2. Twins (WP) General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Truth be told, the key to success in Twins is to practice the game to learn its patterns. On top of that, I'm going to provide you with some specific tips to assist you in getting higher scores in every game. Since the background and obstacles in Twins are very generic and never change aesthetically, I've included some screenshots in order to assist you with understanding tip. With that said, here are some helpful tips that you want to remember at all times:

  • The snaking sections are your best friend. These sections are basically a long snake of coins that allow you to continuously switch sides while in midair. They give you a large boost in score, and a steady stream of spawning snakes will let you score efficiently and quickly. There are also larger snaking sections that spawn around 1,750. If you're only going for 2,000 points, they could very well give you the final push. As a warning, make sure to only jump when you can snake through the gaps efficiently, and there may be some obstacles in the way of the gaps, so make sure to time the jump correctly. The first screenshot shows the regular snaking sections, and the second screenshot shows the larger snaking sections:

Image 1

Image 5

  • Next up, there will be times when there are 2 spikes, an empty space, a gap, another empty space, and then 2 more spikes. This doesn't sound like much, but this is the cause of many deaths due to the fact that you can't simply jump over it. Either time your jump to land next to the final set of spikes and then jump immediately again, or jump over the first set, fall through the gap, and then jump the instant you touch land again. The screenshot shows both ways of getting through this obstacle:

Image 2

  • Finally, there will be times when you will see 2 spikes, a small empty space (large ones won't work for obvious reasons), and then another spike. You can also see variations of this in the form of 1 spike, a small empty space, and then 2 more spikes. What the game wants you to do is jump to the empty space with a small jump and then jump again over the remaining spikes. However, if you look at the second screenshot, this entire obstacle is about the same length as four spikes in a row. Therefore, the easiest way to get past this variation is to simply hold down the jump as long as you can and entirely jump over each of the obstacles at once. In the first screenshot, the blue line indicates what the game wants you to do, and the red line indicates what I want you to do. The second screenshot shows the comparison of length between this variation and the four spike variation:

Image 3

Image 4

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