Tron: Evolution (PC)

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Tron: Evolution (PC) Achievements

Most Earned

What kind of program is he?5 (5)Gained a Version (Level) for the first time
Look what I found!5 (5)Collected your first Tron File
Greetings, program!21 (20)Completed the Tutorial
Warming Up5 (5)Get a 5X Hit multiplier

Least Earned

Evolved User160 (75)Completed the game on the "Insane" difficulty level without changing the setting.
What a ride!62 (30)Derezzed 100 enemies while on the Lightcycle
It's all in the wrists60 (30)Derezzed 500 enemies with your Light Disc
Tron Aficionado58 (30)Collected all Tron Files
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