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Posted on 12 February 15 at 14:49, Edited on 12 February 15 at 14:50
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The train of quality 2D games on Xbox One continues with Unmechanical, the story of a cute little robot making his way through a big bad world of puzzles.

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Unmechanical is a side-scrolling 2D puzzler. It doesn't fit the puzzle/platformer category because there is no platforming. Your bot flies through the air with grace and ease, apart from one part I can't mention for spoilers, leaving the player to focus solely on figuring out the game's myriad puzzles.

Don't be daunted by the 'puzzle' aspect of the game, though. As you can see from the ratio, the game's achievements are very obtainable even for the puzzler-skiddish. The full 1k can be obtained in around 3-6 hours depending on whether you're following a walkthrough, possibly in as few as 2 for a first time run-through. None of the puzzles are overly daunting, and a myriad of Youtube videos are out there if you do happen to get stumped by one.

While it may be quite a short game, Unmechanical offers an additional dose of that type of fun that seems so rare among retail releases. It's a bite-sized game that you can pick up quickly, enjoy thoroughly, but not feel like it's overstaying its welcome.

Artistically, the game has some pretty fantastic work for such a brief outing, something that can often be overlooked in these kinds of games. Grip Games seem to have made a true effort in an art style that makes you want to just stop and take a look at it at times rather than just barreling through the game.

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Gameplay-wise it's what you'd expect of a puzzler. The controls are fluid and simple, requiring merely up/down/left/right and a single button (any of which will do) for your 'tractor beam', and they don't get in the way of the puzzles themselves.

Of course, being a puzzler the replay value isn't going to be stellar. The puzzles don't change apart from a couple that have minor RNG to them, but nothing game-changing, so any subsequent playthrough after obtaining the 1000gs is going to be virtually identical to the last. So if you're super concerned about the price of entry of $10 for the 3-6 hours you should get out of it, there will likely be the inevitable sale. I think it's worth $10 though, as that's basically the price of going to see a movie, and the entertainment value is surely here with this title.

Overall this is a tight, thoroughly enjoyable little puzzler. Highly recommended for fans of the genre.
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Posted on 28 January 15 at 11:36, Edited on 03 February 15 at 14:37
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Puzzle games could be some games that scare some way from trying a game, especially when they are 2D platformers. On the other hand, Unmechanical: Extended Edition has already shown some promise on PC, and was well received by the Indie community. How does Unmechanical transfer to consoles with the ID@Xbox program?

Unmechanical starts with a cutscene of the character that you will be guiding through puzzles and dark caves, which basically is a chopper. Instead of the usual running from one point to another, your character flies across the maps. You control your character with either the left or right stick and activate your tractor beam with every button except Y, which is used to call-in hints.

The puzzles itself aren’t too hard, and the solution is mostly easier than you would think. The game obviously has been released previously on PC, and walkthroughs are already available should you need one. As such, it’s more rewarding if you solved it yourself; but said guides are present.

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With your tractor beam you can lift a lot of stuff. If you thought rocks were useless, think again, because in this game they will be your best friend. You can also lift metal bars, shards and a whole lot of other things but it’s probably better if you figure out all those things yourself.

The game is rather short though, as is the new episode that is included in this version. Both can be completed in under 5 hours and both the original story and the new episode have alternate endings depending on your last choice of the game. This adds some replay-ability, but will not quench your thirst for more.

The graphics in this Indie title are superb and the soundtrack matches that. There isn’t really a lot to say about it. It feels finished, there’s no frame-rate issues and the music starts kicking in when it should. No complains whatsoever on the graphics and sound front.

As mentioned before there are two endings for both the original story and the new episode which allows gamers to unlock 4 achievements. Whilst there are no achievements to obtain during the course of the new episode, you will unlock 4 achievements during your playthrough of the original game. This leaves another 8 achievements, which all need to be unlocked at a certain stage into the game apart from one. The achievements, with the exception of 3, all have the infamous “odd” number (not ending in 0 or 5), but all of them are easily obtained. The list can be seen as the one of the easiest one out there, but prepare to invest somewhere between 5 and 10 hours to unlock all of them.

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This review is like the game in some way: short but to the point. Unmechanical delivers in bringing an enjoyable game for just about anyone who can lift a controller. The controls are easy and the game itself looks great. It would be a shame to miss out on this one!

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