a game is in Mass Effect and Halo (which for me, contains my favourite score of all time. Even you hate playing Halo, it's hard not to like the soundtrack). Voice acting -as aformentioned- is phenomenal and Peter Cullen drives home his performance as the iconic Optimus Prime while Nolan North, Fred Tatasciore and Gregg Berger represent their respective characters superbly; offering a unique, individualistic persona to their roles. Other members of the cast like Troy Baker and Keith empathisize a key thing about this game: how to get the heart of the classics while introducing a modern spin.

    Why throw away your life so recklessly
    The spark of every TP shooter rests inside the gameplay and I am pleased to say that FoC delivers on this crucial factor. While the core gameplay resides in tradition, FoC contains a great selling point: the art of transformation. Some critics believe that making a Transformer game great is an easy thing to do, given the empirical evidence it is obvious that on paper transformers is a great game but it's not as easy when it comes to executing it. Making transformation a viable strategy is hard! Why transform when you can keep your access to a powerful array of weaponry and abilities? HMS have managed to balance it and while robot mode is the preferred choice to your alternate/vehicle mode, the maps and mission layouts are huge and traversing them is much better utilizing the vehicle mode. When you play on flight missions, this concern is thrown out the window as you will require your jet/copter mode to make quick getaways and get the surprise on your opponents. With that aside, FoC offers a solid, good core experience and variety is the key as you will be executing different moves to pass through your insignificant foes. Each mission offers something different in gameplay and controlling Optimus feels different in contrast to playing as hulking behomoths like Bruticus. Levels are built around abilities and, while Co-Op's been dropped leaving behind a more linear yet intuitive experience, this is a good trade because it means that gameplay avoids the repetitive tantrum of the previous. Unfortunately, as an unexpected side-effect of this trade the game has less replay value and the first few minutes of levels feel a lot like mini-tutorials. In response to the problem of the lack of Co-Op replay value, HMS implemented a Teletraan 1 Homage/Store where players can buy equipment and artillery to help them along the path of desolation (this TT1 store is extremely helpful on Hard and I reccomend to use it frequently). This replay instrument is much lower on replay value than Co-Op but in the end I think they made the right call. The abilites while ingenious and creative feel less interactive than before and I prefer having two abilities in your starting loadout (Perhaps you could have a choice of carrying two abilities at the sacrifice of your mobility eg. no Sprinting or Dashing/Rolling). And Grimlock, despite feeling as powerful as James Heller, also feels clunky and heavy and stuck to the ground. Controlling a giant T-Rex is very fun but not as great as they hyped it up to be.

    Such heroic nonsense
    Ah, Multiplayer! A source of extreme fun and extreme frustration. The multiplayer has had some changes with the following being: vastly improved customization system, removal of 2nd ability, upgrades are now for your weapons and abilities only removing the COD Perk system from WfC. This game offers something new compared to other games, this game iterates the good things of other shooters and wraps a transformer twist around it creating a fresh yet familiar multiplayer experience. Nothing beats the thrill of swooping down as a Scientist and unleashing a torrent of hell on your opponents or pushing through enemy barricades as the Destroyer blowing apart people away with the god-like splash weapons. FoC hosts 4 game modes, unfortunately the modes aren't particularly unique and are common shooter modes like TDM, Conquest/Domination and Head Hunter + CTF. While I would like to see the game modes like Power Struggle and Countdown to make a revamped return, I understand why there is more of a lack in modes (because HMS think understandably that after a while, most of the community will have left and flock to TDM). What really adds MP Value is the customization which allows players to create their own transformer from pre-set parts and pieces: you can choose your gear and upgrades, your emblem, character + vehicle mode, colors and voice. This means that no Transformer will be the same and each player will have their own personalized warrior to bring into combat. Classes are known as the Infiltrator, Destroyer, Scientist and Titan which all bring something new to the Battlefield and have their own specialized roles that work better on specific maps than others. Swapping around the various classes allows the MP to become more fun and frantic avoiding the game to become stale and allowing for numerous, different strategies to be used. The 10 Maps are designed and based off locations from the SP Campaign but suit different classes meaning because your Scientist did well on Convoy does not mean it will do well on Spire. Other various flaws haunt the multiplayer; while the game doesen't feel as clunky as DoTM, It isn't as entirely smooth as WfC as classes feel like they move slow even though they move normally. Another nuisance is 'teamwork'. While you may think: 'You're supposed to play as a team to win'. FoC is dominated by players who rely on each other to survive, A great player can be easily killed by two average players simply because he was outnumbered numerically. WfC managed to strike the balance of having the right amount of health and the inability to take thousands of shots. FoC in a way succeds and fails at this.

    That's what I call going down to defeat from de feet
    Escalation returns from WfC and has been improved considerably, each of the 4 maps contain different characters which use different abilities. Some people notice the resemblance to Horde Mode but Escalation is more of a transformer crossover of Nazi Zombies and Firefight. Teamwork is essential to survival and is certainly more difficult compared to other survival modes. Reach Wave 15 and you win compared to the survive-at-any-cost Escalaltion mode from WfC. While fans of Escalation might see this as more of a let down, I prefer it because when I had reached Wave 18, I surrended and died so I could end the match with my score intact. There are no real flaws apart from the fact that you will not be able to buy all of the upgrades for your guns before you finish.

    One shall stand, one shall fall
    Overall, FoC lives up to WfC and improves on the fundamentals that made the game great. While it seems that MP took a back-seat to SP, there is a lot to replay and the game will remain in the shelves of Transformer fans. FoC will lose it's majority to other upcoming games but there will still be a loyal, dedicated community remaining to support this game. This game is a huge thrill-ride!

    + Variety
    + Voice acting is superb and the score is epic
    + Balanced MP will please fans
    - Grimlock feels to heavy

    Score: 9.0 music