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Quick Plot

Set in an alternate history towards WW2. This game tells the story of a car crash, in which Sir Winston Churchill got involved in that killed him instantly. Without Churchill's power, Europe was hopeless when WW2 begun and lost the war against the Axis German Force. In November 1953 the Axis invade New York – America and have started a war against civilization without them being aware. You play as Dan Carson. Once a normal construction worker, now fighting for his life against an evil force and eventually… saving the world.

The game has been received mostly negative feedback. It is known for it’s bad game-play & graphics, short story, glitchy & frame-rate issues and poor features in online multiplayer. The character has also been criticized since the game should have been aimed at multiple playable characters rather than just a one man army (Dan Carson). The demo for this game is also known to freeze Xbox 360 console as well, making it unplayable.

My Hints & Tips

It is recommended in this game that you go into the Options Menu, check and change any control functions or features within the game that you think will better suit you. The game-play in this game is not great.

In the Extra's Menu, you were given Bonus Codes which allowed you to unlock some extra features in the game. In order for you to receives these codes, you originally had to register on the website. The bonus codes though do not make any specific changes in the game and you can still earn all of the achievements in Turning point, without the codes.

Codes which are unlocked in the game can be used by accessing the Extra's Menu and they do not affect any of the achievements in the game. Codes cannot be used in online multiplayer.

Make sure you allow the game to save your progress by making sure the word "Checkpoint" is on the bottom right side of your screen. Not doing this may result you losing your progress in the level you are working on.

As you playthrough the game, you will get messages or icons that allow you to use an item to progress towards the campaign. You will need to press the correct button to use these items. An example would be pressing cn_B to climb up or down a ladder.

You can check your Objectives and your Stats towards some achievements in the Pause Menu by pressing cn_start.

If you take damage in this game, your screen will fade in a gray color and you will need to find an area where you can take cover and let your health regenerate. There are no health packs or armor in this game.

This game contains achievements that are Hit & Miss. This means that if you successfully complete the requirement, the achievement will unlock. However if you fail to accomplish the requirement, you will either have to reload your previous checkpoint and try again, or restart the level from the beginning. Some achievements are made easier to accomplish if you try and go for them on a lower difficulty.

This game contains a Grapple Feature. A grapple is performed by pressing the cn_B button when you are close to an enemy. The game will feature buttons you can press to perform certain grapple kills. The buttons are cn_up, cn_down, cn_left and cn_right. Some buttons will be different depending upon where the enemy is positioned.

The MP50 in this game contains a built in Flashlight. It can be used to pass through dark areas in the game. To use it click the cn_RSc.

You cannot shoot your weapon whilst you sprint in the game.

When you have completed any level in the game, you can replay that specific level by choosing "Load Chapter" in the Campaign on the main menu. Here you can change the difficulty if you are going for misc achievements which you've failed to get.

Note: Do not do this though whilst you are going for the full playthrough, or you will have to restart the whole level again on the difficulty you are working on towards the campaign difficulty achievements.

When you play multiplayer on Turning Point, if you are the host for the match, anyone who joins your lobby needs to change their status to Ready in order for the host to begin the match.

If you get disconnected at any point during a multiplayer match, any kills or progress towards the achievement you are working on in that match will be lost.

You can use the leaderboards in this game to check and see how many kills you have gotten towards the relative online achievements you need to go for. The leaderboards are not always precise and may require you to wait a short period of time, before the correct amount of kills are placed. You may also need to switch game modes and count up to get the exact total of kills as well.

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