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    20 Mar 2017
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    Trulon: The Shadow Engine Review
    Developed by: Kyy Games
    Published by: HeadUp Games
    Price: £15.99

    Trulon: The Shadow Engine has brought me personally, a mixed bag. A Steampunk Turn Based game. Love Steampunk, but I'm not a massive fan of turn based anything for the most part. But that's not to say I won't give them a go now and then.

    Upon its release on Steam, users were far from impressed with Kyy Games offering. Each to their own, I thought. We all have differing opinions on some games. So once I loaded up the game, I was pleasantly surprised with how lush the colour scheme was, despite the noticeable lack of a true Steampunk feel to the game. Although influences can be seen.

    The protagonist Gladiator, is the heroine that volunteers herself to take on the games main quest, recruiting companions along her journey to rid Tripudia from the plague. A story like this has been done before, but mark each game on their own merits, right?

    The combat sequences use Tactics cards that you play during your turn. These can be Taunts, Manoeuvres, Attack and more. Lowering or raising your stats at the same time makes battles more than just waiting for your turn to fight. Strategy is key to success, especially once you have progressed to Gaudis Castle. Enemies here can destroy each of your team members in just 2-3 turns if you're not careful. Seriously, the damage output they produce is way out of balance with what your team of adventurers can. For example, Roth whilst having over 730+ health, only produces on average 85 damage with his attacks. This results in convoluted combat scenarios, and quite often more than one attempt.

    For a turn based game, there is a surprising lack of depth to the game when compared to others of its ilk. For newcomers orcasuals to the genre, it's simple enough to pick up and play. Veterans however will likely lose interest quickly.

    As for the narrative, it's purely text based with stills of NPC's and speech bubbles. Nothing to complain about, but more often than not, you will spend your time wandering around looking for places and fighting. The story did little to interest me after the first hour and became completely inconsequential.

    One aspect that I thought would have added some depth, would have been the inclusion of armour and weaponry. Or at the very least upgrades for your current equipment. Sure you can level up to improve your skills, But given how poor the damage output is, it becomes barely noticeable mid-game.

    Colourful, and varied enough to remind you of games from several generations ago. But with some graphical and lighting bugs I encountered, it becomes quite apparent that work was not as through here. Not awful by any means, just in need of polish.

    Battle sequences have the same high tempo track playing, which at first isn't an issue, but becomes monotonous after a while. Along with all noises from each attack. Some variation wouldn't have gone amiss.

    Nothing difficult to learn, and mastering the card system is easy. Just take your time learning when to use which card will take a little bit longer. Until you reach mid game and start to get obliterated quickly.

    Given there is an achievement for a speed run of less than. 5 hours, you are looking at at least 2 runs. But at £15.99, it is a little pricey which may put people off. It's all down to how good you are at mastering the game.

    One broken achievement, which prevents a completion. A decent list otherwise with several requiring you to perform miscellaneous actions, and even dealing 2000 damage in a single turn. Finding all treasures and tactics cards in random battles will extend the games play time if you are determined to get everything.

    Overall, an average game. If you are unsure, wait for a sale. Like i said, it does have an interesting concept with the tactics cards. The story quickly descends into something to work through, rather than gripping you for the journey. Which is a shame, as I feel that a good story is imperative for a game of this genre.

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    AllgorhythmThumbs up. Good review. I like Steampunk so this has been on my radar. However, it looks like I don't need to rush things & can wait for a good sale price.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 21 Mar 17 at 03:35