Tricky Towers Achievements

Full list of all 29 Tricky Towers achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore. It takes around 20-25 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Xbox One.

  • On the right track

    Unlock the expert trials.

  • Close call

    Win an online survival match with 1 heart left.

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  • Show off

    Win an online normal survival match without using any magic.

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  • Cup winner!

    Win an online cup.

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  • Almost there

    Unlock the master trials.

  • In the moonlight

    Drop the moon.

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  • Survivor

    Survive the 8th wave in survival special mode or in endless survival challenge.

  • Think fast!

    Finish trial #8 with at least 52 seconds left on the clock.

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  • 99 Bricks!

    Build a tower with 99 bricks in Endless Survival Challenge.

  • Shadow stacker

    Build a tower of 99 bricks in endless puzzle mode.

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  • No need to rotate

    Complete trial #30 without rotating a brick.

  • Green fingers

    Connect 7 bricks with 1 ivy spell.

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  • Mode master

    Win an online game of every mode in every difficulty at least once.

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  • Perfect start

    Build a tower with 99 bricks in endless survival challenge without losing any hearts.

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  • Bare bones

    Complete trial #40 without using any magic.

  • Speed. Precision.

    Win a normal race match within 80 seconds without dropping any bricks.

  • Master wizard

    Complete all trials.

  • Ultimate wizard

    Complete trial #50 without losing a heart.

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  • Like a glove…

    Finish trial #6 with 3 hearts left without picking up a spell.

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