Twins (WP) Reviews

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    13 Aug 2016 13 Aug 2016
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    Twins is a charming little endless runner game. You play as a ball trying to get as far as you possibly can before your inevitable demise.

    Gameplay: There is a line that you move along in the middle of the screen that is your center of gravity. It is full of holes and spikes. The holes allow you to switch your gravity to the other side of the line and the spikes (who would've guessed?) kill you. You must jump through the holes at the right time to get past the spikes using this games pretty decent momentum physics. Of course, the further you go, the faster you become. There are coins to collect to increase your score along with "Twin Powerup" that allows you to control a ball on both sides of the line at once giving you double score.

    Visuals: It has a very simplistic black and white look. There are only a couple of shapes; the circular ball, the triangular spikes, and the line you roll on. Whether or not you like the simplistic style is up to you, but I like it.

    Achievements: They're pretty easy. One or two achievements might give people trouble, but they're not ridiculous. Of course, it's 7 achievementso for 200 GS so it's worth checking out.

    Audio: You'll probably mute it. Same music repeated with only a handful of sound effects.

    Price: I would say that you can't go wrong with free, but I've been proven that even free is too expensive for some games. Twins is definitely not bad though, so free is free for a decent, harmless game.

    Free Game
    Easy Completion
    Simplistic Art Style (This may very per person)
    Semi-addictive Gameplay

    All Audio
    Once in a blue moon, an impossible section will appear

    Definitely worth checking for some harmless fun/ achievement hunting!