Troll and I Walkthrough

A walkthrough is currently in development for Troll and I.

You will find the walkthrough discussion below....
Information Posted on 03 August 18 at 16:21
Please use this thread to discuss the Troll & I walkthrough
Yinga Garten
Yinga Garten
Posted on 03 August 18 at 17:00
Hello everyone, I'll be handling the walkthrough for this game. It'll be much more challenging to write than my previous two walkthroughs as there are pretty much no resources or information (in regards to collectibles) that I can refer to so I'll have to spend extensive time looking around the map. I got pretty close to obtaining all collectibles on my first playthrough but I accidentally went past the point of no return for the last few. I'll be playing through the game in the next few weeks after I've cleared out a few games in my backlog and I'm pretty confident I'll be able to obtain the completion. I can't give an ETA on the walkthrough right now and I'm not sure there is an audience out there for a walkthrough for this poor game, but I'll be pressing ahead with it regardless.
That Guy086
That Guy086
Posted on 05 August 18 at 02:07
A walkthrough is a walkthrough. Cheers to doing it
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