2. UNO & Friends (Windows) General hints and tipsUpdate notes

In Uno & Friends you need tokens to be able to play. For each game you want to play, you need to spend 2 tokens.
How to earn tokens:
* Buy them with real money.
* 1 token for each level up.
* 2 tokens for each win.
* Friend gifts (random).
* Free scratch (only if your amount of tokens is below 10).

You also have silver coins. With these you can buy power-ups and new designs for decks and cards.
How to earn silver coins:
* Buy them with real money.
* Friend gifts (random).
* Weekly tournament. The amount depends on your position on the leaderboard and only if the leaderboards are working properly.

Each day you can send 5 gifts to your friends. When the weekly leaderboard breaks, you can usually send your friends gifts if you load the "All Time" leaderboard.

ALWAYS scratch your free tokens first BEFORE getting your friend gifts!

All achievements are gained through normal gameplay. You can check your progress in the "achievements" menu.

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