2. Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon General hints and tips

I advise starting the game in co-op. Completion of the game in co-op will also net you an achievement and help against the higher difficulties.

Look at each weapon at the D.O.I. before you start a mission as each weapon has a different trait with different characters.

Once you unlock the babies I advise you always carry one. They can be very helpful.

Projectiles information:

TIP: You need to collect Case Files to unlock the last projectile. However if you have a friend with all of the items unlocked he can drop one in a mission by picking up a new weapon and then you may take his old weapon. Once it's in your hand it is yours and you may quit back to the level select and go for a new weapon.

Case 1: Baseball, Paint Can, Hammer and Snow Globe

Case 2: Boomerang and Propane Tank

Case 3: Dumbbell, Golf Ball and Model Rocket

Case 6: Bowling Ball, Knife, Kerosene Lamp and Chicken

Case 7: Letter Opener, Demon Teeth, Wrench and Spell Book

Case 9: Mating Bone, Desk Lamp, Harpoon and Hair Spray

Case 10: Salt Shaker, Fire Extinguisher, Gas Can and Magic 8-Ball

Liquor Bottle - 5th Case File

Zombie Arms - 6th Case File

Demon Head - 7th Case File

Wedding Cake - 8th Case File

Minus Boss Levels, Every case has a hidden file (it's random if they are on the stage)

Break everything in search for it and keep playing the same level over and over until you find it. It's a floating glowing file. You'll know it when you see it.

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