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Posted on 12 January 11 at 17:14, Edited on 13 January 11 at 00:56
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Truth or Lies is an odd beast indeed. It's a family/adult quiz game based around the party favourite 'truth or dare' but without the dare aspect. I dare you to fire this game up though as it's a proper lemon.

The problem isn't in the presentation, which is pretty functional without being exciting. The in-game avatars add a cheap 'XBLIG' feel to things but what do you want? The Assassin's Creed engine? It's a quiz game. So I can't criticise them there. Sure they could have done more but it would have gotten in the way of the gameplay or the extra effort would have resulted in cutscenes and general tedium.

I'm not going to bother with sound except to say there is sound. Minimalist at best.

My main axe to grind is with the gameplay. Truth or Lies is based around an exciting premise. You are asked questions by the game, usually moral choices or 'what you would you hate the least' option questions. Like 'what would you rather? Sit in a bus full of poo or listen to Simply Red?' Okay maybe not that, but that kind of thing. Occasionally amusing, usually pointless. Then the game using it's patented lie-detector-o-tron algorithms will tell you if that's the truth or a lie.

The idea is that you'll be asked all sorts of awkward, divorce-inducing questions and then your missus will find out that you regularly eat scat for breakfast or something. Here's the problem though and it's as predictable and disappointing as new Saw film.


Far from being able to detect subtle nuances in timbre that indicate lies or not, this game cannot differentiate between a death metal grunt and a whistle. Or shouting 'TRUE!!!!' and punching the mic if it's a lie. The game's other priest in your playpen is that you have to use a USB mic (like the Rock Band/Guitar Hero sort) and pass it around rather than have people use their own controllers and headsets. There's no online play either.

With that in mind this game has just one real function. The easiest 1000GS since Avatar. Achieveable in three hours with only getting a streak of 'lies' registered correctly being any sort of barrier to getting your max and flinging the game and your nearest game shop drone and trading it in for something with actual gameplay in it.
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Posted on 19 April 12 at 08:16
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If you have a USB mic, go pick this game up, you can obtain the full 1000 gamerscore in less than an hour. If your intrested in playing this game for other reasons than gamerscore, dont waste your money. The voice detection is rubbish, even when telling the truth it said i was lying. it could however be quite amusing with a party of players and a few bottles of wine, but i doubt it.

On the other hand it does make a excellent door stop. i dont think it has much use for anything else, if possible rent it. you wont want to keep it
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Posted on 31 March 11 at 19:04
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Truth or lies would be good as a multi-player game if they could sort the microphone issues out because when you answer a question as if you were just speaking normally and answered honestly it would come up lie, you can have all the achievements in at least an hour and a half as i have done this i would recommend either renting this or borrowing it off a friend as i brought this from game for £5 don't get me wrong for 1000gs it was worth it.

some of the graphics looked good but the commentator was as annoying as the scene it? guy.
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