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    Trucking 3D. Just the name alone is funny - you know you want to laugh. This game is free to play on Windows 8 and I guess for the grand price of free, I shouldn't be laughing or complaining This game now costs $3 for no actual discernible reason. I'll discuss the DLC changes at the end. This game is an ok time waster, fun for the first little bit but it gets old pretty fast. Mostly you'll want to play this because it's easy gamerscore - the base game can be completed in 3-4 hours (there was an unobtainable achievement in the DLC, but it was patched - that said, the DLC is still quite a lot more difficult than the base game).

    While Gametroopers did fix the glitch that caused one of the achievements to be unobtainable (you can complete this game now), there is another glitch that potential buyers of this game should be aware of. Once you've purchased the game for $3, there are "special levels" in-game. Once you've completed them once, they permanently lock (sometimes they glitch and become available one more time, but generally speaking, once you've finished them, they're locked) - that's fine for the purposes of achievements, since you only need to play the special levels once to get all of the achievements for the game, and they won't lock if you fail and need to retry them, however, these levels can be purchased (either individually or for roughly $6 with tax to unlock them all). Some people like to replay the special levels to get money when they can't complete the regular levels up to 3 stars (typically in New York because the NY levels are quite tough), and they need the money to upgrade their truck and move on.

    Recently, I was assisting my co-op partner, CyberPunch83 in writing the walkthrough for this game, and he relayed to me that if you purchase an "unlock" for the locked special levels once you complete them, the game can experience a permanent crash. You will not be able to boot up the game from your computer, or from any other computer that your account signs into (so no downloading it to another PC to get around this glitch). Cyber emailed Gametroopers over two weeks ago, as he wasn't the only one to experience these issues - they're fairly well-documented in the gaming forums he visited, but Gametroopers has yet to respond to any of his emails, and have thus far not provided a refund. Beware that if you purchase the game, do not, under any circumstances, purchase anything in-game. I would even go so far as to say that you shouldn't purchase this game until Gametroopers either fixes the issue or refunds the people who bothered to pay for their in-game content, only to have it permanently crash their game.

    The graphics are awful. I don't think it was a stylistic choice per se - the graphics are simple, but the quality is fairly low. It looks like something I'd expect to see on my old PS1. The trucks and backgrounds are fairly generic. This is not a game you want to be playing for how it looks though.

    Do you like hearing the same 15 second music loop over and over? If so, this game is for you.

    The achievements are all pretty easy. You'll spend the most time grinding out 3 stars on all of the levels in the first two world hubs, Alaska and Chicago. None of the other achievements are particularly challenging, though there's a few you may need to retry a few times if you miss the first time - all you'd need to do is reselect the level of your choice. Beware that the New York DLC levels are harder to get 3 stars on simply because you're playing as an 18-wheeler most of the time, which makes it tough to maneuvre.

    Gameplay and Controls
    The gameplay is fun the first few levels you play. Essentially, there are a few different types of missions, but they're all based around the same mechanic of parking your truck, picking up materials, and dropping them off. There's a few special missions where you play as something other than a truck, or where you tail another vehicle, but mostly, you're either trying to complete a park and drop as fast as possible to get 3 stars, or you're seeing how many park and drops you can complete before the timer runs out.

    It gets boring and old pretty fast, but as I said, it's fun the first few times, or if you just need something to kill a bit of time. The truck drives a little bit slow and I keep finding myself pushing too hard on the up key. The turn radius of the truck is pretty decent, but there are still a few parks that are too tight to get though in a timely fashion without bumping into something. I see the point in the truck having those controls, since you don't want to hit anything on the street, but if they had widened the streets a bit and sped up the car, this might have been a bit more fun.

    It's worth getting this game for the quick achievements, since it's free $3, but don't expect to want to keep playing this game too much after you finish it. It's the very definition of "meh". laugh

    DLC Update
    As of the DLC, the game now costs $3. The only changes I noticed in-game is that the New York levels are finally live (previously you could access NY level 1, but it was clearly not finished yet and it was clearly a glitch to be able to access it) and that the gas meter is gone (previously, if you failed a level, you would lose one "gas" unit and if you got down to 0 there was an option to either purchase more gas via a microtransaction or to wait for a period of time).

    If you had already installed the game when it was free, you're going to have to uninstall and reinstall it to get the DLC achievements. It won't cost you money to do that, but it's irritating because you WILL have to replay the entire game to get to NY. Even with that, one of the achievements, the one for driving the plane, is currently unobtainable (*UPDATE* this achievement is now obtainable!). The DLC is harder than the base game because you're driving a truck with a long bed in the back, and it's hard to maneuver and turn. All in all, this DLC completely ruins what was already a mediocre game.
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    petranatLol I'm going to consider that a compliment to the review, so thank you! Not sure what it says about the game though, but I hope your foray into the world of 3D trucking it quick, painless, and yields much gamerscore! dance
    Posted by petranat on 16 Dec 15 at 15:51
    Rott3n SarahI'd still give it 1 star even if it is a windows 8 game, lol laugh
    Posted by Rott3n Sarah on 17 Dec 15 at 09:18
    HaztronauttYour review is spot on, was such a god awful game let's be honest.. but the easy gamerscore made it okay!
    Posted by Haztronautt on 17 Dec 15 at 10:49
    petranatYeah the easy gamerscore for free was literally its only redeeming quality after the initial novelty/hilarity factor wore off.
    Posted by petranat on 17 Dec 15 at 12:00
    petranatHeads up: the New York DLC should be hitting soon since there are now new achievements. Seems to follow the same format as the rest of the game so I would guess it's still super easy. I think that they probably just weren't ready with the New York content when the game dropped so now they're adding it as DLC. Either way, it's an extra 100G.
    Posted by petranat on 13 Feb 16 at 05:32
    CosminiionThe game now costs 3$, the NY are not super easy at all, quite the contrary... there is one unobtainable in the title update; yeah, this game got a whole lot better.
    Posted by Cosminiion on 04 Mar 16 at 16:33
    petranatWAIT WHAT, the game now costs $3?? I knew the NY levels would be harder given that the truck is longer, and I am aware of the unobtainable achievement, but the $3 thing is totally unacceptable. I will update my review, thanks!
    Posted by petranat on 05 Mar 16 at 04:53
    JuicyjamsDoes anyone know if these achievements unlock across the windows phone as well? Agreed with review shit game. Very frustrating levels in New York too.
    Posted by Juicyjams on 18 Jun 16 at 00:52
    petranatThe dev patched the broken achievement for Windows Phone as well, thankfully (though the patch took way longer than it should have). :)
    And yeah, the NY levels were actually the worst. I was fine with Alaska and Chicago, but every time I start up New York I'm induced into a terrible rage and I can't play the game. The truck is just ridiculous to move, though thankfully I'm almost done all of the levels and should soon be done with the DLC achievements.
    Posted by petranat on 18 Jun 16 at 01:27
    CyberPunch83I can vouch for everything petranat says in the review update. Since buying the level unlock for the purposes of writing this game's walkthrough, I haven't been able to run the game at all. Everywhere I've searched has the same conclusion: there is no workaround and this purchase effectively breaks the game.

    I also second the halt on buying any Game Troopers products until this issue is resolved. We cannot let them ignore an issue of this size in one of their games. Or let them ignore my emails requesting either a solution or a refund.
    Posted by CyberPunch83 on 07 Jul 16 at 04:25
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