UFC Undisputed 2009

Xbox 360

UFC Undisputed 2009 Achievements

Most Earned

Ultimate Knockout16 (15)From the gassed state, KO an opponent in any mode.
World Class Striker34 (30)Win by KO without using any grappling against a COM UFC Fighter in Exhibition or Career Mode.
Wanted: Flying Mouthpieces18 (15)Mouth piece travels more than 3 meters when knocked out.
Original fighter32 (25)Create A Fighter and use the CAF in Exhibition or Xbox LIVE.

Least Earned

You really like me!112 (20)Gain a million or more fans in a Xbox LIVE Ranked Match.
Trophy Collector129 (25)Obtain all the trophies in Career Mode with a fighter.
Red Belt467 (100)Reach level 50 or higher in a Xbox LIVE Ranked Match.
Black Belt465 (100)Win 100 Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter in Xbox LIVE.
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GameSpy to Shut Multiplayer Servers

Most of you are unlikely to be aware of GameSpy Technology. The service, owned by Glu Mobile, provided multiplayer matchmaking services, player metrics and rankings, cloud data storage, an easy metho

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UFC Undisputed 3 Knocks You Out This February

UFC Undisputed 3 was originally given a January release window by publisher THQ but now they changed their minds and February 14th is the new release date for North America. Nothing says Valentine's

Posted 7 years ago by Dog of Thunder, 19 comments

UFC Undisputed 3 Combat Trailer

Ultimate Fighting is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers repeatedly pummel each other. For fans of the UFC, this brutal action is what draws people to it, as well

Posted 7 years ago by litepink, 19 comments

Further UFC: Personal Trainer Details Revealed

Last November, we reported on the announcement of a new Kinect-compatible, fitness-orientated fighting game, titled UFC: Personal Trainer. Since the initial press release, details on the title have b

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