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  • Cannon Fodder06Cannon Fodder06301,950
    24 Apr 2009
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    Ok. If you were born after 1980, just stop reading this now and move on. This game will only appeal to the nostolgic side of gamers who remember the days when playing games meant a pocket full of quarters, a grape slushi and either a trip to the convienence store to play the one or two games they might have stuck in the corner or a trip to the mall and the arcade. Tron is a faithful port of the arcade original, so it will bring back some great memories, but don't expect your kids to be impressed. All of the classic components are there - the battle with the spiders to get to the core, the light cycles (wahoo), the tank battle (another favorite) and the shield shooting.

    Like most arcade ports, the game can be frustrating. After all, these games are not designed to provide the gamer hours of play like a Super Mario game, but to get you sucked in and to keep paying quarters in. It was not in their interest to design a game that lasted longer than 5 to 10 minutes per play. I did miss having a dial to play the spider and shield stages - an arcade player will remember that the game had both, a joystick and a dial.

    I give this game 3 stars. It is what it says it is, a port of the arcade game. Dated and will not stand up against even some of the worst games of today, but a fun game to bring up some memories.
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    Sneaky Tr00peri was born in 1992 and i probably know more about tron than you :P
    Tron the arcade game was a legend
    Posted by Sneaky Tr00per On 25 Apr 09 at 14:14
    lord verhIt's ranked worst arcade game available on xbox 360 LOL (
    Posted by lord verh On 02 Apr 11 at 17:17
  • Zombie Dude 00Zombie Dude 00114,508
    12 May 2009
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    Let me start out by saying I’m a big fan of Tron the movie and the arcade games alike. I’ve always been pretty good since 80’s and it quickly became my favorite game of all time.
    The XBLA version well it has its hiccups but without a true joystick I don’t know what else they could do. There is a total of 4 control schemes I recommend C its easy and for the right analog stick it’s just point in the desired 2-D plane and shoot (for grid bugs, MPC, and tanks) . The other schemes don’t seem to take advantage of the controller.
    Most all of the achievements are doable after about an hour of getting the basics down. The trickiest one is the 6 shots (six shooter) to enter the MPC but you just remember you have to have two rows perfectly to enter that’s it easy after a few attempts. There is however two achievements that are just nuts. One is the “User” achievement to reach level 12. That is a lot of patterns to remember and with the shotty controls I would say impossible. One possible work around you have the arcade game at home get really good to reach level 12 then create a controller that will function exactly the same on your 360 and its all you!!!! The other that is a bit more “probable” is the Exterminator achievement in which you have to kill all the grid bugs on the 1st level. Tricks I’ve heard is change your default settings to easy, give yourself 5 lives’. Now I don’t mean to brag but I’m pretty good at this game just discovered I’m number 66 all time on live and I still haven’t had my “prefect” game so I rock. However I’ve never managed to get this achievement I’ve tried I’ve come close so close in fact I had the last bug with the last shot coming toward the bug but didn’t get it.
    The other achievements if you want a good Co-Op score hit me up I can help. Best advice for this game is get a pattern and just start working the pattern you will find the AI is predictable and easy to pwn once you get your patterns. There are lots of examples on youtube.
    I enjoy the game I think its still awesome to play for me. Just remember control scheme C and you will have the best shot at enjoying this game. Ohh and there is a bug so it doesn’t save your scheme you have to change it every time (lame lazy developer).
    Thanks all hope this helps some peps if you have any questions hit me up
    HeNaniGenz 510