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  • Clearly InsaneClearly Insane377,357
    10 Jul 2009 10 Jul 2009
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    This game is a movie game based on the movie UP. The story of the game is a man, Carl, who meets a woman named Ellie who works as a zookeeper and Carl is a toy balloon vendor. They get together and marry. They grow old together in the house they met in. Ellie dies of old age and her last wish was for Carl and her to go to her clubhouse in Paradise Falls. After saving up money and being ordered by the town to move to the local retirement home, Carl decides it's time to go. Now Russel a young shy Wilderness Explorer is trying to earn a badge so he goes on the porch and they set off with 10,000 helium filled balloons to Paradise Falls.

    This game is quite easy. When I first loaded the game the menu screen was basic and simple. The levels were easy to find your objective. The game's A.I. was not that good at all. Some enemies walked into walls, the A.I. sometimes had no idea what to do and were unresponsive. The collectibles were generally easy to get. The dio bugs and butterflies were easy to get. When collected you unlocked quest cards. This unlocks bonus content like cut scenes and concept art. The multiplayer is not even needed seeing the only multiplayer achievement is to access the menu. The glitch in this game that's annoying is when Carl and Russel get to far apart that you can't move and you can't resort to your last checkpoint.

    The story was actually not that bad. It was fun, and quick. The story was 11 levels. There were different components that happened in the campaign on almost every level like dog ambushes. The cut scenes were short and sweet perfect for family gamers. This story was overall perfect for a family trying to have a family game night.

    The graphics were superb for a nice family movie game. They were not top notch for other retail games like Gears of War, Halo and Call of Duty. But they were great for a movie game. The sound in this game was good only that the comments made by the characters miscellaneously were completely out of sync. The comments would be made after the objective was done.

    The replayability for this game is not good. Nothing changes or unlocks in the game if you replay it. To get one achievement you have to go to level select and just replay a level. The play time for this game is probably around maybe 4-5 hours depending on if you want to go back for collectibles or just get them all in one play through.

    This game is only worth a rent. It won't take you long to beat and it has no replayability. If you buy this game like I did I would suggest you sell it once you are done with it or give it to one of your friends or family members. This concludes my review of the video game UP.

    -Quick and Easy
    -Moderate Graphics

    -Terrible Sound Syncing
    - Annoying Glitches
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    SaltyTONIt's good fun, although I don't see what glitch you are talking about... never noticed any!

    The only difficulty I found was the end level balloon, I kept crashing in to the damn thing!!!

    Aside from that it's an easy 1000G, but good fun!
    Posted by SaltyTON on 09 Aug 10 at 17:54
  • SashamorningSashamorning1,899,265
    27 Sep 2010
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    Disney Pixar's Up is based on the charming movie of the same name. The good news is that unlike many other movie games, Up retains much of the charm of the film and, for co-op fans, allows players to play with a friend.

    Make no mistake, this is a kids game. There is very little challenge, although sometimes the environments can create a bit of frustration in terms of camera angles. On the other hand, puzzles are easily solved since the game gives the player(s) hints as to how to proceed and which character needs to do what.

    Although this is a kids game, it's also the kind of game that anyone can enjoy. The story is fun, and follows the film quite closely. If you enjoyed the film, you should enjoy the game as much.

    As for the achievements, this is one of those games to rent for the 1k. It's easy to obtain all the achievements in one playthrough, and if you miss some collectibles, you can easily replay a level to pick them up. There are several excellent guides out there (some on this site) to help you find them.

    As for replayability, kids may like the game enough to play over and over, but adults will probably have their fill in one sitting. As such, if you don't have kids, this is probably only a rental, although a delightful one that you'll likely enjoy.
  • PixmationPixmation27,934
    17 Aug 2009
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    Movies to video games of an excellent feature animation by Pixar. I love the movie UP and still find myself enjoyed the game although the cut scenes between levels could be a little more elaborated to tell the story.

    This is a game aimed for kids, so game play is simple, puzzle is easy to solve and the world is colorful. The best part of this movie to game translation is the co-op game play. 2nd player can jump anytime without logon to any account. Great for parents to spend some time playing with their kids.

    Objectives are easy and simple except the final level with the dogfights. It will take some practice and patience to finish the last chapter.

    If you are into completing all the achievements/trophies, make sure you have the dog Dug to dig through all the dirt pile to discover the bones in the first play through. All other collectables has a specific level that you can go back to get them.

    I can imagine this could be a fun game for kids to play over and over but it will be a play and done with for adults.
  • XantiriadXantiriad157,380
    31 Jan 2011 31 Jan 2011
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    'Up' proves that a movie tie-in game doesn't have to be a dull and unrewarding. Essentially a co-op 3D platform game, 'Up' shares many design similarities to the popular Traveller's Tales Lego series and like most 3D platform games it feature simple puzzles and tonnes of collectibles.

    The story in 'Up' loosely follows the movie with Carl and Russell making their ballon lifted odyssey to Paradise Falls; I played the game without seeing the movie, and it was difficult to follow the plot at times, so some knowledge of the movie is assumed.

    The game features appropriate challenge for younger players, and the co-op based gameplay encourages parents and children to play together - something more games should do. Whilst offering nothing new, 'Up' proves to be an enjoyable diversion.