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    01 Jul 2009 15 Jul 2009
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    The Mortal Kombat games were some of my favorite games to play when I was a kid, ever. I always liked how it had a darker tone then all the other fighting games at that time. I also liked that you could uppercut your enemies head off their body after you defeat them. And who doesn't like a little gore and violence? Especially gore and violence with such style. That's another thing I liked about this game, you can actually KILL people in this game unlike other fighting games. With so many creative ways to rip apart your opponent the game was destined to become a classic. And now that it's available on the XBLA for only 5 bucks, everyone can relive the fun.

    The only thing they changed was the main menu, which they did very well, great presentation. The first mode I played was the single player tournament. I play it on novice because even now that I'm 20 years old I still don't have the balls to try it on hard. Starting up the first match and seeing that blood splatter across the screen as I land my first punch sure does bring back memories. There's no bullshit spark or flash when I land a punch, it's blood, the way it should be. The game has everything the original had. It's still fun as hell and still has great combos, I love the combat system MK3 has. I know a lot people say it doesn't compare to games like Street Fighter but I don't care, it's good enough for me. Besides few things are more fulfilling then pulling off a Fatality at the end of a match, or even a Friendship for that matter. toast "Friendship. Friendship, again?"

    After that I played online. Now I'm an average player and I never claimed to be the best, but what is up with some people? 90% of the people I played online used Smoke. Come on guys grow a pair, put some variety in there. And if you're going to use him at least learn some of his combos, everyone just spams the teleport uppercut. Other than that the game is still fun to play online because occasionally you get those people who mix it up a bit. I got my ass handed to me by a guy using Ermac, but I didn't mind at least he took the time to master him. However I still enjoy sitting on the couch with a couple of friends and having some great matches.

    The sounds and graphics are still great, as they always were. Awesome music and lots of great/humorous sound effects, "Toasty!". The digital actors hold up well today as a 2D fighting game and the excessive amounts of blood from a little punch to the chest still looks good. Everything just looks crisp, especially in HD. The achievements list is pretty good. Nice range of easy to hard ones. Getting a 2 hit combo or pulling off one Fatality is easy enough, while beating Noob Saibot or winning 100 Xbox Live Ranked matches is sure to be a challenge for even the hardcore players. What more do you need to know? Buy this game.

    Gameplay/Playability: 5/5
    Graphics/Sounds: 5/5
    Story: 3/5
    Multiplayer/Online: 5/5
    Achievements: 4/5

    Replay value: High
    Final rating: 5 stars
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    jamesm0786nice review nightstalkar your totally correct while i enjoy street fighter its all about mortall kombat you forgot to mention the fact the mortal kombat films are amazing XD
    Posted by jamesm0786 On 12 Jul 09 at 08:50
    RONSTER316Well put together review.

    I gave this excellent game 5/5 aswell, still play it to this day and have played over 1300 online ranked matches.
    Posted by RONSTER316 On 29 Apr 10 at 15:41
    XellizI absolutely loved this game for SNES. My best friend and I played it religiously for a very long time. So I was very very dissappointed that, IMO, the controls when compared to the SNES version are crap. I literally couldn't do half the combo's and struggled with most of the specials. I even went so far as to dig out our SNES and play it again on this system and sure enough I was able to perform all the moves and combos that I could rememeber.

    IMO 2 or 3 out of 5, but only because of the controls.
    Posted by Xelliz On 27 Sep 11 at 16:24
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    UMK3 is well worth the $5, in fact i paid triple that when it first was out on the arcade. This is one of the first arcade fighting games there was, and dont worry there isn't 70's arcade graphics (like in other arcade games).
    You dont have to keep shoving quarters into that machine!dance

    *4 different difficulties for the campaign, Novice-Master
    *An online arcade game where people actually play it online!smile
    *Great finishing moves and combos to see some awesome Blood&Guts!wink
    *Virtually no loading times: unlike Pirates Vs. Ninja's Dodgeball laugh

    CON's (or lack there-of)

    I can only think of a few instances were there was some minor hit-detection flaws, other than that it's nearly a...

  • x Biohazard x1x Biohazard x1159,844
    29 May 2011 30 May 2011
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    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 where a classic game has been bought from Machine to Xbox 360 Arcade. You have a variety of playable characters to choose from and difficulty from the arcade ladder for the begginners to the masters. Many people remember having this as a childhood memorie and to buy for $5.00 in microsoft points its well worth it. The online expierence give you a taste on how other players take a challenge and play against other people online. Many Fatalities, friendships, babiality and animalities to choose and preform on your foe's.

    5/5 Its an old arcade game but you can see the blood and the stages are amazing also you can preform a pit fatality on some of them.

    5/5 An enjoyable game to play over and over again without getting bored because on how you are able to preform combo's and fatalities to show off.

    Online Multiplayer:
    4/5 Reason why online is fun but when you come across those spammers it can be a hassle but many people play online and do crazy combos which makes it very challenging but its fun if you want a challenge and a 100 win achievment. smile

    Is it worth the money?

    Id have to say yes because its fun and its $5.00 then spending money on an arcade machine you might not have.

    Why I cant find on marketplace?

    Reason why they took off market place because midway went out of business and they had to take off. There will be a dlc soon coming with MK1,MK2 and UMK3 only for 800 msp which a great deal saving you even more money. smile

    I would definetly say that this game is really fun if your a MK fan and you grew up playing Mortal kombat.

    Id have to give this Game a 5/5 for being EPIC!!!

    Now for the good and Bad part


    - playable characters
    - fatalites, babality, friendships.
    - Great deal since its only $5.00
    - Can play with friends and challenge them

    - Can be cheap with some people online
    - AI's can be hard at times and hit high combos
    - You cannot by the game now as it is removed from the marketplace