Unexplored: Unlocked Edition achievements

Unexplored: Unlocked Edition

There are a maximum of 30 Unexplored: Unlocked Edition achievements worth 1,000 (1,000)

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Unexplored: Unlocked Edition Achievements

Swordsman10 (10)
Defeat 50 enemies with a single (swingable) sword.
Pick a lock on a door or a chest.
Batteries not Included
Recharge a spent magic staff.
Collect 48 arrows.
Put a skeleton permanently to rest.
Craft a necklace of Orc teeth.
Saint George
Slay a real Dragon!
Discover 7 levels in a hard game after starting with no equipment.
Kill a Boss with a pistol or musket.
Forge a runic item.
No More to Explore?
Discover all levels in the Dungeon of Doom.
Discover 5 levels in the Dungeon of Doom.
Explorer (Mithril Run)
Visit all 9 floors in the dungeon.
Defeat the Balrog as the Wizard.
Mithril Miner (Mithril Run)
Collect 12 pieces of Mithril ore as the Dwarf Warrior.
Perform 20 stealth kills as the Halfling Rogue.
Collect 72 arrows as the Elf Archer.
Craft a magic shield as the Human Warrior.
Reach the Living Quarters without firing your bow.
Kill 100 Creeps.
Knee-Deep (Ripley Run)
Score 250 kills.
Defeat the Visitor Queen.
Find another repeater crossbow.
Visit all 11 floors in the Mining Colony.
Climb down a chasm.
Explore all 10 levels of the Dark Ritual.
Reach the court of the Crimson King.
Fearless (Dark Ritual)
Defeat a Wraith.
Cast a spell to reveal a treasure.
Find the Ritual Location.