Tron: Evolution Walkthrough

A walkthrough is currently in development for Tron: Evolution.

You will find the walkthrough discussion below....
Posted on 29 June 16 at 07:06
Please use this thread to discuss the Tron: Evolution walkthrough
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Posted on 16 July 16 at 10:32
What's going on with this?
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Posted on 16 July 16 at 13:40
it says it's done I'd like to use it now that Tron is GwG
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Posted on 28 July 16 at 16:23
There should really be a time limit for inactivity on game walk-through. Possibly a set time limit on time allotted.
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Posted on 29 July 16 at 10:36, Edited on 29 July 16 at 11:52 by xDaff
There is. But how do you know it isn't being worked on? (not that I know if it is or isn't)
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Posted on 29 July 16 at 10:40
This was sent back to the owner for improvement.
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Posted on 07 November 16 at 07:08
Is this walkthrough ever gonna be posted again?
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Posted yesterday at 19:32
Any updates on this?
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