1. TwinCop Walkthrough overview

Hello! I am Cookie966507, and I am going to take you through all of the TwinCop achievements!

TwinCop is a game where two players control one person, and in that spirit, achievements are awarded to each player in a play-through, so the best way to complete the achievements (especially the 8 character based achievements) is to buddy up with a friend and play together! However, not everyone can have a friend come over and play a couch co-op game with them whenever they feel like it. But don't worry! All of the achievements can be solo'd; it just might take a little bit longer.


Total GS: 1,000
Estimated Completion Time: 4-6 Hours

Ultimate Ability Related Achievements: 1
Collectible Related Achievements: 2
Character Ability Related Achievements: 8
Story Related Achievements: 13

All of the story and collectible related achievements can be unlocked in one play-through, so by the end of this guide and the end of the game, you can have a minimum of 15 achievements unlocked. If you are playing co-op with a friend or ctrl+all mode, you may also be able to get two of the eight character ability achievements unlocked by the end of the game as well. Once the story and collectible achievements are unlocked, head over to Arcade Mode to finish off the Ultimate Ability Achievement and the Character Ability Achievements.

As you follow along with this guide, feel free to also use this walkthrough video as a reference (thanks Sangriaz!)

Let's get started patrolling the streets!

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