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Posted on 15 July 12 at 23:28, Edited on 04 August 12 at 11:48
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Get ready for the most chaotic fighting game you have ever played in this generation.

This game allows you to choose a team of 3 characters to fight with from either the marvel team or the capcom team.

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The character roster is well balanced ranging from fast and weak to strong and slow and everything in between. There are now 12 more characters which bring a total of 48 characters to choose from with memorable characters like the Nemesis T-Type from resident evil 3.

There are also 8 new stages to choose from with fantastic use of cinematic backgrounds.

Here comes a chaotic review.

Graphics look pretty much the same as the original title but it still looks pretty cool with great animations and cinematics. The comic book theme is fantastic.

I give the graphics score a 9/10 .

The sound effects are still cool especially when it comes to super hyper combos. Voice acting is fantastically well done with the help of Nolan North who does the voice of Deadpool. The soundtrack is memorable and still sounds fantastic with an option to change it from classic to dynamic. One bad note is that there are some lip syncing issues.

I give the sound score a 9/10

The gameplay is better than ever with more responsive controls with plenty more combos to make. Offline mode still lasts for 15 minutes for the average fighter to complete.

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Multiplayer is pretty much the same but with less lag. The Heroes and Heralds mode is kind of pointless. Mission mode still needs some work for novice players.

I give the gameplay score 9/10. Just needs to have a bit more durability on offline mode.

Online Play:
The online for this game is ok. it's still the same chaotic game that you know and love with less lag than the previous title but the unfortunate thing about the online is that it has a serious lack of online modes. All it has is the usual 1vs1 (as in one player against another not one character against another), tournament mode, spectator and an online heroes and heralds mode which I said before is pretty pointless.

They have room for improvement such as adding more modes that are different to others (maybe a tag team mode) and maybe extend the heroes and heralds mode by adding a simple story, achievements, unlock new characters or costumes etc.

I give the online score 7.5 simply because the online is pretty barebones.

Overall this is a great game with great new content. The game could've of been cheaper considering that the original version came out less than a year ago but besides that I give this game a whopping 9/10.
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Posted on 18 November 11 at 14:37
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UMvC3 adds a number of things to what its predecessor offered, including characters, stages, new layouts, balancing, and oddly missing spectator mode, which has become standard in online fighting games (I mean, Capcom even used it in SSFIV and their re-release of MvC2, for goodness sake).

And while the game is indeed better than MvC3 by comparison, it still doesn't feel *complete* the way other $40 updates have before it. SSFIV and BB:CS felt much more enhanced from their originals, while UMvC3 feels like more of the same with a few additions.

While the game is still enjoyable for anyone who liked the original, there are a few glaring "been here, done that" moments. Rather than go on about the positives you all probably know of already, I'll list my negatives to justify my 3/5 rating:

1) The game's layout and presentation actually seemed to get a downgrade. I don't know how, but it did. The opening cinematic, while cool, doesn't touch what the original offered. The ending credits, likewise, are boring and uninspired, not at all like the original. While the character selection screen got a much needed button interface update, the actual assortment and use of space seemed to take a downturn. I'm also not a fan of the HUD for in-game fights, but that's more personal preference.

2) The extra content still isn't there. The few unlockable pieces of artwork, music, movies, etc. don't change hardly at all from what's already available in MvC3. The way you earn them is the same, and they still revolve entirely around beating the arcade mode-- again-- with every single character. It's boring, it's uninspired, it's useless, and it's sadly unchanged. The endings are still just as uninspired and uneventful, but what's worse is the fact that the returning characters, nearly all of them, got their old endings recycled and reused. Not only could we get some sort of update to make their stories worth something, but we got the exact same thing. Again.

3) Another aspect that remains sadly unchanged is the "missions" mode. The missions are split between one half of useless "duh" trials in which you learn the basic fundamentals of command inputs and one half of semi-useless combos that are either too situational to rely upon or seem to only be placed there for the sake of being overly difficult to get the timing down. On top of all that, the UI is still counter-intuitive, requiring me to pause the game and go through the options just to figure out what my inputs are. How these simple mistakes in UI remained unchanged between games, I've no clue. While individual missions have changed a bit, the layout still doesn't help enhance players' knowledge of the game, and there's no other kind of tutorial to help new players understand much of anything. Simply learning a character more thoroughly requires forum visits and individual training mode setups, rather than being achievable at a moderate level through the game's own setup, like you can in SSFIV or BB:CS.

4) While SSFIV got a slew of new modes and revamped old ones with its release, UMvC3 touts spectator mode and non-crappy matchmaking. The core experience is still fun, but for a $40 update, it really offers surprisingly little actual "updates" besides the characters, balance and netcode tweaking, all of which could've very possibly been made DLC, or should have been included with the last game (minus the characters, I suppose). Still no replay channel, or tournament mode, or team battle, or minigames. There's just the repetitive Arcade with no story, ranked/player matches or lobbies, and missions. SSFIV added much more to its original, and that game is nearly two years old by now.

UMvC3 is enjoyable; it's not trash. But I walk away feeling underwhelmed by this "update" and feeling like it's just really expensive DLC. The original felt incomplete, and "Ultimate", ironically enough, still feels incomplete, especially for an enhanced and upgraded version of the original. If you solely play your fighters in the competitive online or IRL tournament scene, have fun with it. But if you're a more casual or moderate gamer who likes to do more than login for ranked matches, I'd look at other fighters first. Capcom didn't give either game in the MvC3 series the attention it deserved.
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 05:35
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Amazing graphis, gameplay and characters. A must buy for any fan of capcom, marvel or, fighting games in general. The 48(50 including the DLC characters) characters for the most part are well balanced and all are very unique. The online runs very well and ranking system will keep you coming back for months to come. The arcade is a simple and nice addition and is very fun to play over and over again. The controls are rocks solid.I really hate how it makes for write 100 aord to tell you how amazing this games is. I don't need 100 words because every part of this game alone is worth buying this game for.I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVE THIS GAME.
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