1. Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Overall Difficulty For Completion Of This Game: 6/10

Hello and welcome to my walkthrough for the game Turning Point: The Fall Of Liberty, also known as S******g Point. The purpose of this walkthrough is to guide you into unlocking all the achievements in the game.

There are two versions of this game and this is the English Language Version. The other version consist of multiple languages the player can choose from with the exception of the English Language. If you somehow manage to pick-up both versions of this game (you are crazy if you do), then when you play both games, they will appear on your gamer-card as 2 different games. Meaning that you can get all of the achievements on both games twice (1000G x2).

This is a game which had a great plot idea, but turned out to be one of the worst Xbox 360 games man or beast can encounter. Turning Point is a First Person Shooter game set in an alternative war history, where the Axis have successfully taken over Europe and perform an invasion in New York City - USA - 1953. You play as a construction worker named Dan Carson.

There are 39 achievements in this game with a total of 1000 Gamerscore. 27 of them can only be obtained in the Campaign, whilst the remaining 12 achievements need to be done online via Xbox Live. Only 1 playthrough is required due to a glitch which is well known and you may be required to replay some parts in single player, since there are exclusive achievements in that area, or requirements that are far easier to do around that point. You will have some online achievements that will need some time to earn and a couple of them need a big group of players which can be challenging, since this game's not popular.

If you are ready to face the troublesome of what's in Turning Point, please continue on to the next page. This walkthrough will contain some minor spoilers and some censored words which some readers may find offensive. You have been warned!

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