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Unlike most Walkthroughs on this site, the most informative page of this Walkthrough is going to be the "General Hints and Tips" page. If you're one of those types that immediately clicks the "Story Walkthrough" page, please check out that page before progressing. It'll make the completion a hell of a lot easier. wink

Twins is one of those games that has a few really easy Achievements, along with a few Achievements that will make you want to test if your Nokia is a true Nokia. Starting off, you will get an Achievement for transforming into Twins mode 75 times. Keep in mind that all 75 transformations have to be done without closing the game. Doing this in one game is unnecessary and probably not possible:

Another really easy miscellaneous Achievement requires you to collect some coins on your way to death. There will be countless opportunities to unlock this per game, and chances are that you'll do so by accident. If you somehow can't get it, simply jump at some coins, and then die on the way down:

Another miscellaneous Achievement requires you to activate Twins mode and then instantly die 5 times in one game. The hardest part about this is surviving long enough to get 5 Twins power-ups. Once you collect a power-up, just crash ONE of your twins into the nearest spikes:

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    Let the twin crash right after spawning it 5 consecutives times in a game.

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There is also an Achievement for collecting 500 coins. Coins are absolutely everywhere, so you should unlock this within your first few games:

Now we get to the hard stuff. Let's start off by tackling the 2,000 point Achievement. Tips for making it this far can be found on the "General Hints and Tips" page, but some tips specifically tied to this Achievement are as follows:

  • Abuse the snaking sections as long as they don't kill you
  • Only switch sides if you can collect coins safely
  • Twins mode quadruples your score, but it also greatly reduces the amount of coins that spawn. Avoid it at all costs. If you accidentally collect it, just let one of the twins die immediately
  • Play with your phone horizontally. I personally played it while scrolling left, because that's how I usually hold my phone, and I'm used to horizontally scrolling Platformers. Regardless, any horizontal mode will allow you to see your character better, because your fingers won't be in the way as much.

Reaching 2,000 points in one game will unlock:

For the next Achievement, we'll have to switch sides 50 times in one game. This is no easy task, and you'll have to survive about as long as 2,000 points while performing more dangerous maneuvers. Here are some tips tied to this Achievement specifically. Once again, you can check out the "General Hints and Tips" page for detailed and specific tips that apply to success in the game:

  • Don't go for coins. A lower score means less obstacles.
  • Only jump during the snaking sections if you can miss most of the coins.
  • Don't activate Twins mode, since gaps are way less frequent and end the mode.
  • On larger gaps, making a small jump can allow you to get 2 switches at once. Be careful when using this, however, since you need to be prepared for the obstacles on both sides of the phone.
  • Play with your phone horizontally for the sake of comfort and being able to see your screen better.

Switching sides 50 times in one game will unlock:

Next up is an Achievement that requires you to reach 800 points in Twins Mode. By this, you have to earn 800 points in Twins Mode in one game, but you can get said points off of multiple uses. Dodging a random set of obstacles on either side of the phone is very difficult since you need to tap each side for different amounts of time. That being said, here are some tips:

  • Get a friend. One person per side makes this way easier and would probably even make 800 in one usage very easy.
  • Your points are quadrupled, but coins are nowhere near as prevalent, so this takes longer than 800 points in regular mode.
  • Don't fall into the gaps. It ends the mode.
  • Play with your phone vertically. The hand positioning is much easier to control.

Fulfilling the requirements of the Achievement will unlock:

Congratulations on your newest completion! dance

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