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    The inevitable review

    It seems like for everything that I bash, I always compare it to something that's truly the pinnacle of crap. For example, when I hear awful music, I compare it to "The Suburban Genocide," a god-awful local band (thankfully disbanded) that two of my friends were in. For movies, there's the timeless classic Troll 2. As for games... well, you know how this will end.

    "The Turning Point Mentality," "...like Turning Point," "a TURNING POINT." You've heard me use these quotes and more constantly. This is the game I got them from: a game that I have given more of a savage beatdown than any other game in existence... even Monster Madness.

    Here is where the hate all began:

    WWII shooters. We've played BAZILLIONS of them. Whether it was Medal of Honor: Allied Assault in 2001, or Return to Castle Wolfenstein (same year) that kickstarted the genre, it DIDN'T STOP. Only now in 2010 it's seems to be the end. All the games are the same idea anyway: murder Nazi's and ultimately win the war. Turning Point had a different idea...

    If you went to history class in high school, and not go smoke weed in the parking lot, like many (scratch that, ALL) of Doominator's friends, you'll probably remember the name Winston Churchill, the charismatic leader of England during World War II. In real life, he survived getting hit by a taxi and led England to victory over Hitler and company. Turning Point's premise is this: what if he didn't survive?

    Simple: The entire world (minus North America) gets it's ass handed to them by the Nazi's. Fast-forward to the early 50's, where the Nazi's aren't content with owning the majority of the world, so they fly their big ass super-blimps to the United States for another hostile takeover.

    I like the plot, but there are a few paradoxes. The concept of Europe getting ass-raped by the Germans makes sense, but didn't the jerries get obliterated by the Russians when they tried to takeover them? What about Pearl Harbor, the single event that got the USA in the war? I have to assume that Pearl Harbor never happened, as the Germans got nuclear technology before America, but I don't know. The plot is solid, but people who know their history will find a lot of holes in it.

    And speaking of holes, it was only recently that the "brilliant" plot ACTUALLY RIPS OFF ANOTHER GAME: Freedom Fighters, from back in 2003. The only difference was in Freedom Fighters, it was modern day and it was the Russians, as opposed to the 50's and the Nazi's. Oh, and Freedom Fighters had near-perfect controls, AI that wouldn't stand there while getting shot, and an absence of glitches that usually involved soldiers heads getting stuck in ceilings.

    The game starts off well enough, even if it drops you into it with little explanation. It outlines the plot (blah blah Winston Churchill got his ass hit by a cab blah blah blah led England to victory blah blah what if he didn't survive blah), then Nazi bombers whizz over New York, blow up the Statue of Liberty (get it, FALL OF LIBERTY? Spark Unlimited, you clever bastards!), then the game begins. You're just some dude who happens to be on a skyscraper. No reason why you're there, but with Nazi's causing chaos and panic everywhere, it's an overlooked question.

    We haven't even played the game yet and things aren't looking too good.

    First thing you'll notice is the presentation. It's "meh" at best. The Unreal Engine is used to embarrassing effect (Seriously, Epic gives that to ANYONE. Monster Madness and Hour of Victory had it too), presenting textures that take forever to load, or just flat out DON'T, character models that look horrid, and glitches (which we'll touch on later) abound. The orchestral soundtrack is superb though, and it shows they put the big bucks (probably the whole budget) into it. One of the "behind the scenes" videos (yes, I own the collectors edition) shows how they didn't add trumpets to it, since they claimed it's "patriotic," and wouldn't fit the game's tone. Nazi's hate patriotism, if you didn't know that.

    Lets talk control next. It's abominable. Your guy turns WAY too slow, and if you can even be bothered to change the sensitivity, he turns so fast it puts games like Quake 4 to shame. The weapons fire acceptable (some of them, like the MP50, are real weapons, but were developed too late in the war to be used) but handle horribly. Plus you can fire while reloading, among other things. Thumbs up for German weapon ingenuity!

    The health system is that damned regenerating health thing, but an ass-backwards interpretation. In most games, your screen gets covered in raspberry jam (tell that to the children) so you know when your taking a beating. Here, it fades out to a grayish thing. I suppose it would look like this from your point of view if you were actually shot, but I doubt they tested that. Also the fuzziness screws up some TV's for some reason. My old 19' went apeshit when I was getting shot, but the 32' LCD works just fine. Clever marketing perhaps?

    Speaking of getting shot, when you die, you seem to gravitate upwards sometimes, and other times gravitate downwards: like the game decides if you go to Heaven or Hell. I just couldn't figure THAT out.

    The game itself is pretty standard in terms of setting. You start in New York, trying to fight back against the Jerries, move to Washington to shoot the Nazi elected President IN THE FACE (which is probably the best part of the entire game), then go to London to stop them from dropping nukes on New York. The game ends so anti-climatically that you won't care any more than you do.

    SPOILER ALERT (If you care)

    You disarm all the nukes in London but one, which the clever Jerries stored on a uber-blimp heading to NYC. You stow away, but can't disarm it. So it blows up in your face. The one uber-blimp is destroyed but none of the others are. You are dead, and so is Spark Unlimited's reputation.
    The Nazi's presumably take over the entire planet, and gradually attempt to make it to the then-planet, Pluto.

    Hitler himself commences development on Turning Point 2, which he promises will be the best thing out of Germany since Bratwurst.

    The end.


    I could end it here, with a humorous summary ("a terrific concept has a TURNING POINT that leads to an unholy abomination") but we aren't done yet.

    The game is packed with so many glitches is absurd. Characters getting stuck in everything possible (floors, roads, CEILINGS... etc), enemies and AI buddies having staring contests, enemies either oblivious while being shot, or continuing to stand upright after death, weapons getting stuck in walls (or in corpses), random deaths, falling out of the game world, falling into the sky, having half your player stuck in a building, jumping and getting your head lodged in the roof... I think i've said enough. It just BARELY gets beaten by Hour of Victory in terms of stability.
    The "play testers" (if they even existed) must have been my aforementioned stoner friends from high school.

    That "grapple" mechanic (where you grab dudes and use them as shields or insta-kills in certain areas) is cool but nothing spectacular. It works, at best. At worst, it's as broken as the rest of the game.

    Multiplayer is an after-thought. If they made the campaign in a few hours, the multiplayer was done in the span of a lunch break. Only two modes (both deathmatches, one in the team variety) and four maps, with the same game breaking glitches as before (with the "head in ceiling" glitch appearing quite often). There is almost no one on, EVER. If you do find someone, they'll probably just go on a rant about how awful this game was, and how if the Nazi's actually won, we'd see more of them.

    Yep. Imagine a world where Turning Point is the new Guitar Hero. Try to sleep with that thought, gamers.

    Do I need to talk about the achievements? I guess so, as it's one of two reasons (the other being to mock the game) people play this. You have to beat the game three times, but you can mercifully just replay the last level on different difficulties, kill lots of Nazi's, sprint a lot, and blow up some blimps and such. There are multiplayer achievements too... sigh. One of which requires 2500 kills. Say goodbye to your sanity.

    It came out for the PS3 and PC too. But NOBODY bought those. I hope.

    I won't forget the first day I bought this game. Last day of grade... 11 I think. SOOOOO PUMPED. Bolted to BlockBuster and saw it for 20$. "YES!" said younger Doominator. Put it home, fired it up, and it froze after the Spark logo. Why did I not destroy it after that sign? I did get rid of it, thankfully, only to buy it AGAIN to polish off achievements. It was the collectors edition too, that comes with a poster of the Nazi's marching in front of the white house. THAT'S going up at the office!

    A game broken on truly every aspect, with an interesting plot that ends up ripping off something else, Turning Point is the pinnacle of crappy game design. A game that may be only mocked this much by me, it has been slammed by critics everywhere. Spark Unlimited cannot hope to recover from such a catastrophe (Legendary, anyone?), and the game will forever remain at the top of the buggiest games of all time (alongside Hour of Victory) for decades to come.

    Oh, and when my eventual son gets into gaming, I'll make him play THIS as punishment.... actually no. That's child cruelty. I apologize.
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    EarthboundXCause now that I've finished it, I'd give it 2 starts, it wore out it's welcome with some glitched achs. Plus the 2500 kill in online took a long time.
    Posted by EarthboundX On 25 Apr 11 at 05:44
    Big EllI didn't realize how young you are, Doom. Also not sure why you put apostrophes in Nazis. It's a plural word like plums or peacocks. All of my friends are boosting this right now. They are silly. That orchestral soundtrack has me intrigued. Nice review!
    Posted by Big Ell On 16 Aug 12 at 12:23
    AmazingSpider97I bought it on PS3 :s
    Posted by AmazingSpider97 On 01 Mar 14 at 23:23
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    Have you heard the term generic shooter? Cause that is what this is.
    I rented this game after watching the demo video on my xbox. I thought to myself, "amazing storyline!". And to that, I still think it is. Implementing it sucked though.
    The idea behind this? Instead of America invading Germany during WW2, America never gets involved. Germany becomes a world power. Germany invades America in the...50s I believe?
    Cool idea right? Rewriting history. One of those, what-if games. Yea. Too bad it's like every other shooter after that.
    As you progress through the game you realize the only difference is that the storyline is taking place in America instead of Nazi Germany...

    The graphics are mediocre at best. There is substantial slow-down occuring a lot too, which really detracts from the expierence. You'll find yourself spinning in circles quite a bit trying to figure out if you can, indeed, step through that fire. There are some interaction icons (press the b button) that will only appear if aligned perfectly, which can leave you confused in a room for several minutes. The game also has some serious glitch work that shouts "I got released without proper testing!", including "climbing" onto invisible boxes and enemies floating in the air, as well as a serious freezing issue on one of the last levels, accompanied whenever you make an explosion, or when the game shoots lots of bullets at you (The Zepplin level if you've played it).

    The sound is monotonous - it's pretty generic fare of world war two gun shots, along with the random tank shells, and every once in a while you'll hear the sounds of the Zepplins. There's also the screaming, the yelling, and the general yell at your character trying to dictate what he does next. Bullets hitting metal sound gets repetitive fast.

    The achievements are somewhat of a chore, but they could be worse. The harder part is continuing to play the game once you get started. The difficulties don't stack, but you can just replay the last level after beating the game on the subsequent difficulties to unlock those achievements. There are a couple that are impossible to miss while playing through the storyline (assuming you are playing on normal or higher), but there are some that you'll have to remember to do/seek out. But you can always replay a level. The multiplayer ones are a drag since this game is a pretty big flop. You're going to need to find yourself a dedicated boosting partner(s).

    I give it a 2/5, because it is mindless, which can be nice for a while if you just want to shoot some Nazis. The game's glitchiness and lack of interesting gameplay makes it a low scorer. There's just nothing special about it.
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    This is a bad game. A very, very bad game. I guess I should explain why, even if it brings up the memories of playing through Turning Point again....

    Let's start with the opening text on the screen. The long and short of it is that if Winston Churchill had died, Germany would have crushed all of Europe during World War II and America never would have gotten involved in the war. Although I do distinctly remember being told about a different theater of war that involved the U.S. in the conflict, I'll let that one go. You play as a construction worker who happens to be on the job when German forces fly into America, seemingly past all radar and defense, and begin destroying New York City. Why does Spark Unlimited hate New York City so much? Anyway, you fight through New York and join the resistance movement, kill the president, and destroy all of Germanys nuclear weaponry. Not bad for someone with absolutely no military experience or training, right?

    Aside from the terrible story, Turning Point has flaws that go well beyond bad writers. I'm sure the game wasn't tested by anyone, or even played by the people who released it. Getting hit, instead of turning your screen bright red like most FPS games, turns it darker and darker gray the more damage you take. Particularly smart move, because when you're getting shot it's not like you need to SEE or anything. The controls are a bit clunky but aren't too terrible to get used to, but only when they decide to respond. The B button controls the grapple function, which is Turning Points version of a melee attack. There have been times where I've been nearly on top of an enemy, mashing B, and the grapple symbol won't appear. Pretty frustrating when attempting achievements such as "Grapple kill 15 enemies in a row". Speaking of achievements, that's the only reason anyone would pluck this game from the Gamestop bargain bin, so let's talk about those.

    The achievement list is very bad. Beating the game will net you almost everything campaign-wise, with a few miscellaneous exceptions. One of those will undoubtedly be the tedious task of 10 headshots in a row. People claim that this achievement is glitched, or that certain regulations make it harder. Neither are true, in fact it's the terrible game design that makes this achievement difficult. There is no surefire way to even tell if you got a headshot or not, the game developers decided to not put anything in to signify a successful headshot. This leads to a frustrating time, but the worst is yet to come. The final piece of the puzzle is to amass 2500 ranked kills online.

    Boosting is always an option, but even doing that on this game is a pain. Dead bodies will glitch into the walls, ceiling, and floor, making it hard to throw a grenade correctly. Lag, long spawn times, and a buggy experience makes even boosting this game a terrible time online. Overall, this is one of the worst shooter titles on the 360, and it should be avoided by any means possible.