2. TwinCop General hints and tips

As you play the Story Mode, be sure to use your character abilities and your Twinsanity ultimate ability as much as possible to reduce the time spent outside of story mode collecting the 9 achievements related to character abilities and Twinsanity. Here are some general tips to maximize your efforts for each:


  • Twinsanity is charged by moving together, so in general, never stop moving to always charge the meter until it is full, even if the game is in between objectives.
  • Twinsanity is meant to be used when you need to get the upper hand in a situation, however, once a "Wave" or objective in the story has been completed, you will be kicked out of your Twinsanity but keep your progress on the bar. So if you are fighting 10 enemies > Kill 9 of them > Activate Twinsanity > use 1/10th of the Twinsanity time to kill the last enemy > You will start the new wave or objective with the Twinsanity meter at 90%, effectively reducing how much you have to move to recharge it. And the achievement only counts activations, so the meter doesn't need to deplete to make progress.

Character Abilities

  • Using your character ability will reduce the time it takes for your partner's ability to cool down (indicated by a chunk being added to their bar). Alternate ability uses to get them to recharge at maximum speed!
  • Do your best to use your abilities on groups instead of individual enemies.


  • The game is linear and has no map function, so once a collectible is missed, it is missed for good on that play-through, so pay extra attention to the places where collectibles are called out.
  • The game should save when you collect a Friendship Bracelet, so if you die or restart in the same area, you should be able to tell because the bracelet will no longer be in that same spot the second time around (except on a different save slot). There are 8 in total.
  • PopTop Machines are also scattered throughout the game. Unlike Friendship Bracelets, the destruction of the PopTop Machines carries over from one play-through to the next (across all save slots), and you can tell when a machine has been counted as destroyed because when you start a level, the machine will have a red "Out of Order" sign slapped on the front of it. The machines can be destroyed every level and on every reset, but each one only counts towards the achievement once.

If you do not see your progress or achievement update right away, sometimes the send rate on achievements is limited by the game. It should try to flush all of the data to Xbox Live every 30 seconds, so if you don't see progress being made immediately, check back in a minute.

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