Trials Fusion Reviews

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    18 Mar 2019 18 Mar 2019
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    Trials fusion is an easy game to enter, but has an incredibly high mastery ceiling. The levels can range from fun to incredibly frustrating. The trial and error style of gameplay fits this game perfectly and can be a ton of fun. Just make sure to take a break if you are ever feeling frustrated.

    There isn't really a big story here, there is one going on, with very few details to paint a picture of the world you are traveling in. However, the main point of the game is to have fun getting your biker through the level

    Game Play
    The game has an awesome physics engine and is a ton of fun to play through. It takes a little bit of time to figure out how to move your biker and bike correctly, but once you do the game is a whole lot of fun. The difficulty comes in figuring out why your character reacted the way they did (went further doing the jump this time than last time). This is due to the number of factors that help contribute to your movement in the game. Have to give props to the physics engine, because the rag doll physics for your biker when they are no longer on the bike is pretty funny.

    The music and visuals in this game are great. They visuals are bright, fun and colorful which is good when you are trying not to rage at your character for messing up that jump for the tenth time. They keep the game lighthearted and some of the jumps are terrifying due to how the camera moves around.

    The music is a great compliment to the game, and has the right amount of intensity, and relaxed nature to it. It makes sure that you feel like you can keep striving to do better, though you may get sick of some of the tracks after playing the same level a few times

    Last Thoughts
    I recommend that if you enjoy trial and error games, give this one a shot. It's fun, fast-paced and can lead to some really funny moments. Be aware that if you are trying to 100% the game or get all of the achievements you are going to need to sink a lot of time into it to learn all of the tracks, master all aspects of moving your bike, and not break a controller after your 1000th death.