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    25 Jun 2009 27 Jun 2009
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    I wouldn't say that working at Activision forces you to sell your soul, but at the very least you should consider it on loan when you sign up to work there. Transformers may be the most uninspired movie tie-in game of all time and that's from a guy who has sported Optimus Prime as his gamer pic for nearly 2 years.
    So where do we start in a review of a game like this? Let's start from the beginning.
    You are introduced to the game's one and only cut scene. That's it. One. Most of the in between mission stuff is handled by either the Autobots or Decepticons in a war room... talking. Isn't that we've always wanted? Heady, irrelevant conversation from giant robots that transform into awesome vehicles? I'm not sure why we couldn't get a single other in game cut scene.
    The funniest thing about all this is that you can unlock "movies" from each of the game's locations. The movies are similar to the mission load screens from Modern Warfare.
    The controls are sloppy. You have to hold down the RT to make your transformation. Easing off the trigger will slow them down. Slow down to much and you will transform back. Want to shoot while driving? Then you have to hold down RT while hitting "X" and trying to steer with the left stick and keep the camera centered with the right. Honestly, we are still several decades away from the generation that can manipulate a controller with that kind of dexterity.
    The missions are all typical uninspired Activision movie tie-in stuff as well. Escort, defend, defeat, and then return to the war room. *yawn*
    Beyond the missions being basic, they is nothing cohesive about the way they unlock. It's really just kind of thrown into a gaming pot and left to stew. Eventually, you'll get all that it has.
    A new addition this time is upgrades. Finally, something that should be cool... should be. Rather than take time to make individual upgrades for each character you get these wonderfully generic "team upgrades" that just makes everyone slightly better. Don't get your hopes up about making Optimus Prime even better than he already is, or turning Starscream into a beast of a jet. If he goes up, he's got to bring the whole team with him. Somehow, that doesn't sound like the Starscream I grew up hating in the 80's.
    What's the greatest most... new feature added? Multiplayer. What can I say about mulitplayer? Nothing, because I haven't had the chutzpah to try it. If the rest of the game is any indication, I don't know what there could possibly be redemptive about the mode.
    The only decent thing (and that depends on if you are a completionist or not) for the game is it can be a fairly easy 600-700 points. To get a few of the higher end achievements will involve a lot of grinding, a little Energon, and a lot of luck.
    Overall, the game makes me want to send an invoice to Activision for $7 because of the rental and a bill for 6-10 hours of my life back as I just try to get 50% of the achievements. The only thing that is keeping me from it is the fact that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was actually a really good game.
    Even as a die-hard Transformer fan there was not a single moment in this game that reminded me of what I fell in love with. This should be a pass from almost everyone unless someone gives it to you as a present without a gift receipt. That kills me to say, but the truth is, I'm still waiting for a good Transformers game.

    EDIT: Upon further review I would like to sum up my feelings about MP by quoting Lord Helmet from Spaceballs:

    "Evil will always triumph because good is dumb."

    Any partially competent team of Decepticons will be heavily overmatched for the Autobots because it is easier for them to retreat when their health is low.
    Ubalanced MP- FTL.
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    Digital GungnirNow I am interested in what was originally posted... :(
    Posted by Digital Gungnir on 28 Jun 09 at 04:04
    ADROCKgreybeardlol. It wasn't anything too bad, though it was easy to see how it could be sensitive to some.
    Posted by ADROCKgreybeard on 28 Jun 09 at 21:14
    Mazraelthat review pretty much nails it. The high-end achievements are rediculous - ie, Platinum every mission..Even at your best playing, with maxed stats you could be a minute over, but then sometimes you'll somehow be 30sec ahead of what the asking time is. Most the characters are pretty rubbish. Ironhide is about the best Autobot by a good margin. some reason there's no upgrade for weopon power (maybe future dlc?).. as for the story.. sheesh, it was somehow worse than the actual film
    - you may have fogotten about the game's missions being set in small boxes, even when Devastator turns up, and is forced to travel in a square circle
    - also what looks like major cheating going on, with the games leaderboards

    The MP was possibly the worst I'd ever played, but atleast the (MP) chieves weren't too rediculous..
    Posted by Mazrael on 29 Jun 09 at 18:48
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    05 Oct 2009
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    This is my review, orginaly posted on GameFAQs, under the name Blackcell8. Originally Posted: 09/08/09.

    "Transformers 2: A Movie Game With A Punch"
    To start with, I had better throw in some information to bear in mind when reading this. I bought this game after watching the film and I have the first game as well. I bought with with the intention to play offline, I didn't have Xbox LIVE when I first got it. This review also assumes that you haven't bought any DLC, although they will be mentioned at the end. I'll break this review down into four sections, and average them out for the final score, rounding up. I'll base the game on Graphics, Gameplay (further broken down to Difficulty, Single Player and Multiplayer), Sound and Longevity. Anyway, on to the review.

    Graphics - 8/10
    The character models are brilliant. Each one is done in full detail, they look and move exactly how they should do, and did in the movies. Optimus Prime looks every bit as awesome as in the films. Plus the 'G1 Colours' of some characters are quite cool, and make some otherwise bland characters much more vibrant. The only gripe I have with the characters is that the Decepticons look very plain, silver seems to be a favourite colour for them, while the Autobots look like a paint explosion in a car factory.

    The environments are a little different. For the most part they look good, from a distance. Up close, they aren't so good. They look like very early 360 graphics, maybe even late PS2 graphics. But, when you've got a full firefight going, you tend not to care.

    The effects are also worth a mention. Each character's weapon effect looks different, although explosions and environment damage are the total opposite. All explosions are the same size, and when your Transformer lands from a large height, climbs a building or walks into a lamp post or tree, it's the same every time.

    Gameplay - 8/10
    Difficulty - 6/10
    If you haven't got the DLC, you have the standard difficulty, which features no real challange. The boss fights might be the only time you get into trouble. The hardest part with this game is the learning curve with the controls, which does take a bit of time. I'm not going to explain all of the controls, but suffice to say that each Transformer has three 'modes', Normal (running, climbing buildings and melee), Combat (all guns blazing) and Vehicle (self explanitory, but you do have weapons here too). You switch between them with the triggers, left trigger turns you from Normal to Combat, and the right turns you from Normal to Vehicle. To maintain each mode, hold the trigger down. Releasing a trigger turns you back to Normal mode. At first it feels a little arkward, but when you get used to it, it feels natural, like it was the only control scheme that would have worked for the kind of action you can perform in this game.

    The only difficult thing here is for the completionists. Each level awards you a medal, bronze, silver, gold or platinum, all purley based on your time. The challange is getting platinum medals, on some missions, this is more than a little challanging.

    Single Player - 7/10
    The Single Player campaign is split in two, much like the last Transformers game, Autobots and Decepticons. Story-wise, they follow the film very loosely. As in only the basics are there. If you play this expecting it to stay faithful to the film, forget it, you face Devestator in the wrong place with the wrong Transformer to begin with. Anyway, the campaigns are a series of levels chosen out or a small pools of objectives. Destroy all enemies, reclaim satalite dishes, destroy all enemies including boss battle. Thats not to say there isn't variety, the boss battles themselves are intresting, if your an Autobot, you get to face Devestator and Rampage. There's alot of unlockables, mostly concept art, but there are a total of six episodes from the original cartoon series and G1 recolours of current characters. The Single Player pits you against generic bots for the vast majority of it, small agile weak ones, standard ones, flying ones, up to large bullet sponges. None of which take alot to kill.

    Multiplayer - 10/10
    This is where the game shines. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen does big fighting robots like no other. It is fantastic. There are a good few modes, the standard Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag (or 'Shards' in this game), Control Points (King of the Hill style mode, familliar to those who have played Battlefield 1942 or Battlefront) and 'One Shall Stand', which is basicaly a VIP mode, kill the enemy leader. Maximum of 8 people per game, 4 for each Autobot or Decepticon. The range of characters expands in Multiplayer compared to Single Player, as you get several extras on each side.

    Overall each side is fairly balanced, maybe slightly tipped to the Decepticons side (this is because the Autobots have limited jets, and only one real Anti-Air 'Bot, so the 'Cons rule the skies). You can easily make do with some characters without much practice, although others do require you to know what your doing to get the best out of them. The Multiplayer is what this game does best, it takes the skeleton that is in Single Player, and gives it life by making it much more fun. Your not up against generic bots, your up against other real Transformers with different stats and tactics. this isn't Halo, where everyone may as well look like Master Chief, since nobody is different.

    My only problem is that there is no offline Multiplayer, which annoyed me, and still does. But that doesn't affect the Multiplayer's rating, as this isn't a fault with the mechanic, only the developers.

    Sound - 7/10
    This is a hit and miss. Gunfire, the vehicles and the environment sound good, but it's the voice overs that are really erratic. Some voices are perfect, and they are the big major characters, Optimus Prime and Megatron couldn't be done any better, and Ironhide is brilliantly done. But the game seems to have not realised that in the film Bumblebee still can't talk properly (films fault, he seemed fine at the end of the first one...), so you have Bumblebee, voiced well, but if you see the film, you know he shouldn't be. But then the problems arise. Starscream was voiced so badly, half of the post-mission (unskippable!) cutscenes with him just can't be understood. Long Haul is slightly better, same with Grindor. But you get updated on mission objectives by Starscream, so sometimes you have to wait untill there's an on-screen promt because you can't make out a word that's being said. The Autobots don't have it that much better either. For them it's thankful they don't follow the move plot to strictly, because Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox cannot do voice overs to save their lives. Megan Fox can't act to begin with, but it really shows when you aren't distracted by her looks.

    Longevity - 8/10
    I'll use myself as an example here. I bought this game when it came out. It's been a good few months and I still play it. Alot. The Multiplayer is that good. The unlockables in the campaigns are fun as well, the original G1 cartoon episodes are worth a watch, even if its just to ridicule it. I think it would be higher if the Single Player mode had more depth, because once you complete it, there's no real reason to go back. Unless you've bought the DLC, where you get Expert difficulty, otherwise, you have new characters to master.

    Overall - 8/10
    This game is brilliant. But only if you have Xbox LIVE. You don't play this for it's deep immersive Single Player mode, there isn't one. You play it for it's deep, immersive Multiplayer mode. The amount of characters makes each match different and enjoyable. If you were disappointed by the last Transformers game, then Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen may well be the one you were after.
  • dudecrazy108dudecrazy108331,987
    28 Jun 2009 28 Jun 2009
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    Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen is losely based off the major blockbuster movie that recently came out.

    Story: Well the story does kind of tie in with the movie and various transformers things. But from the start you get your first and only cut scene. Everything else is either in game talking or after every "mission" you have to sit through the transformers sit in a war room and talk. Yes I'm true. They really make you listen to the transformers talk in a war room. Its boring and sometimes long. I mean giant robots that change from cars to fighting robots and the best they could do is sit in a room underground and talk to each other. Its kinda like the Transformers verison of "The View". So story isnt really the thing you've come to this game for. Also for completeing missions you unlock mission movies. Which are nothing to bother with unless your insane about Transfomers. Also note the credits for this game are extremely long. I counted it going for a little over a half of a hour.

    Graphics: Well Ill give the game this. Sometimes the graphics look "alright". I mean most of the times you'll look around and everything will look bad and others if you look out you can see a great distance. So gameplay graphics are early 360 and the cutscenes are just ok.

    Sound: Sometimes in this game I wish there wasnt sound. I mean the sounds the transformers make are bad. They repeat the same lines over and over. Sometimes the missions over and its at a loading screen and the transformers are still saying their bad one-liners.

    Controls: Well with a game this bad you could have the controls that would save the day. Well think again. The controls are very loose in this game. The camera moves too easily so sometimes when surrounded by enemies you will be trying to get the camera to point the right way. Then trying to transform isnt even fun. You have to hold down RT to transform which also is the button to drive. Let it go at all and you will go back to robot form. Trying to steer also is a pain as barly move the analog stick and you car goes insane.

    Gameplay: Boring. Its the same type of missions over and over. Drive through the hoops,destory this place, escort, kill, boss. Nothing new and excited. Each missions I played lasted at the most 5 minutes which then rewarded me with the war room talk and alot of loading screens. Although there are the 2 story lines that you can play as. Each are the exact same thing. Most cut scenes are the same with them just with your character changed out.

    Multiplayer: I would like to know who thought of this idea. I mean it could work one day but today it is bad and broken. One teams better than the others and its not fun at all.

    Achievements: Well you would think they would be easy. To a point Ill say. Theres one for the main boss on each side and completeing the mission sections with a medal. Thats not really hard. What is though is the upgrades. Which you think would be cool you'd think but its not. To get the achievement you need alot of points which requires alot of grinding even after the games over. And the platinum medal is every missions could be a big pain. Multiplayer would requires boosting to make it easier too.

    Rental at best.


    copyrighted dudecrazy108. Written for, posted on
  • HelloKitty3HelloKitty3411,207
    06 Jul 2009
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    This may very well be one of the best movie tie-ins, which doesn't really say all that much. Come with tempered expectations and you'll be pleasantly surprised; expect a summer blockbuster on par with the movie and you'll be sorely disappointed.

    This 3rd person action game is split into 2 campaigns - Autobots and Decepticons - but they play almost identically. Each campaign can be finished between 4 - 6 hours and a single run through of each will net about 500+ points. No online or split-screen co-op play, and the multiplayer is serviceable for a couple of rounds of play.

    The game gets the feel of the movies mostly right. The character models are fairly accurate and detailed and the transformation animations are slick. No complaints in the sound department either as most people won't be going into the game expecting a moving orchestral score or accurate SFX of fantasy energy weapons.

    The RPG-lite upgrade system is a nice addition, but it only adds a few skills that can be upgraded three times.

    Once you've hit the halfway point of the game in either campaign you've already seen every mission type, twice or thrice. There's a Kill Everything, a Race, an Escort, and Repair Stuff which basically plays like a Kill Everything. Thankfully the missions are short (<5 mins).

    The controls are a confusing mess. Take this scenario where you're chasing a Decepticon down the street and up a building. First, to transform into a car, you'll hold down RT, and then A to boost while holding down X to shoot. When you're near a building you need to be already be holding down A and RT, and when ready to jump and scale, you'll release the RT while still holding down A. Once you're in mid-air and near the building wall, you'll need to release A and press B. From here you point up with LS, press A to jump again and then quickly press B to latch onto the wall. If you're in a Transformer capable of transforming into a hovering-capable vehicle, you'll need to remember set of controls tweaked for flight. Yes, it's that confusing and convoluted.

    Revenge of the Fallen is a competent movie tie-in and if you enjoyed the movie and played with the action figures when you were 8, give this game a rent.
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    most people will say that this game could have been a lot better if they had just put such-and-such things in it. but i say that this game is excellent by itself.

    The gameplay is not like other games, you can play as either the autobots or the decepticons, just to get a taste of what happens on both sides. but they both have those moments where you just say, "now THAT didnt happen in the movie," but it plays along to the storyline. plus there is a bigger assortement of playable characters on both sides (but when your playing as the emoticons you cant be that huge MF, devastator, unfortunetally), like the guy who turns into the jet on the good guys side, and dump truck guy on the emoticons (im going to call those decepticons the emoticons for humerical reasons). but the campaigns are very good in almost every way.

    the graphics arent something to brag about, but theyre not the worst. it is better than most other games, but not the best either. there are some parts of the campaign that are amazing, and others that are just average, and some may look like tetris but that is rare with this game

    in multiplayer, you will be pretty lucky if you find a formittable match, but the people who play arent like those who play call of duty online, where they find every way to kill the new guy. there are no upgrades that i know of and no super ability to make matchmaking a real pain in the ass, which makes it a lot easier to get those acheivements in online

    all in all this was a good game and dont judge it until after you have played
    09 Apr 2012 09 Apr 2012
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    ROTF is an adaptation of the action-packed yet plot-less Michael Bay movie of the same name. It depicts the second confrontation between the Autobots and Decepticons in their war on Earth, the return of Megatron and the Rise of his Master: The Fallen. Can a TRANSFORMERS Movie Game be amazing? Highly unlikely I'm afraid? cry

    The story of course is quite dull and boring with plots moving in and out without any link between the two. Two good things about it? Well it only follows loosely the plot of the film meaning there's very little Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox and If you hated the game then you get to pound the hell out of the Fallen. The graphics on the robots are quite stunning with detail after detail etched on these robotic lifeforms but we can't say the same thing about the environment which is realistic yet repetitive with hardly any variety and it always gets in the way of you and some Decepticon tailpipe. There is little difference between the two Campaigns and they share the same levels. However I must say that I quite like the COD-Type cutscenes but the in-game ones leave a lot to be desired.

    The Multiplayer is the meat of the roast and it is what will make you keep the game if you can forgive the campaign of couse. Considering Luxoflux's timetable it was obvious that the Campaign wouldn't be long: about 3-4 hours each but it seems they had just enough time for the Multiplayer, which for me is quite frankly awesome. The Characters have an ability which rapidly changes gameplay for the better and the maps suit well for the battleground of the TRANSFORMERS and it doesen't get in the way too much.

    All in all ROTF isn't a flop and despite it's lackluster Campaign and the hard-to-master controls it's the multiplayer where your skills come in. It's not that good but it sure ain't as bad as the first one. Definetely worth a rent especially if you want some easy G. Like I said short Campaign and you can boost for the Multiplayer achievements. clap