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    What is this?

    It's the Xbox Live Arcade version of the Triggerheart Exelica Arcade. A vertically scrolling shoot 'em up. Enemies come from the top and you shut 'em. Compared with the Dreamcast version, this version has no story mode or arrange mode.

    Quote from Wikipedia

    An Xbox Live Arcade version for the Xbox 360 was released. It features high definition graphics, new background music, online leaderboards, and achievement points feature. However, story mode and arrange mode are not included.
    Online leader board includes 6 boards for each fighters per difficulty setting.
    A new ending and new cut scenes based on the arcade version was included.

    You can also find other reviews there:


    So the game is about shouting the enemies and avoiding there bullets like most of the games of this type.

    Whats different with this game is the fantastic anchor system that lets you catch enemies and spin them around to crush others. And the score system explained below. You also have bombs at your disposal but there is not any other special weapon upgrades.

    The score system

    To get higher score you need to hold the fire button down and wait for the "medals/gold" to grow but release the button before they leave the bottom and is lost. When you release the bottom all of them is collected, so you have to plan it well, sometimes you can sacrifice some to make others grow more before you collect. Also use the anchor for more points.


    There is 5 stages. If you get enough medals on stage 1 and 3 you can meet the Faintear boss at the end of that level. It's required to beat here at both those levels to meet the real boss form at the end of the game. This is what increase the difficulty of the game, if you think just play through it is not that hard then it's hard to get those medals you need. Beginners can play the game and Pros get there reward. Good balance.

    Game modes

    There is 6 game modes, 2 characters and EASY, NORMAL and HARD for each.
    EXELICA: Fire is SPREAD <- is easiest to start with.

    There is LEADERBOARDS for each game mode.


    This game have some super hard achievements. Not a easy 200 point game!

    Final words

    Only bad thing is to few are playing it, the weakly leaderboards is often empty. Witch make me the best in the world (this week).

    As I'm a shmup fan I give it 5/5 I have definitely played this more than Ikaruga. And I want to turn my TV 90 degrees because the game have that option.
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    joe jirachi fanAnd I thought I was the only person in the world who liked this game XP
    Posted by joe jirachi fan on 22 Nov 10 at 22:30
    wBRYThis game is good, but it cannot match Raiden.
    Posted by wBRY on 04 Dec 10 at 17:40
    asedtRaiden? more games to my Wish List!

    Fighters Aces vs 4?
    Posted by asedt on 04 Dec 10 at 19:33
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