Umurangi Generation Special Edition Achievements

Full list of all 23 Umurangi Generation Special Edition achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Flash Box

    Get the Flash Box Mod

    2 guides
  • Hidden Pyramid

    Take a photo of the Hidden Pyramid in Katikati

    2 guides
  • Bird Master

    Take a photo with 3 different birds in it

    2 guides
  • Showdown

    Take a photo of the showdown on Invasion

    2 guides
  • Speed runner

    Make a delivery in under 10 minutes

    1 guide
  • Ultimate Gamer

    Take a photo of the word Gamer 7 times

    2 guides
  • Mystery Pentagram

    Take a photo of the mystery pentagram using the Telephoto lens

    3 guides
  • Limited window

    Get a shot of the Jets flying overhead

    2 guides
  • Unseen Horror

    Bring up the exposure of a photo of the 'thing' in the shadows on Contact

    3 guides
  • Break Time

    Take a photo of 2 cigarettes on The Strand using the Telephoto lens

    2 guides
  • Graffiti Everyday

    Take a photo of 5 spray cans using the Wide Angle lens

    2 guides
  • Pizza Roll

    Take a close by photo of a Pizza Roll meal

    2 guides
  • Generational Warfare

    Take the last photo

    3 guides