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    28 Sep 2013 28 Sep 2013
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    Turn N Run is a Windows Phone game that costs a measly 79 pence, or 99 cents for American folk*. Considering the price of the game, it is a little gem on the marketplace.

    The game itself is a platformer with a concept that is easy to grasp. The aim of the game is relatively simple – guide the character through the red diamonds to the rocket to complete the level. Your level score depends on you obtaining the red diamonds.

    Control schemes for the game are very standard for the windows phone. I found the touch screen control of the game to be a breeze, no glitches or annoyances whilst playing. It’s an ideal game for a first time touch screen user to play in order to pick up the functionality.

    The game play itself is very basic; the game is very much what is coined a ‘whore’ game. It is a quick and easy completion (Handy for competition use.) with very little need for a guide. It didn’t take me very long to complete, but Turn N Run is an enjoyable completion. The character is not unique by any standards, but is very cute; you will like the little fellow.

    Graphics: As you would expect from such a cheap game, the graphics are nothing to be excited about, they’re bog standard for the phone. They aren’t terrible, they’re just good. Not a bad thing, but it’s such a small game in comparison to games you would expect amazingly detailed graphics on.

    Game play: Easy to pick up, hard to forget. Game works very smooth and that helps flow through the game to pick up the easy Gamerscore.

    After the completion: There is very, very little to offer in terms of replaying this game after you have achieved 100%. You need to go through all the levels in order to complete the game, therefore meaning you have played everything to offer.

    Overall, the game itself is good and worth the price tag. I would not pay more than the price stated in the review for it though. If you’re looking for an easy Windows Phone completion, this is a game for you. If you’re looking to relax and take a break from all the hardcore grinding, or life itself – this game is for you too!

    Graphics – 3.5/5
    Game play – 4/5
    Multiplayer – N/A (There is none!)
    Value for money – 4/5

    *As of this review, the game has been delisted from the marketplace, rumours are it is for updating purposes – we shall see.
    As always, the views and opinions in this review are mine. Take it as such
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    Paully05Nice review. +1, I can't find it as of right now, hope it comes back so I can try it out.
    Posted by Paully05 on 01 Oct 13 at 16:51
    VisciousSquareMuch appreciated. I hope it does return, it's a neat little game!
    Posted by VisciousSquare on 02 Oct 13 at 20:33