Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (CA/DE/FR) Reviews

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    30 May 2012 16 Jun 2012
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    Welcome to turning point, the worst shooter ever.

    The story line for this game is an altered history of what happened during WW2. America did not enter the war and now they are being invaded by the Nazis. Sounds like a good story but it did not hold up to it one bit.

    If you are like me and can not understand german then google translate is your friend for this game, nothing is cut out, just the whole game is in german, the in game speaking, the menus, but the posters are not, woohoo to being lazy by the programmers.

    The graphics on this game are just awful to ps2 standard, and bad ps2 standard at that.
    The audio in the game is also terrible with an awful sound track
    The characters in game do not move correctly and looks broken.
    To top it off the story is good but not executed well.
    The game also feels quite slow passed and gets repetitive very quick, and also does not give save points frequently

    The multiplayer is the only fun part of the game, not because it is fun but because they have badly programmed the maps, for example on the map lab rats, when you die if you get stuck in between 2 pipes you will glitch up in the air or stretch to the other side of the room, this bad programming is the only fun part in the game as it gives you a laugh.

    Overall this game is just awful and the only benefit it brings is an 1000 easy gamerscore
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    grex9101"aweful/awefull" just like your spelling....
    Posted by grex9101 on 16 Jun 12 at 00:36
    lifebringer23I'm sorry the spelling is not of your standard but it is a review not a English essay. If anything your comment should be more constructive. But anyway cheers for the reminder in not good at spelling I can not help if I struggle. You should have made your comment nicer. That's all
    Posted by lifebringer23 on 16 Jun 12 at 05:50
    Dutch x Monster*An English essay
    Posted by Dutch x Monster on 19 Sep 20 at 11:22