Transient: Extended Edition Achievements

Full list of all 27 Transient: Extended Edition achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • A Good Listener

    Listen to every dialog option when talking to the Dheryal priest in Kor Shehr.

  • Boa Constructor

    Solve the Ouroboros puzzle in the first try without resetting the mechanism.

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  • Immaculate Inspector

    Find all the hotspots around the first dead body.

  • Dreamsnatcher

    Check all the PDA entries near the terminal and the illustrated documents in the cellar.

  • Forensic Examiner

    Inspect all examinable objects in Carter's, Alice's and Akeley's apartments.

  • Cameo Collector

    Find the photos of the developers that are divided into two sets.

  • Handheld Wonderland

    Check all PDA documents at Carter's and Alice's apartments.

  • You Are My Only Holo

    Manage to load Alice's hologram in her apartment and listen to her final message.

  • Dodgy Drive Demon

    Collect all apparent and secret documents (4 in total) from Alice's computer by hacking it.

  • Countdown Conundrum

    Manage to hack the Khepra's security terminal before the secuity countdown runs out.