1. UNO & Friends (WP) Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the Uno & Friends (WP) walkthrough.

You need to be connected to Xbox LIVE to be able to play this game.

The good news is that it is one of Gameloft's games that is 100% completable. The bad news is that it is full of flaws and will frustrate you. Here is the list of flaws (version 1.0.0):
* No cards are dealt.
* Time out of the previous player does not continue to you, but when it does, your turn is timed out too.
* Crashing after the match starts up and your 2 tokens are gone.
* Crashing after winning and you lose your win and XP.
* Free scratch timer does not always work properly.
* Completed bonus objectives are not always counted.
* Gifts sent from friends aren't always received.
* Annoying advert to remove adverts. There are no adverts; the only advert is from Gameloft themselves offering to remove the adverts at a cost. (Removed in version 1.0.1)
* You cannot "un-friend" someone.
* Cards not responding: you cannot play a card, nor take one.
* Even worse, if you cannot play cards, you will "time out" and after 2 times in a row, it kicks you leaving you with no XP and 2 tokens less.
* Human players being replaced with PERFECT AI.
* It takes forever to "challenge an Uno". It can be that worse that the button appears when it is already the other players turn and if he is fast, you do not have the chance to press it.
* The game does not recognize you played a card; it times out and forces you to take a card.
* Bonus objective "Add a friend". It does not count if the other player does not "accept" you. However, you cannot "accept" friend requests in-game.
* In the middle of the game, it quits out without a reason without any XP rewarded.
* If you have one card and cannot play it, you have to draw a new one. When it is a wild draw four and you play it, it does not auto call "Uno" like it does with the other cards. If you forget to call Uno and you are challenged, you get 2 new cards. If this happens before the other player challenges your wild draw +4 and now you do have a "playable" card, the challenge will be successful and you are forced to take another 6 cards. Be very careful about this and abuse it on others.
* Leaderboards do not always update correctly. This can either be to your advantage or against it. It is even possible that the leaderboards do not work at all.
* Buying tokens/coins with real money does not always credit your account.
* Cannot connect to Xbox LIVE even though you are connected.
* Cannot verify this user.
* This user is signed in on another device.
* Error message: "Multiplayer privileges in your xbox account are off. This session won't be available."
* Error message: "This game is no longer available. Network connection error."
* Error message: "Oops! You are no longer in the game because you took too long to play."

There is an update (Version 1.0.1) but I am not sure what it does. Apparently it should fix the leaderboards (before there were gamers with their total score rather than their weekly score) and it removes the ads. There are reports of progress being reset when installing the update! If this happens to you too, contact Gameloft as they will set you back at your previous level.

UNO & Friends (WP) Achievements and UNO & Friends (Windows) Achievements are cross-platform, so progress and achievements carry over from one version to the other.
Note: Since the games share cross-platform progress, gifts from friends were disappearing on the WP version, while they did not on the Win 8 version.

Beware this game drains your battery like hell!

You still want to play this game? Be prepared for a long grind to obtain level 100!

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