Twister Mania

Xbox 360

Twister Mania Achievements

Most Earned

When the Stars Align32 (30)Destroy 6 pieces in a single Break It Down solve
Life of the Party49 (40)Complete a Party Play game
Hollywood Blvd.45 (35)Earn all the bonus stars in one game of Shape Frenzy or Twist & Fit
Going Green40 (25)Complete an entire round of Twist & Smash on the first passes

Least Earned

Twister Maniac1493 (110)Achieve 3 stars in all Solo and Cooperative Play It All levels
Been There, Done That374 (45)Play every game variant
Playing in Traffic139 (25)Complete all the Traffic themed levels of Slalom in the Play It All Mode
Partners in Crime277 (50)Complete all Advanced Cooperative Play It All levels
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Twister Mania Demo Available to Download

If you've seen our previous coverage of Twister Mania, you may be wondering what the heck this has to do with the actual Twister, and more importantly if it's fun or worthwhile. The game looks to pla

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Retail Releases: Week of November 14th, 2011

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Twister Mania Launch Trailer

If you couldn't tell from the abundance of launch trailers on the site home page, this is a busy week for game releases. Question the quality of those releases as you may, but for those that enjoy mo

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