Turok (Xbox 360)

Turok (Xbox 360)

Xbox 360

Turok (Xbox 360) Achievements

Most Earned

Impaler Ribbon
Impaler Ribbon11 (10)With tremendous force, you pinned an enemy to the wall with an arrow in the Story Mode campaign
Dino Dominance
Dino Dominance31 (25)You skillfully knife killed 50 creatures in the Story Mode campaign
Big Game Ribbon
Big Game Ribbon25 (20)You managed to survive Mama Scarface
Turok Defense Force
Turok Defense Force33 (25)Not willing to give up, you fought off 20 Raptor mauls during the Story Mode campaign

Least Earned

All-Purpose Warrior
All-Purpose Warrior142 (30)Consistency is your strength, winning 10 public games in each of Small Team, Large Team, and Co-Op
Turok Campaign Ribbon
Turok Campaign Ribbon258 (60)After a long and difficult campaign, you completed your mission on Inhuman
Medal of Commendation
Medal of Commendation210 (50)You mount a hill of the slain, with 500 player kills in Ranked matches
Pincushion91 (25)You decoratively pinned 50 enemies with the Bow during the Story Mode campaign
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Turok and Turok 2 Confirmed for Xbox One

A couple of new Turok titles will be making their way to the Xbox One as Night Dive Studios announce Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.

Posted 3 years ago by Ashley Woodcock, 58 comments

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