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    11 Oct 2013 25 Nov 2013
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    Well, this game has been... interesting.

    (Full disclosure: I've never written a review on this site before. But, I feel like people should know about my personal experience with it.)

    Updated as of 11/25/2013. I have re-reviewed parts of the game since the latest update. The original parts are in a spoiler.

    I've played a lot of UNO games in my life. I've even played almost every UNO game with achievements as well. This one easily takes the spot for "Worst UNO Game with Achievements". Now, I know you're probably thinking that's kind of harsh. But, to be fair, there's only 5 UNO games with achievements at the time of writing this. With this one taking up two spots. Let's look at why I've come to this conclusion.

    Let's start with the good things.

    I love the part of UNO where you can play with others. This game definitely has that part. Every game is required to play with others, which means no bots.

    There's a leaderboard. I actually like the leaderboard in this game better than others. It has the typical overall score part. But, it also has a weekly competition leaderboard. Where you can compare your score to your in-game friends and everybody else who's played at least one game.

    There's a leveling system. Let's face it, we all like to level up. Nothing special about it other than the level though. You get a little more experience each level. But, that's about it.

    Before we go into the bad parts of this game, here's a little info about the "money" side of this game and the power-ups.

    There's two types of in-game coins, gold and silver.

    Gold you use to play games, 2 coins for every game. As you can imagine you get a very limited amount of these. I usually only ever have 10 gold coins max at a time. You can get 2 by winning a game, 1 by leveling up, 2-5ish by gifting, and 2-5 by a sort of hourly scratch and win lottery type thing (luckily you always get at least 2). OR, and this is where they get you, you can buy some with IRL monies. Some may call this "microtransactions". Ok, that's the actual name. Either way, I don't like them. But, that didn't play into the rating of this game.

    Silver coins you use to buy power-ups. Silver coins are a little bit more abundant. The power-ups are: get a new hand, get 50% bonus XP, see other players hands (no idea how that works), when forced to draw you draw half cards (super annoying), when forced to draw your opponent draws the same amount of cards (even more annoying), and when an opponent draws a card because they don't have a play they draw two instead (suuuuuuper annoying!). The way you get silver coins is by finishing a game, gifting, and I think that's it. But, you can also buy these with IRL monies as well. You get significantly more for your dollar though.

    Alright, now onto the bad part of things. This part will be a tad longer...

    The first thing I'd like to say is I absolutely despise the power-ups. Nothing is worse than playing a draw 4 wild on a guy and having to draw 4 yourself. And then having them only draw 2. I personally enjoy having a level playing field in UNO. The "new hand" and 50% XP ones don't bother me though. Just ones that specifically turn your pretty good streak of card playing into an instantly bad one.

    The second biggest annoyance is that the games aren't exactly what you'd call "stable". I've been dropped from many a game because "Your user is in a different game", or "You have been kicked because you take too long to play". Neither of these things are true. I always am right at my phone waiting to play and never take longer than 5 seconds to make a move. Also, it will just crash with no error message at all. You won't get coins, a win, or even a refund for the coins you lost. It's as if you tossed them down the toilet, never to be seen again.

    The learderboard used to be pretty bad. Where people's ranks would be reset almost daily and it wouldn't load. But, there was a recent patch (totally surprised to see this btw) and things seem to be much better in this area. I haven't been reset once since the new update and it now loads every time. Whoa! The only downside to the leaderboards now is that they're just straight up slow. But, I'd rather have that any day.

    **Orginal leaderboard thoughts**
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The loading times in this game used to be bad. But, luckily it's even worse now that the latest patch has taken effect! Wait... what? That's right ladies and gentlemen, it's gotten worse. Keep in mind that these slow times might just be specific to me. I have dropped my phone since the new patch... But, I feel like it's not just me. The initial loading of the game is quite terrible now. I start the game up, it crashes. I start it up again, it crashes. I start it up AGAIN, it crashes. Sometimes I get lucky and it works on the 3rd time. Other times I get unlucky, and I'm not even able to load up the game at all. I'm not exaggerating here. I literally can't load up the game sometimes. Then, there's the in game loading. The first game you play after that horrendous start-up is seriously laggy. It only gets better after about halfway through the game. Then after that, it's back to it's normal self. But, that first game is tough. Also, it takes a while for it to realize you have notifications. After my first game I'll usually have about 10 gifted items. And during the game I'll probable get a game invite (a game invite that happened about 12 hours ago most-likely).

    **Original loading time thoughts**
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Overall I think that this game could be good. But, it will need a patch, possibly a few, to make it more playable and user-friendly. Unfortunately, Gameloft is notorious for not fixing things and just letting them rot once they've pushed them out... But, my fingers are crossed for a fix to even one of those things! One was fixed!

    The game is buggy, to say the least. But, with a little polishing, and looking the other way, it could be quite good!

    2/5 Stars!

    If you guys have any feedback or notice anything with the review that is grammatically incorrect, feel free to say them in the comments below!
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    z Mr Man zYes! That is so true! And all you have to do is hit back. Definitely not worth the $3 haha.
    Posted by z Mr Man z on 18 Oct 13 at 21:09
    z Mr Man zActually, since the last update, they took that out! Yay!
    Posted by z Mr Man z on 26 Nov 13 at 22:26
    Sword Cruiseafter the update, looks like can't play at all...
    Posted by Sword Cruise on 11 Dec 13 at 05:49
  • FauxcroftFauxcroft353,632
    23 Aug 2013
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    Like uno? Then you will most likely enjoy this game. There are a few pros and cons I will go over about this title.

    First off this game is FREE! Awesome to play online with others for free and it's pretty fun and great for the most part.

    Biggest concern it has been mutilated by micro-transactions! Either you can buy tokens(which allows you to play the game you have to spend 2 tokens for every game you play) or Coins (which is used to buy obnoxious perks to use in game).

    Now you can get these Tokens and coins for free. Tokens by doing scratch offs and winning a game which in turn gives you 2 tokens for one more free game, and coins based on what place you get in. The coins are pretty much worthless but can be irritating to deal with if you run into someone who actually doesn't mind dropping actual money into the game to get an unfair advantage against everyone else.

    These advantages being:

    Swapping out your hand once during the game for a new hand.
    Drawing half as many penalty cards than required.
    See other people's hands without their knowledge.
    Penalizing the player across from you when you have to draw cards.
    And forcing opponents do draw 2 cards instead of one when they need to draw a card when they can not play.

    This wouldn't be so bad had these power ups not cost a $1 to $3 EACH time you want to use one. Now of course you can earn the coins by playing, but you get so little that it takes quite awhile to get enough to buy anything. It's unlikely you will run into to people who use these but it will happen.

    It can be fun to play when you don't run into people who want to abuse the power ups but considering it keeps you from being able to play as much as you want; i.e. pay us money if you want to play more than what we allow you to.

    Also there is no chat ability between other players so don't expect any interaction at all except to give away "gifts" which do absolutely nothing at all.

    This is a good way to kill time for about 10 to 15 minutes because that is all you will get to play until you can do a scratch off for more tokens.