Triggerheart Exelica

Xbox 360Backwards Compatible

Triggerheart Exelica Achievements

Most Earned

Exelica Normal Ending10 (10)Complete the game playing as Exelica (Normal Ending).
Crueltear Normal Ending11 (10)Complete the game playing as Crueltear (Normal Ending).
No Bomb Clear20 (15)Complete the entire game without using a bomb.
Destroy Faintear (Level 1)28 (15)Destroy Faintear in the first level.

Least Earned

Perfect Play241 (25)Destroy all the bosses and complete the entire game without dying at Normal difficulty or higher.
Hard Mode 1CC131 (20)Complete the entire game at the highest difficulty level and without using a continue.
Score 100,000,00073 (20)Complete the game with a score of 100,000,000 points.
Crueltear True Ending68 (20)Complete the game playing as Crueltear (True Ending).
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Triggerheart Exelica Heading To Backwards Compatibility

Two days after Boom Boom Rocket and Syberia were added to backwards compatibility, another arcade title has been added. This time, it's shoot 'em up Triggerheart Exelica.

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