Uncharted Tides: Port Royal Achievements

Full list of all 18 Uncharted Tides: Port Royal achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Steady Aim

    Pull down the net on the first throw.

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  • Rose Petal

    Collect the first Collectible.

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  • Rose Bud

    Find and collect half of the Collectibles.

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  • Bouquet

    Find and collect all of the rose Collectibles.

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  • Clear Sight

    Finish a Hidden Object Puzzle without making a mistake.

  • Determined

    Finish 3 Hidden Object Puzzles without using Hint.

  • Sands of Time

    Finish a Hidden Object Puzzle in under 30 seconds.

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  • Money Talks

    Bribe your way through troubles.