1. Twins (WP) Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Oh hai! My name is SpiralGamerpro, and welcome to my Walkthrough for Twins on the Windows Phone. Twins is a free Platformer that plays very similarly to The Impossible Game... with a unique twist. Your character (a ball) is able to move between both sides of your phone while maneuvering through the obstacle course. Oftentimes, you have to switch between these sides to collect coins (that increase your score) or to avoid really difficult obstacle sections. There is also a really cool power-up called "Twins Mode" that allows you to control balls on both sides of the screen at the same time. The game itself is really addicting, and this Walkthrough would probably be finished by now if I could put my phone down.

You might notice that I've set the "Playthroughs Required" to 1. You actually could, hypothetically, get all of the Achievements in one game, but chances are 99.9999999999999% certain that you won't. The Achievements in this game are very difficult and require an immense amount of hand-eye coordination, lightning fast reflexes, and, of course, some luck. I've also set the "Estimated Time to Complete" to 1-1,000 hours since this game is largely based on the skill and luck of the player. Simply put, practice makes perfect. There's no secret method to become excellent at Twins, but hopefully, some of the tips I give you can help you complete the game in a time-efficient manner.

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