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  • TheRealCassellTheRealCassell104,819
    02 Jul 2010
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    Transformers: War for Cybertron hit the shelves this week but did the game live up to all the build-up hype? From the beginning this game was fun, beautiful and engaging even if a little frustrating at times.

    GRAPHICS: The design and art in the game is absolutely brilliant and very well conceived. Sadly you are usually in such a rush that you might not even have a chance to fully admire just how great the world around you looks. On more than one occasion though I did take the time to stop and stare off into space and admire the visual awesomeness around me, of course this also lead to me falling to my death on multiple occasions.

    SOUND DESIGN: The sound is very well designed and will immerse you in the world of Cybertron. This is a great game to play either very loud on a good system or through your Turtle Beach headset. Everything from the environmental sounds to the sound of transformation is so well thought out that you will find yourself completely enveloped in the atmosphere of the game. The multiple layers of auditory bliss will have you turning your system up to 11, especially when the cool rock guitars kick in quietly in the background. Oh and don't get me started on the end credits.

    STORY: The story is interesting and engaging and you may just have a few "ah ha" moments when you realize something you never knew about the Transformers history. Fan boys may or may not enjoy the story but who cares really; when they move out of mom's garage then their opinion might matter a little more. For normal people who play games to enjoy them they will find the story well done and enjoyable.

    VOICE ACTING: The Autobots got all the love. All of them Autobots sound great and are very well done. The Decepticons on the other hand all "sound good", but some can be very annoying. Starscream and Megatron will quickly get on your nerves, Starcream is like nails on a chalkboard and the hyper inflated egos of Megatron and Starscream only add to their annoyance factor. While playing the Decepticons chapters you will frequently be wishing you could make them all just shutup.

    LEVEL DESIGN: The level design was very well done and although the game is very linear in its presentation you never feel like you are just grinding through some generic map. Seemingly every few yards you are in a new area of the map that has a completely different feel, look and layout than the last. When you combine this ever changing environment with segments where you must drive or fly you end up with a fun and exciting level that never seems to grind. You will notice though that you always seem to be low on health and/or ammo so always take a couple moments to snoop around and gather up all the resources before heading into the next room, you will need them.

    THE BAD GUYS: There are only a handful of AI models in the game and a number of them can get quite annoying at times and this is one of the few things that will lead to some sense of repetition. You basically have car enemies, flying enemies, snipers, cloakers, annoying spiders, brutes with shields, brutes with massive guns and devastators. The car AI "rollers" are basic cannon fodder and can easily be taken out, however if you let to many of them pile up you may soon find yourself getting blasted from all around as the enemy AI is pretty good at finding cover. The airborne AI are weak hitting but fast moving little suckers, like their bland "roller" brothers they are not terribly dangerous if taken out quickly, but allow them to build up and you can be dead in seconds. They have a weak gun attack but a pretty savage bombing attack that can easily take you out in one pass if you let a few of these guys build up.

    The sniper AI can ruin your little robot life pretty darn fast. Whenever you here your squad alert you to snipers take cover as soon as possible. Since the camera hovers over the right shoulder you can easily take cover and peak out around the right side of an object and get a bead on the snipers above. If you are out in the open and more than one sniper can see you there is a good chance you will be dead very shortly. The snipers can take you out in 2-3 shots easy, so don't ever be in a place that more than one can see you at a time. They have a very powerful shot with a very long reload time, so peak out and let them take their shot then you can safely peak out enough to take them out in relative safety.

    Cloakers are your basic sneak around and try to get the drop on you type AI. They can be easily spotted as they charge up their plasma cannon or you can just toss a stun grenade into a suspected room and find them in no time. They are not terribly dangerous, just fast and invisible at times.

    The spiders, well they die fast but they come in huge mobs. A simple melee attack will make short work of them. Make sure you pay attention to the ground at your feet. If you can't figure out what is hitting you, it's probably a spider trying to crawl up your leg while you look down your scope at that sniper.

    Brutes, the big dudes with the shield and annoying ground slam. These guys are boring and very repetitive, each and every level has them and they get real annoying real fast. You have to shoot them from behind, a task that is made a lot easier using a character with a dash ability. They take awhile to kill and after you kill your first few you will wish they wouldn't show up on every level. If you maintain your distance you are relatively safe, but if you get in melee range it can quickly mean a trip to the load screen. The ground slam he does won't hurt you but it will scramble everything and you will briefly lose your crosshairs, making it a little tougher to hit the giant glowing target on his back. These big jerks are not a huge threat by themselves so always take out all the other enemies in the room first so you have room to maneuver around behind him without getting pimp slapped by a cloaker.

    Devastators use the same boring and tired game mechanic as brutes, you have to get behind them and shoot the glowing target to get them out of vehicle mode. These guys however are much easier to get behind since their vehicle mode is a giant lumbering tank. Once out of vehicle mode they are just big robots you just spam bullets on till they die.

    Overall there isn't a huge variety of enemy AI and at times this can cause a sense of grinding and repetition, but thankfully the engaging environment helps relieve a lot of that. The AI is smart and very good about taking cover and trying to get the angle on you and depending on the difficulty you are playing in can be very troublesome if you aren't quick about dispatching them before too many build up.

    BOSS FIGHTS: The boss fights in Transformers: War for Cybertron are in one word, EPIC. They are very well thought out and always a true challenge. You will find your time split between hunting for health and ammo refills and actually trying to do some limited damage to these monster bosses. Expect to die a number of times while you figure out a good flow and get a good grip on the map.

    THE GOOD GUYS: Your team is composed of 3 transformers on every level, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. I completed the entire game using nothing but scientists, soldiers and sometimes leaders. The two most valuable abilities in campaign mode are going to be your dash and sentry gun with shield wall and warcry coming in a very close second. Optimus has a warcry that greatly reduces the damage you take and more than once this saved my behind and prevented a certain death especially during the final boss fight. Dash can also be the difference between life and death, it allows you to quickly get away from large groups that get the drop on you or get behind that annoying brute that just won't seem to die.

    Overall there are a number of different ways to play based on who you choose on each level as your transformer. Sadly the AI on your squad usually sucks at hitting their target leaving you to do most if not all of the actual fighting while they make humorous comments. Thankfully they are all pretty much invulnerable, except for one fight where Ratchet is healing Omega Supreme, so let the AI run out there and draw fire while you work on flanking routes to get the drop on the bad guys.

    WEAPONS: There are a decent number of weapons available each with its own purpose and intended use. The basic classes are assault rifle, sniper rifle, mid range scoped rifle, gatling gun, grenade launcher, shotgun and plasma cannon. There is also a repair gun used to repair sentry bots and friendly AI, although they will never need it.

    ROBOT MODE GAMEPLAY: While in your natural robot mode the controls are intuitive and easily managed. The hit detection is solid and you always know if you are actually hitting what you are aiming for. The solid mechanics and diverse abilities make the game fun and exciting and you will rarely get frustrated due to gameplay mechanics alone. The same cannot be said for vehicle modes.

    VEHICLE MODE GAMEPLAY: The best way to describe it would be like driving a bumper car on an ice rink. There is no real sense of speed and the loose controls lead to frequent inadvertent wall bumping which will bring you to a quick stop. Flying is only marginally better since you don't run the risk of running into as much stuff but it still suffers from the same sense of lack of control. Even with the lackluster vehicle modes the game remains solid and enjoyable. Vehicle modes may be lacking but still serve a greater purpose, a well timed transformation and sprint from danger will save your life. Transforming lowers your profile and give you a quick get away when surrounded by enemies. Additionally if you are out of ammo in your robot form you always have the vehicle weapon on reserve. Levels with extensive vehicle use, like Aerial Assault, can be frustrating and annoying. Overall the vehicle modes serve their purpose but are definitely poorly designed when compared to robot mode gameplay.

    DIFFICULTY: The game itself is not particularly difficult. Experienced gamers who have some time playing third-person shooters under their belt should start on medium difficulty on their first playthrough at a minimum. However there are a few fights that will take you a couple attempts to get the hang of, particularly where the health power ups spawn and where to get more ammo. Trying to figure out WHAT to do is never that hard as your squad members, who never shutup, will basically walk you through it and tell you what you need to do in order to defeat your enemy. I completed the game on first playthrough, medium difficulty, in about 16 hours of gameplay. It can probably done in less but I spent a lot of time trying to explore and search for collectibles.

    COLLECTIBLES: There are 25 Autobot and 25 Decepticon symbols spread throughout the ten levels. You have to shoot or otherwise destroy these well hidden symbols in order to "collect" them. For the achievement hunters out there I would recommend completing the game first on your selected difficulty then going back in easy mode and looking for these symbols. Some of them are very well hidden and can only be found in the midst of some pretty difficult fights.

    ACHIEVEMENTS: Out of the 50 plus achievements you should expect to get about 20+ on your first playthrough. Many if not all of the combat "Kill x number of y" achievements you will get just going through the game. There are a few other level specific challenge achievements that would be best to gather on an easy mode run through after completing the game.

    CAMPAIGN: Overall the campaign as a whole is fun and will keep you interested. There are some vehicle specific sections that are lackluster but they don't hurt the campaign as a whole. The campaign can be done either on your own or in three player co-op through Xbox Live. I actually completed the game in co-op mode but not once did anyone ever join my campaign, once people get a chance to really start playing it this weekend I would expect a few more people to be around to join your fight for Cybertron. Playing through the campaign in co-op looks like it will be great fun, of course then I have to listen to real life people say annoying things in addition to the already talkative AI.

    MULTIPLAYER: The multiplayer mode features a level-up and unlock system similar to any modern multiplayer game out there. There are 8 maps and 6 modes to play around with but nothing truly stands out to make this a truly exciting multiplayer experience. The maps are small arenas that are claustrophobic and will take some getting used to. The multiplayer mode uses the same classes as the campaign and allows you to customize your characters weapons, abilities, look, perks and more. Even with all of this customization the multiplayer mode won't be drawing people away from their Modern Warfare 2 of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 anytime soon. After a few rounds it will grow on you, but it isn't likely to become your favorite MP game. It is more of a side-note to a fun and exciting campaign game.

    ESCALATION: I have not had a chance to get into this mode yet, but once I do I will update this review with all the pertinent details. From what I have seen it looks like fun but once again only a diversion from the campaign game.

    OVERALL: Transformers: War for Cybertron is a great game that is well thought out and engaging to play. It is full of exciting battles and challenging gameplay that will keep everyone from the casual to the hardcore gamers interested from the very beginning to the final epic battle. A lot of time was spent on the details in the game and it shows, all the attention to detail adds to the immersive game experience and makes it that much more enjoyable. From the sounds around you to the expansive visuals you will feel like you really are fighting for Cybertron from the very beginning. Vehicle mode can be annoying and is certainly not at thought out as robot mode but it does little to take away from the otherwise well built game. Multiplayer mode is more of a side note and won't catch on for the more serious gamers but will likely be a draw for the casual crowd and the young gamers out there who just want to "pew pew" things.

    SCALE (OUT OF 10):
    Graphics: 10
    Excellent, brilliant and at times downright breathtaking (when jumping across debris out in space in the first Decepticon level take a moment to look back toward the planet)

    Sound Design: 10
    The sound is clear and will immerse you completely in the world of Cybertron. The 80's guitar licks (ala the cartoon movie) don't hurt either.

    Story: 9
    Solid story that stays on point and gives some insight into the history of Cybertron. It's best to play all the Decepticon chapters first then Autobot so the story keeps its flow.

    Voice Acting: 8
    The voice acting is probably a 10 but Megatron and Starscream are just so darn annoying. You might have nightmares featuring a Starscream voice over.

    Level Design: 8
    The maps are well designed and you never feel like you are just grinding through. Sometimes though you find yourself completely lost and not sure where to go (especially in Aerial Assault). Would have been a 9 if it weren't for vehicle specific segments that detract from the overall quality.

    The Bad Guys: 8
    The AI is smart and can be ruthless at times, it is however pretty repetitive and clichéd at times (ie. shoot em' in the back).

    Boss Fights: 10
    The boss fights are epic and will take some getting used to, but they are well thought out and executed.

    The Good Guys: 9
    You AI partners are better comedians than they are marksmen but overall they are pretty decent guys. Your ability to choose classes makes the game adaptable to multiple playing styles.

    Weapons: 7
    Nothing spectacular, nothing truly stands out as an "awesome" weapon. Typical shooter classes of weapons.

    Robot Mode: 10
    Life as a robot is good. Easy controls, intuitive interface, simple yet educated HUD and great animations.

    Vehicle Mode: 6
    Life as a vehicle, well is not so good. Clunky controls, no sense of control or speed. It serves its purpose though, sprinting away from danger and lowering your profile couldn't be done without it.

    Difficulty: 8
    Suitable for the casual gamer or those who want a challenge in Hard mode. Boss fights can be challenging are will take some practice for those going straight to the hardest difficulty. Or you could just cheat and read my step by step guide to the boss fights.

    Collectibles: 10
    Why a 10? Well there are enough, 50, without being TOO many and unlike most collectibles; some of these are hidden in the craziest places. Like the Decepticon symbol that is actually IN a wall in the arena when fighting Trypticon. Yeah you have to get him to destroy the wall so you can get it out.

    Achievements: 8
    In general it is a group of easy and manageable achievements with some being a little more challenging than average. I gave it an 8 because there were a few too many multi-player achievements which are more annoying than anything. Not sure when devs will realize that the achievement hunting crowd is not the same as the multi-player crowd.

    Campaign: 9
    Engaging, challenging at times and fun from the beginning to the end. Lost one point for the extended vehicle only segments, but otherwise campaign mode is near perfect.

    Multiplayer: 6
    Highly customizable classes and the basic rank and unlock system but confined to tiny maps that lack any real forethought. Enjoyable for brief periods of time but nothing truly remarkable that makes it stand out against the offerings of games that have come out in the last year.

    Escalation: NA
    Not yet reviewed

    OVERALL: 8.5
    A good game with solid campaign worth an early purchase.
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    Ashen RustIt would have been a great review untill you insulted the fanboys. I am proud to be a Transformers fanboy. However, not all of us live with our mommy and daddy. Some of us are veterans, who live normal full lives. Secondly, this has nothing to do with the movies, so you look ignorant on top of jerkish. Not impressed in the least.
    Posted by Ashen Rust on 15 Aug 11 at 00:57
    a Fi1thy CasualGreat review. I am playing the game now and I agree with you about 99% on what was said (especially about the fanboys in mama's house).

    I was very impressed with the detail regarding the gameplay, graphics, etc. Keep up the good work, and don't let people like Stelios010 who can't take a joke bring you down.
    Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 02 Apr 12 at 20:54
    OxbosoxNot impressed with this review. Trying to be funny by insulting fans is pointless. You're totally wrong about the decepticon voices. If you knew anything about Transformers, you'd know their egos are a big part of their characters. This was a good representation of it.
    Posted by Oxbosox on 25 Jun 13 at 01:31
  • GameInfoGUYGameInfoGUY67,205
    06 Sep 2010 08 Sep 2010
    14 2 2
    Transformers: War For Cybertron was a bit of a challenge for me, but for others, it's like a walk in the park. My review will go over these parts: Campaign, Multiplayer, Co-Op, graphics, escelation, and replay value.
    I was excited when I had pre-ordered and obtained my copy of Transformers: War For Cybertron. Once arriving home, I popped it in to my Xbox 360 and started playing. Like most other games I had, I started the CAMPAIGN. Starting as the Decepticons, I found out that it wasn't very hard to destroy CPU neutral robots that only have a mere small gun against my grenade luancher. Once arriving to the "boss" of chapter 1, it felt like just another batch of lower-class AI that didn't know what it was doing. But, after advancing through the Decepticon campaign, I found it to get agrivating, especially when running away from a Omega Behemoth Autobot that was mostly reffered to as the "Omega Key". Once arriving at the final boss (the Omega Key), I found out that the cover was only a temperary shield against this beast's firepower. After dying a few times, I reigned the supreme victor and Moved on to the next half of the story.
    The Autobots were a bit different than that of their counterparts, especially Optimus who hasn't becom a Prime yet. Playing as Optimus through the majority of the campaign, I grew attached to him, as he lead Autobots on the battlefield and strategically thought to get out alive with as many soldiers as possible. Again, the AI was mereley a challenge, until I reached near the end of the campaign. But, this time, the ultimus roboticus was a Decepticon Godzilla wanna-be called Trypticon (forgive me if my spelling is off.) This time, cover would not be as helpful as you would have to move from time to time to avoid his purple mist of almost-instant death. The boss was a bit more primitive than it's counterpart Autobot rival. After eliminating him, I ran up to him, and waved him good-bye as he gave me a good hand smash to the whole entire body. It was worth it since I obtained the "First, We Crack The Shell..." achievement from it. Over all, the story for the whole campaign was better than mediocre, but not the best, as it lacked a bit on the focus of all the Autobots and mostly revolved around only Optimus through most of the Campaign.
    In CO-OP mode, nothing was really changed, although I don't suggest you play it if you want to get the achievement for destroying all but one prisoner. It's not very exciting either, it just feels like playing with a Johnny 5 (a human like robot I reffer to as) who does a bit different than a regular AI.
    MULTIPLAYER was a nuisance to me more than a friend. Everytime I played online, it felt as if everyone but me was taking game steroids, so I would be pretty much spending half the game dying! The only time it is fun and worth anything is when there were exp. bonuses.
    ESCELATION was great fun and was a good way to relieve the stress of multiplayer team deathmatch. Fighting off hordes upon hordes of enemies makes you and your partner(s) think, "Where should I go? What should I buy? Would buying this door be worth it?"
    The GRAPHICS in the game were designed with the Unreal engine if i'm correct, making the game look stellar and great.
    The REPLAY VALUE of this game coming from me would be high. Getting rid of the game too soon could make you think, "Why did I get rid of it so early?!facepalm"
    Overall, these are the stats:
    Gameplay: 4
    Graphics: 5
    Online (including Escalation): 4
    Replay Value: 4
    Overall:8/10 or, in this case, 4 stars.
  • ryanizzle001ryanizzle00138,879
    07 Jul 2010 10 Jul 2010
    11 3 0
    Although this takes a while to get into once you do it is awesome. It takes little bits from other games, such a call of dutys ks rewards and perks, halo 3 weapon styles and tactics and mass effect physics and shooting.

    It delivers the nostalgic memorys tranformers fans have been waiting for. Campaign provides varied battles and endulges you in the story and conflict of the autobots and decepticons. You see how it all started and ends inevetably, giving you the choice to play as either side. The story is varied and intersting as a whole and has you flying through space sometimes in jet form gliding through space and other times just simply blowing up things. There is never a moment in the game where you know what'll happen next. This unpredictability means you don't know when the mission will end or what to expect around the next corner which adds a level of difficulty and realism as to how you should approach it, making it ever more enjoyable and engaging to play.

    The AI can be a little lacking at points wandering of away from the battle, not following you and rarely bothering to revive you leading to the mission being failed. This can become particularly annoying when you need to fight bosses and your teamates need to play a vital role. It can make for very frustrating moments and a controllers condition put at risk laugh

    This can soon be overcome though, with the co-op option allowing you to play with up to 3 other teamates. All relying on each other means that you become close and appreciate someone sacrificing their sacred health to save you, even if you cant continue when someone dies . The community is generally good, not full of screaming kids who have yet to reach puberty. The skill level is usually acceptable but as long as theres more than one other teamate of a good standard a noob doesnt become too much of a problem.

    Multiplayer is another impressive aspect to the game. You have 4 different classes each which you level up in seperately. A wide variety of weapons and customisable skills allow you to play as you like. Each class has different killstreak rewards and skills that you unlock as you progress to higher levels in that particular class. Transforming into a jet or hovering car is an extremely fun thing to do that sets it apart from any other shooter (obviously). You can flank enemys from the air and speed away if you react quick enough from somebody shooting you, which makes you more adventurous risking going into enemy territory rather than sitting it out and waiting for them. Perks are clever with invisibility and becoming the enemy team colour being my favourite. It allows an epic range of options to kill your enemys some more stealthy and tactical where others far from subtle. Driving a tank right into an enemy's base, throwing and emp grenade and blowing them all to pieces being a good example. Whatever class you choose it's amazing fun. There are no campers as the maps are so huge and there is never one path a player follows. Although teams may cluster at times, you'll need to transform to your vehicle form and look for people most of the time to get any credible number of kills.

    The graphics and sounds are very good. Sounds are realistic and crisp with very little repeated dialogue. Graphics are well done with every texture whether it be maps, transformers or guns detailed and fine.

    Overall an epic game that will have you addicted for months to come. The campaign is long, enjoyable and satisfying. The single player on its own would have been enough but the multiplayer is [insert cliche] the icing on the cake. A must buy especially for anyone, but any diehard transformers fans will cry with excitment after playing this.

    For now
    Thanks for reading


  • WildWing2007WildWing2007107,400
    27 Jul 2011
    4 0 0
    High Moon Studios finally gives the Transformers the game they deserve.

    Story: Instead of focusing on the Earth like it's movie counterpart, WFC focuses on the battle before the Transformers came to Earth. That's all I will say on the story to prevent spoilers.

    Gameplay: Phenomenal. The action/shooter hybrid is great, and the controls are air tight. Transformation is intertwined seamlessly with the over the shoulder run and gun gameplay. While I would've liked the Decepticon campaign to involve more choices in character selection, the characters available in both campaigns play significantly different than each other, adding many playthroughs of game time. The single player is ten chapters, and each chapter features at least 40 minutes of gameplay. Boss fights are well thought out and challenging, albeit occasionally frustrating. As stated before, the character selection in the Decepticon campaign is disappointing, while the Autobots feature nice variety. On the multi player side of the equation, the game picks up a lot of steam. Character classes are well varied and interesting. The game adopts a CoD style approach to leveling with new abilities and upgrades becoming available as players advance levels. The maps themselves are interesting, and the plentiful game modes are sure to please just about anybody. (TDM, DM, Conquest are all featured here.) Finally, the onslaught type mode Escalation is a valuable time suck, where you and your friends (Or complete strangers) can fight off hordes of increasingly difficult enemies as the iconic characters we all love.

    Graphics and Sound: The voice work is top-notch, but the writing isn't. Be prepared for some groan inducing dialogue, most of which coming from Megatron. The one and only Peter Cullen reprises his role as the Autobot leader Optimus Prime, and the score is epic. Graphically, the Transformers look breathtaking. Each one is significantly different appearance wise, and the little details are great. The robots always feature moving parts, such as the wheels on Optimus Prime's back move and shift, or the metal plates on Bumblebee open and close. It really sells the title on the eye candy.

    Longevity: A long single player with great set pieces, an in depth multi player experience, unlockable characters, image galleries, the list just goes on with the amount of content available to gamers here. One thing for sure, High Moon Studios treated us Transformers fans right.

    Conclusion: I would recommend this game to just about anyone. Transformers fans will love it, newbies to the franchise will get into it, and there is just something for everyone in this title. Do yourself a favor and pick this game up if you haven't already. You will not regret it.
  • Skycaptin5Skycaptin5824,940
    21 Dec 2010 29 Oct 2011
    6 2 0
    The Campaign
    -Ok from the get go this is based of G1 (Generation 1) Transformers none of that new modern crap. The campaign is split into two parts. The first is the Decepticon campaign which is where you go around trying to collect dark energon and take over Cybertron where on the other hand the Autobots campaign you are trying to save Cybertron from the decepticons. During the Autobots campaign it is largely based off how Optimus Prime became their leader. The campaign has a lot of surprising origins for most of the Transformers. The campaign is fairly long and all levels can be played with up to 4 players. Sweet. The cinematics are beautiful and levels play smooth.

    -The game feels an awfully lot like Call of Duty well because its published by Activision I guess. It is third person and you can switch through robot and person easily by pressing left analog. You can hop higher with an extra boost of double A. Thrust in vehicle is LT.

    The Multiplayer

    The online to the game is pretty much like Call of Duty but changed slightly and the maps are all crazy machine like. There is 8 pretty beautifully detailed maps. That’s not even the cool part. You can not only customize classes with weapons, perks and such but it also has a character customization which can make your robot any color. You unlock challenges and eventually when all four main classes are maxed you unlock Prime Mode.

    Escalation Mode
    This mode is like Horde from Gears and Firefight from Halo, but this mode reminds me most of Nazi Zombies. You fight waves of enemies as your favorite transformers. You can buy weapons, health or ammo with points you collect or open rooms to new levels.

    The Conclusion
    -This is the first actual good Transformers game and is actually fantastic. It has all the grade A mechanics from the top sellers. If you don’t get this or at least try it you are really missing out on something beautiful.

    Written by me on
    09 Apr 2012 08 Aug 2012
    5 3 0
    War for Cybertron depics the forefront of an epic battle between brother vs brother and details the re-emergance of Dark Energon which the Decepticon Leader Megatron wishes to utilize against Zeta Prime and his Autobots. It also shows Optimus/Orion Pax's rise to the title of Prime and his taking of the Matrix.

    War for Cybertron is a great game, which I am pleased to say, and the graphics, especially the moving parts and detail on the Robots, are great but inevitably the metal world of Cybertron is quite repetitive but the powerful locations and the color of the TRANSFORMERS help your eyes move from the rooms to the robots. The Story is well-told and it develops the character's personalities well with Optimus being noble, Megatron egostatitical, Starscream sarcastic and Bumblebee brash and enthusiastic but it also helps us realize more of the less known characters who are often ignored by the Movies and get like 2 seconds, here they get hours which just tells us that High Moon gets the TRANSFORMER concept: the humans help the concept of ROBOTS IN DISGUISE but ultimatley it's the TRANSFORMERS' civil war. Unfortunately the friendly AI don't do much and are often ignorant of battles so It's best you play it in CO-OP which adds great replay to the Campaign.

    Multiplayer is a nice diversion too from the story with a variety of fun-objective based modes that require strategy and you can change your abilities, perks and weapons in a COD-TYPE Levelling system with an added customization to your character. All these change the game and order you to react differently to different classes and each have their own preferable class to fight. All these are viable tactics that seamlessly create a Transformer game that is great and an unique TPS experience all on it's own. And If you're not a fan of the multiplayer then Escalation is also a nice change adding more locations from Campaign and changing them to create a mix of Nazi Zombies and Horde with that TRANSFORMER twist. This dramatically changes how you play and you might have a certain type of class you like to use on different maps. There are faults however: Escalation is definetely something you have to spend your time on and MP have bad balancing between classes.

    Overall, We should commend High Moon Studios on their effort and despite it's flaws War for Cybertron is worthy of games like Battlefield and GOW and is one of the best games of the summer and 2010.

    - 9.1/10 headspin Made by FANS for FANS.
  • mishkebabmishkebab75,582
    12 Jul 2010
    2 2 0
    I'm not a big fan of the Transformers franchise, mostly that's because the first real exposure I had to it was the drivel Michael Bay keeps releasing. So I was cautiously optimistic approaching War for Cybertron, even if it had been generously provided for me to play and pass on my experience.

    The opening of the game is great, straight into a polished cut-scene depicting the ongoing battle between the Autobots and Decepticons which has clearly had a gratuitous scarring effect on the planet. High Moon have gone to great detail to paint a dying world in the game; at times you feel like it's only moments away from completely falling apart altogether. This is emphasised by a very snazzy orbiting overlook of Cybertron as the “Press Start to Play” screen.

    While playing through either the single-player or co-op versions of the narrative the game gives you three character choices to play with before each mission, during the campaign you'll have the option to play with Megatron, Optimus and quite a few other characters. Each character has a class they belong to, and abilities that they specialise in.

    The campaigns flow magnificently from one to the other, with the Decepticons wreaking havoc and the Autobots coming to save the day. It plays out just like you'd expect an episode of a cartoon. The narrative is fairly dark, but quite balanced between the obvious grit of the Decepticon campaign and the painful hope of the Autobots' struggle to protect Cybertron. As you get deeper into the Decepticon campaign it really becomes apparent to you that you're stuck in a major war and are playing a deciding factor in it; never mind that you're a diabolical race, you just want to keep going to find out what part you eventually play. Then, it's off to save the day as Optimus while learning about his rise to becoming the Optimus Prime we know.

    Peter Cullen is just sublime as Optimus Prime, with all the other voice acting done brilliantly. The characters banter between each other often and it cuts through the action nicely, never interrupting what you're doing and even giving you a laugh now and again. All the characters express themselves uniquely, and are able to give personality to a robot simply through voice. Even if you stop playing and just put your controller down, your character will have parts moving here and there and it really gives the game an organic feel.

    Buried in the devastated world of Cybertron are plenty of large scale boss battles. They are mostly well thought out; however the more difficult ones start to become tedious as cover is absolutely necessary to be sought almost routinely, especially on the high difficulty level. Throughout the game at large though, I found the difficulty is challenging yet achievable before you start throwing the controller at the screen.

    Relevant secondary weapons are generally found before specific fights are about to happen. (e.g. if you're about to come up to some elevated walkways with snipers it will give you a scoped weapon in a crate just before it). It's completely up to you whether you use this weapon or go in shotguns-a-blazing to a sniper fight but it's good that they've covered that you might need to change weapons before something like that.

    Sometimes the hit detection can be a little off. As a tank, if I fire my cannon at a grunt I expect this grunt to immediately cease to exist. However, for some reason it glides through his side. So I fire again, and hit him directly in the middle of the chest and he goes down; but I'd expect him to be affected by what could be compared to an RPG to his side.

    It is just amazing how flexible you can be as a Transformer in this game, seamlessly switching between vehicle and humanoid form with the click of a button. Brilliant execution of this feature, especially when used to gain the advantage of a heated gun battle when you're a Jet-based transformer who is low on energon.

    Ambient audio has not been overlooked, with a very solid score backing up the great sounding weapons and environmental happenings going on all around you.

    The collectables, or destructibles really, that are scattered throughout the campaigns (25 in each) are challenging to find but not annoying to collect. The achievements are similar, and High Moon have assisted achievement junkies by having an in-game HUD update for many of them.

    Multiplayer is a huge amount of fun, they've got regular deathmatch and team deathmatch in there which are classic fun in their own right with a Transformers twist; however it shines in modes like Onslaught where you have to team up to capture certain points on the map and hold them whilst they garner points for you. Nimbly jetting around the map as a scout to capture points as you lose them whilst watching your teammates thundering around as a tank underneath you trying to stop the enemy from recapturing what was their point is fantastic.

    They've cleverly adapted a level system which isn't too difficult to climb with 25 levels per class (soldier, leader, scout and scientist) each with their own set of weapons and special abilities. As you gain levels, you unlock extra abilities and weapons for your class; and are even able to create custom characters with skills and abilities that you want to use. You can even choose the colour scheme of your Transformer!

    My favourite multiplayer mode, even though I've never gotten to the end of it is Escalation. This is a mode where you and 3 other players can face off against waves of enemies that increase in difficulty as you destroy them. You gain energy each kill and can use it to buy health, ammo, weapons and unlock new parts of your area. It gets pretty crazy quickly, but it's a blast.

    I had some pop-in during my playtime, mostly with textures. This is to be expected with the Unreal 3 Engine, however sometimes the textures never actually loaded fully and I was stuck looking at a low resolution texture taking up half of the screen.

    The tutorials could have been better thought out, placing them tucked away in the menus of the game just didn't feel as intuitive as some other games I've played recently. I've always felt like the organic learn as you play tutorial style has been a great way to get into the game as it really encourages a learn as you do approach instead of a wall of text approach.

    Multiplayer is a bit of a mixed bag sometimes, with matchmaking not really working all that well simply because there aren't a huge amount of people playing it. Sometimes you might get unlucky and join someone who just causes you to lag an incredible amount, but that is not too common thankfully.

    I started off feeling like the game would be much more enjoyable if I had watched something like the 80's cartoon first, but in the end I felt that even standing alone Transformers – War for Cybertron was able to provide a thorough enough experience within the Transformers Universe to easily be crowned the best Transformers game (at least of this generation).
  • Lunar LightLunar Light32,303
    24 Jun 2010
    13 13 7
    Okay first and foremost let me start off by saying FINALLY A TRANSFORMERS GAME THAT DOESNT SUCK! The campaigns are amazing they really show how the war between decepticons and autobots came about, not to give much away but experiencing the defeat of zeta prime first hand the ability to transform at anytime is a definite plus, and having a 3 person squad that you play with your friends is cool too, but if the campaigns arent enough there is plenty more.

    The multiplayer is epic. It plays like a mixture of halo and call of duty. Why halo? the weapons styles, shields, and tranforming into vehicles. Why cod? killstreaks and perks. Many of the game types are also similar to cod for example conquest is just like domination and then theres the regulars like team deathmatch, and deathmatch and some other modes i havent gotten a chance to try yet.

    Still not satisfied? Okay then there is Escalation a mode similar to nazis zombies from cod 5 or horde from gears 2. Its like zombies in the fact that there are doors to be opened weapons and health to be bought, but its like gears 2 because theres new and more challenging enemies on each wave. For example, in wave 10 the monsterous titans show up, they carry massive guns that can rip you to shreads in seconds. And if you plan on passing wave 15 theres a special surprise enjoy fighting him.

    Seriously pick this game up its really good and if you live here in the US go to best buy because you can get the autobot Jazz to use in escalation and you dont have to preorder it to get him at best buy theres a code inside all the cases at best buy